Bernie Sanders Rallies Students at NH Town Hall

ABC News' Ben Gittleson & Mary Alice Parks report from Dartmouth University in New Hampshire.
8:17 | 01/14/16

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders Rallies Students at NH Town Hall
Pirate and ABC's thank you docent at Dartmouth College in Hanover New Hampshire relied on ABC news digital from the cafeteria here. For students are hanging out after a Bernie Sanders of that. Senator centers on a town hall here with about 2000 people raised again and it was crazy enthusiastic crowds. And everyone's hanging out. Me to talk to my colleague Mary Alice park straight here to talk to some Bernie supporters in just a moment. C tell us so today there is a lot of back and forth between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaigns. A balance negative advertising single Payer health care and some other issues and Mary Alice. Nevis write down what happens. It was in and day out degrees in his campaign lines to you at this morning about Wall Street and in the act pretty and it's on camera. Says there are two democratic vision for regulating Wall Street one of them can't take millions from big banks and tell let's do and that his plan he says differently is that he will break up big banks. The Clinton Campaign it imagined and immediately called out Plavix add negative acts. Angry centers on the ever run negative ads ads a lot of personally curious to get his response today to a press conference. It's gonna press conference ray Sanders stood firm clues that absolutely his opinion was not negative Aggies at ID act. Steady without support absolutely not negative ads and instant heat he's invited line is that there are two versions how to deal with loss coming out Democratic Party and Easton I would be citizen daily his vision to break up the bank back. That's an interesting day back more. Some volleying and opinions and name calling a little bank but again like you said Bernie I have to do the really impressive rally here about 2000 student. They're really energetic crowd that Red Sox are the students are ridiculous. We have I'm Lindsay back. These cities of Seattle and actually receive it after rally I'm so tell me. The big picture of what's needed. Pending a Bloomberg News and it's going to brainy and feel the behavior. Let me John. And these kinds thing fundamentally agree with a lot of buddies yeah. I may think that Hillary and they feel little bits and conservative farming is and Bernie is a real guy that I can last night you know laugh Clinton. Feel comfortable. Pessimistic. I came in undecided. And still undecided because that is Oakland at Atlanta needs about Hillary season right now but I do think that things and isn't that great candidate because he really sought Monday Susan bill are important. Especially as being a pretty much middle class life and I collectively address a lot of the attendance policy economic and. That exists within that country. And it's publicly reticent about your New Hampshire and failure caused angry parents. And Franzen. I married I am going to answer yes the interest and he's seen a lot of presence in this campaign tears are averaging. Both Hillary and Bill Clinton and have you. Now he's. Honestly I haven't heard much from there Republicans. I was as it was seems. You know I don't know where they know about how liberal college campuses do you mean at night and a giant. Shackled. And it's constantly. Still. Yeah. I think and I'm Elaine yeah I think the public opinion. Anyone can I remember who it was. Libby had merely trying of the main towns candidates in the Republican Party can't as yet another planning on doing so that we have agreements as. So when he had a lot of grace builds on the upper hand is our necks and legs yet cans caused can and politics ever done anyway what do you think about that. I think they send those numbers and we got. I think it might be true I think give it virtually in. To stereotype that college student. Not only being. Eat so absorbed with other issues and and regardless of the issues is being absorbed it living life and getting to their schoolwork and getting enough sleep that theirs is not a time for some things about. The best candidate is or whether actually vote bury things take time to head down. To the police. I'm saying his men and I'm Susan particularly in the emirates U needs it and everyone and that's anybody makes announcement. The girls of the planning on. Vienna like eating an artistic fast moving think and learn about like Lowe's hacked into his hands. See certain portion of the population. Let me Woodson you're really just couldn't get out and get it was very. It's not like a lot of sandy. Actually when they obviously aren't economically and then there is coming from those nearing an ugly CD that was. It's not like Dartmouth has ever since we are among these hedonistic passes sociology classes that. It's not we are also icy at the heart really does not own pocket. It's that motivates you personally as an entry you know. Interesting wells' neck ties you guys so any lasting about surprises look how would you explain every rally two people than ever seen time. Who allowed. Again it was close. The good and it's very alive its full energy. Scola of people who genuinely care about. The future of this country. And I thinks its. My gosh is that running in place to those people. I'm Andrea and as extends seems that it the billionaires and you know we Wall Street is the Wal-Mart corporation. Have really taking control of very older what is in this country I think that. People of that rally and really want to dismantle back. Have the regular man the common man economy. The common. And lines. That was especially apples. And left and that's. I would agree that that's seen him. I'm missing that the entire rooms is little hope. Like that's hard to say that's in there and the reasons not only been gone as the country last night. Somehow Bernie Sanders and an ambulance like as skillful. They're still holds with the nine justices it still malignant that islands basin and everything and close within the government. Last night his plans iron kind of radical let me also it is now excitement not everyone in that my end of the White House is thinking that saint Leonard's doesn't. Look at the peoples issues in mind. Suddenly he's really getting some. Most of younger people and and this can really exciting about this. Assad. So will Mary Alice is just didn't accused. Dartmouth College students who attended Burney solid senders rally here east Hanover New Hampshire tonight yet another 2000 people. And that's almost three times as many as Bill Clinton hadn't. The night before at an event here. Crowd is actually wild and reality in July. As this crazier than normal it was pretty typical. And now I would see it was pretty easy. It's. They're really missing aren't heartening dinners and events are always lively look operating kind of celebrating they're pretty harmless homemade signs and loud voice and then dance next enthusiastic crowd but I was in nicely. Pretty standard. Error there haven't outside from Dartmouth college and Aaron answer on ABC news.

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{"id":36303524,"title":"Bernie Sanders Rallies Students at NH Town Hall","duration":"8:17","description":"ABC News' Ben Gittleson & Mary Alice Parks report from Dartmouth University in New Hampshire.","url":"/Politics/video/bernie-sanders-rallies-students-nh-town-hall-36303524","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}