Ben Carson, Ted Cruz Respond to Iowa Voting Scandal

At the ABC News GOP Presidential Debate, the candidates remark on the Cruz camp's actions at the Iowa caucuses.
4:57 | 02/06/16

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Transcript for Ben Carson, Ted Cruz Respond to Iowa Voting Scandal
Doctor Carson on the day of the Iowa Caucuses the cruise campaign sent out messages and voicemails saying quote. Breaking news doctor Ben Carson re planning to suspend his campaign following tonight's caucuses. Please inform any Carson caucus goers of this news. But as we can all see you're still standing here tonight. Late this week your campaign sent this email quote this kind of deceitful behavior is why the American people don't trust politicians. It's another cruise does not act and he clearly represents DC values. What kind of action do you think senator crew should take. Well you know when I wasn't and should this number two is with the plan I thought maybe thought already had dropped out. But it out today is the 105. Anniversary. Or. 105 birthday of Ronald Reagan its eleventh commandment was not to speak ill of another Republican. So I'm not gonna use this opportunity. To savage the reputation of senator crews. But I will say. I will say that I was very disappointed. That members of his team. Thought so little of me. That they thought. That after having hundreds if not thousands of volunteers. And college students. Who sacrificed their time and we're dedicated. To the cause one even died. To think that I would just walk away ten minutes before the Crockett and say forget about you guys. I mean who would do something like that not don't think anyone in the states would do something like that and to assume that someone would. What does that tell you. So. Unfortunately. It did happen it gives us a very good example. Of certain types of Washington ethics. Washington ethics basically says. If it's legal. You do what you need to do in order to win. That's not my ethics. My ethics is you do what's right senator crews. City you have said that doctor Carson and his wife have become friends of yours I'm curious why didn't call at a time either adopted or his wife. Or had your campaign check mean with the other campaign before sending out those messages. Ben is a good and honorable man inventing candy have become friends. He has an amazing life story that has inspired millions including me. When this transpired I apologize to a man and I do so now then I'm sorry. Let me tell you the facts of what occurred for those who are interested in knowing. On Monday night about 6:30 PM CNN. Reported. That band was not going from Iowa to New Hampshire or South Carolina rather he was quote taking a break. From campaign. They reported that on television CNN's political anchors. Jake Tapper and Dana bash and Wolf Blitzer said it was highly unusual. And highly significant. My political team saw CNN's report breaking news. And they forward in that news to our volunteers it was being covered on live television. Now the time I was at the caucuses I was getting ready to speak at the caucuses just like Ben was just like everyone else was I knew nothing about this. Couple hours later I found out about it I was told that then what was unhappy. I called him that evening because I respect him very very highly I didn't region that evening I reached in the next day and apologized. He asked me then he said Ted would you make this apology in public I sit yes I will. And I gets. I regret. That subsequently CNN reported on that they didn't correct that story until 915 that night. So from 6:30 PM to 915 that's what CNN was reporting. Subsequent to that initial report bans campaign put out a statement. Saying that he was not suspending his campaign I wish. That arcane campaign staff had forwarded that statement they were unaware of it I wish that they had that's why I apologize. Senator Cruz thank you. We're gonna move on here that touches since I was mentioned doctor Carson please this is great you guys I want you don't mention me when you face him. It in fact the timeline indicates that. That initial. Tweet. From CNN was followed by another one within one minute. That clarified that I was not dropping out so what happened to that when it is unclear. But the bottom line is. We can see what happened everybody can see what happens and you can make her own judged not parties to thank you thank you doctor.

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{"id":36763034,"title":"Ben Carson, Ted Cruz Respond to Iowa Voting Scandal","duration":"4:57","description":"At the ABC News GOP Presidential Debate, the candidates remark on the Cruz camp's actions at the Iowa caucuses.","url":"/Politics/video/ben-carson-ted-cruz-respond-iowa-voting-scandal-36763034","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}