Breaking Down the GOP NV Caucus Entrance Polls

ABC News' Rick Klein breaks down the entrance polls from the GOP Nevada caucuses.
3:00 | 02/23/16

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Transcript for Breaking Down the GOP NV Caucus Entrance Polls
Wanna put out who ABC news political director Rick Klein who's joining us out from Washington and we're just getting in. Are right now the first. Our reportable. Entrance poll. Andre findings from tonight in Nevada this fourth Republican contests and some preliminary information is right around site but some information about what voters are thinking and in the who's turning out. And Africans with us we can bring him in the conversation didn't give a sense of what what they're seeing. Think we still maybe we never Rick to get hooked up there but. Up no worries at the end brick is there in Washington. I think he Manning a sum indeed he did say he was little hungrier there. We're still dig into the numbers a lot of information usually gather areas. Frederick client we are waiting for you Rick maybe rethinking your story there. Almost. Dwelled on with that I had I had some top this next door I'm good to go for the rest of the night guys that. What's your top line is we're just saying these preliminary. Entrance poll results of just come and it's an interest in prime means what went six you. Schori one big one big question we're seeing a jump in this number compared to previous states is is. Whether people want someone with experience inside the political system or that whether they want an outsider. And the outsider one and one in very V is a matter of fact it's. A 61 that the 33 split has received with that we can get that graphic up. A pretty a pretty convincing number that want that and among those trump roms on the outsider question that's a of being being jump over everyone else again just an indication guise of Howell trump has been able to dominate the space on this and and he's been the guy from the beginning that's been the outsider candidate in this and the guy this kind of smashed expectations Lana Lang. That is not even how close those numbers. And much higher wreck then than in the previous Republican contests for decades is that what we're seeing so far that that's right senator sentiment here. Yassir sentiments used to carry more weight in Nevada than in New Hampshire Iowa or South Carolina doesn't mean necessarily that it's growing. Because obviously is distinctive state but this is one of the early states for that that comes through. One other thing that we are seeing a larger numbers that is and is the portion of voters say they feel angry. With the way that the the federal government it is working 94% say there either angry or dissatisfied in once again. They did he see it right at 94% that dissatisfied or angry once again. This is being me at trump area in the past no one says anger quite like Donald Trump he has dialed up he has brought it. Every step of the way and in tonight looks like no exception. We're going the other things we talked to are we ask that people is when they made up their minds about who their choosing at the crucial question of pressure on the Republican side is the field this. Changed so dramatically. Over the recent. Days so let's take a look at those numbers we asked people about when they decide it. Who they were voting for break this down for us if you're. Yes sure these these are people that that decided out more recently then then in the last couple days or more recently last week though a large portion. Donald Trump that you expect that that's typical for front runner that front runner. Would have this kind of lead going in I'd also note there was some of the states that are coming up. That early voting means the lock in those sentiments but before hand. But what's interesting here is that there was a split in the last couple of days among those who made up their their mines in the last week. Marco Rubio. Appears to be according to the preliminary egg and principles that we're looking man appears to have been the top choice. That's interest thing. Up for a couple of reasons one is tackle insights at the time that the entire Republican establishment seems to have gotten on board the rubio train trying to prop him up. The other thing that that it says potentially to Republicans is that. Out with with a good portion of the country not having me up its mightily if you in the early states there's still some now the ability of some negotiations that eagle one. And it seems to be at least in this the in this sampled Marco Rubio is carrying are you ever. Talk talk to us about what some of these issues voters say coming in preliminarily. They were top on their minds today when casting ballots in some of the things that we asked about of course are electability. Will you bring change tonight of those all those sorts of things what what are they telling us right now. Young on this on the issue Mary's there's an even split on things like immigration and national security and terrorism there there was an MB noticeable change from what we seen elsewhere but on the big qualities that'd be the question of of and needed change verses tell it like it is vs who can actually win. You do see some big changes and we can bring up the numbers he'll take he'll take a look at this among those who say that the needed change that's it that's a Donald Trump area. You see 60% saying if you want me to change he is he is the guy and again that's the message that he's Carey that's an astounding. Overwhelming number for a a pretty big sentiment. Similar on the on the question of tells it like it is and there's almost nothing that you could say that is. More Donald Trump and tells it like it is that number that's is off the charts and he more than 80% and but but here's where gets a little bit more interest thing because when you when you refocus the question on those who just say. We want someone that can win in November a much different answer. Pops up and in Marco Rubio beating. Being trump and and and beating tech proves even more significantly that's and he is even more striking is how far take cruises down there's prompt at least make that argument rubio. Is able to make it very very strongly this is your head vs heart argument in a classic fashion people. Seem to be saying if they're voting with their heads about electability about winning in the fall it does seem like it's more or reveal. And filed finally on the on the question shares my values