Undercover Video Enflames Debate Over Planned Parenthood


"The behavior of our employee, as portrayed on the video, if accurate, violates PPCNJ policies as well as our core values of protecting the welfare of minors and complying with the law," Planned Parenthood of Central New Jersey CEO Phyllis Kinsler said in a statement.

Kinsler said "appropriate action is being taken" to investigate the incident.

The group asked ABC News not to identify the office manager shown in the film because of threats she has received.

The Live Action video lends ammunition to anti-abortion advocates who have pressured congressional Republicans to block all federal funds for Planned Parenthood.

Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Pence introduced a bill last month that would strip the group of the more than $350 million each year it receives in government grants for family planning services.

"The largest abortion provider in America should not also be the largest recipient of federal funding under Title X," said Pence. "The Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act will prevent any family planning funds under Title X from going to Planned Parenthood or other organizations that perform abortions. It will ensure that abortion providers are not being subsidized with federal tax dollars."

Pro-abortion rights advocates have vowed to fight the effort and accused Republicans of violating their promises to focus on jobs and the economy.

"[House Speaker John] Boehner and other like-minded politicians campaigned on limiting the role of government in our lives, yet their actions prove otherwise," said Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America. "They want to shrink government to be just small enough to fit inside our bedrooms and our medicine cabinets."

Meanwhile, Live Action, which is a grassroots group of college-age anti-abortion activists, has not disclosed whether it is preparing to release other disparaging videos of Planned Parenthood clinics.

This story was updated from an earlier version to reflect comment from a Live Action spokeswoman.

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