Biking the US-Mexico Border on the Election Cycle

While Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton continue to debate the security of the United States' borders, ABC News' Michael Koenigs pedaled along portions of the U.S.-Mexico line to learn more about protection measures currently in place.
6:07 | 10/18/16

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Transcript for Biking the US-Mexico Border on the Election Cycle
No shortage of talk this election cycle about the US Mexico border. EE have the most secure border we never have every intention is coming across the border. Are always say Ben in forty years. Just days before the final presidential debate. We got exclusive access to break one of the most heavily guarded sections of our border. Here we are between. Back to United States. Fences on boats that. When does not support him draw donated enough time. There Charlie Parker hit better yet let's go yeah yeah yeah yeah right on the other side of our primary expenses Mexico and this is our secondary fence we have about thirteen miles of secondary fence you can see there's a lot of cuts and it criminal organizations will cut holes in the sense. And then send groups of people threw them some black flags and it's a great evening I'll grant money conceal a lot of these grizzlies. Our pastors. No make these cuts right here and I want it can get this done that downed cattle better downs that the group can can kind of make their way through the through the gap. That may have to make their way north through a pickup site. So how many people had dared try to cut because that's what we are about 85 people apprehended every day just in San Diego sector alone but dangers of our job. As we don't really know. We're encountering I don't know I'm encountering a farmer or a criminal alien who's been deported from the United States three times prior typically. Just the agent and we primarily were below. We're out here doing our job point where are they companies believe when it comes to politics once you've got your area that you're working out here in the field. About protect in the area that you're working that day and making sure that you go home statement. Next we like to see what it's like to cross this border illegally. At San Ysidro. Theory I had key US Mexico border. This little clock marks the spot. Grammy live assistant director Ed. Hear what goes on this biggest Porter Scott in America. Michael myself personally tell them this is the busiest land border. Total of people who live in the cars and walking you're looking at over a thousand people crossing every single day Justin just weren't having been on my. 500 to a thousand people on bikes are people sometimes you see a lot about some time ago. This region here. Overseeing Diego and Tijuana and even LA region this is huge as far as people have and we know each other go back in order kind of symbiotic connection. Pejorative people or did he. They're coming for valid reasons they have doctors are coming in the shop that's coming to school are coming to work just you have a percentage of them who are here for other. You don't belong the second bank colonel Jack and yes we talked people who were very bad people committed murders. Things like that people on the FBI's most wanted list who caught as well so from the bad guys whatever reason they leave the country goes up and eventually come back to us. We can't listen. Criminals trying to get back in the country are American continent that's where I have to write them. We're looking for people who. Don't belong in this country you don't have gotten. Into the country people are being smuggled when he brought kinds of narcotics didn't smoke in the country so we're looking friend doesn't belong. Anywhere from five to twelve narcotics seizures occurred between the Crocker. We're also looking at a 150 aliens are admissible predict where they don't have documents. Fraudulent documents. Whatever it is they don't have the proper documents to enter the US. We have welding teams were out in this traffic here the walking around canine teams screening or sniffing vehicles for narcotics. Were looking for signs of nervousness. We're looking for anything that doesn't vets. The people's lives intuition that is not finished with the knowledge and skills of years of experience knowing what should be in knowing what should be crossed. This is I think it's fun job in the world right thing itself. It's like country it's trying to find things I didn't see him regarding from noon they're hiding things from you and you're trying to find a challenge. Here happening again you're able to do it now detectives. For come. We're here we're doing it for getting it done volatile ninth pick up a four hour. Mexico's. Thirty minutes. It's a pedestrian way to enter our country from Mexico behind me Venus. Day 40000 across the border on foot and some. Blow right. I mean about it. Yet let's bring your basket. Violator crashed there the United States we all black. And can express just across the way. You got that same night. Every day you Democrats were honest. Yes if I get it behind you advisory across the border most definitely I'm going to die just little things in the government out. I'm getting the military spending the air sudden Steve McManaman and I'm thinking ahead of him anything they're gonna join US military army has the light and it. Believing mitigate its new solutions and like these like killing a lot more than at lake Trout that they share. Mexico work statement about the servant forced. I really no standard and pop store leaving left. Gary.

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{"id":42871067,"title":"Biking the US-Mexico Border on the Election Cycle","duration":"6:07","description":"While Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton continue to debate the security of the United States' borders, ABC News' Michael Koenigs pedaled along portions of the U.S.-Mexico line to learn more about protection measures currently in place. ","url":"/Politics/video/biking-us-mexico-border-election-cycle-42871067","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}