this is an area that we often hear about value voters in the Republican Party. That is how Ted Cruz is still staying strong in this race tonight. And and and not fading away in the race entirely is that if you're values voters here primarily about someone who shares my values. It is Ted Cruz UC mark reviewing a little that that are there trump down but I'll tell you this number is actually up from some previous states or maybe has. In addition to New York values a little bit more of Nevada values. That's rich countries need to take honest this question of electability always fascinates me now if that thing that changes as a primary over time the closer we get to a general election because. This whole head vs heart argument is to act shift among the electorate the longer we go through an election season. This'll be an interesting year watch because you have that issue being first and foremost in voters' minds. Traditionally in the first couple contests particularly in Iowa electability is not top of lines start to come in around New Hampshire that it it does grow over time as gets more serious. I wonder could see going to be even more pronounced in the contest that come forward because. The the argument I mean without phones not going anywhere as we've discussed guys he's going to be around for awhile. The the all the entire argument that the people in the making against fell thump is going to be around electability. About whether he's the attic and we in November. Particularly if you're more Europeans I think because it's gonna be an issue I imagine it's come up of the mean on Thursday at Texas and matches an elephant. In any interview that these guys are doing. Is long as the voting is going on this is going to be 88 top of mind issue and and at least tonight it seems to be an issue that more reveal they've managed. Ever get put the put that just on its study deeply Kenya at one of the context of that well how does that match up with what were seen. In national polling right now and head did hypothetical matchups about how some of these Republican candidates would do against Hillary Clinton. Birdies Reuters. Is rubio in fact more electable doesn't do better than trump in some of those matchups. He does not maybe as much better is these numbers would seem deceit yes but he has been above water against the Democrats were consistently in the other Republicans that we surmise that to my knowledge of this. But but it did not underestimate this and a lot of pollsters are very skeptical of that question they feel like. You put up any hypothetical democratic I knew how to that a Republican he has similar answer but there have been some differences and rubio for the match up issues that he creates. Among against Democrats the generational argument from me against Bernie Sanders. Or is Hillary Clinton the way he scramble some some of the issues around around the edges particularly on the immigration one. To be able reach out to Latino voters those are things that people looking at but I play that thing you hear most from voters around reveal is just as optimism and you know he and Ted crews aren't actually that different levels policy but some pointed out recently revealed that the duel with a smile. And that might meet four a different kind of this position into the the general election. And average we've noticed the last couple of days that you particularly as a lobbyist Alison it started to come out to publicly endorse an officially support Marco Rubio he's really grasp on to that argument that saying. We need to get together we're gonna be to ever had in the democrats' report we need to coalesce I am the best person to bring people together I am the best person to beat the potential Democrat nominee. So if you are Marco Rubio and that the argument you continue to run wind that we've got to come together now I'm the one to beat the Democrats eats. All about coalescing the the forces that are out there right now in the party that want to wean very desperately this fall. And if he can make the argument that he's the guided do it not Ted Cruz first and foremost not John Kasich. I've been and then secondarily not Donald Trump that's really the only path to victory in you see it in these numbers that. That's where people rate for rubio that's what the establishment support. Telegraphed feel people are gonna take cues from the establishment right now because they think that Washington insiders can fix the game I mean that's that's clear in these numbers this theory or else. Where they might take cues from these from the establishment figures is on this question of electability in the question of who can actually win. And you've seen people move in that direction around rubio the question will will wind up being whether it's too little too late whether it's all happening too slowly. To stop Al from. Everett before I let you go we know we won't begin to get there. The first results and from the Nevada caucuses until at least midnight eastern time here but that's about it hour fifty minutes from now but. What are you seeing what's your bottom line in these early reports from the entrance polls what do they tell us is trump looking pretty good today. What you're getting an indication that that this seem big issues that power trump to victory in the last two contests are top of mind in Nevada. Some changes around. Who you know when they might support apparently to siders. But there are fewer of them and see you have a larger portion made up their mind before the last week. I and warp a larger portion that are angry dissatisfied with government. That is that that's the terrain that trump help build. Running incest so we'll see is these numbers come in we'll be taking a close look throughout the night this to see where things land. But that this is not an electorate the substantially different than the one that that deliver victories for Donald over the last two contests. Rick is giving your sleeping bag into the Vera Aaron entity camping out and wait for these results to cuffy to say that ninety because. Sleep he may you be. I was born yesterday. An event in this that accounts outlets to scope out I'll be line and went on election before Rick Teddy bears the you know look it's a slow look like him in it'll happen had seen. We can live in that later maybe yeah. And it shows that they night you know now. I think it is political director Rick line live or at and TV eight EU expert brake.

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