'Capitol Games' with Senator Amy Klobuchar

ABC News' Rick Klein and ESPN's Andy Katz find out Sen. Amy Klobuchar's March Madness picks.
6:45 | 03/15/17

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Transcript for 'Capitol Games' with Senator Amy Klobuchar
And welcome back to ABC and ESPN's March Madness on the hill on reclined on ABC news joined as always by an answer yes and then. Anti gravity time now with that century. You and your team right here 512. Still lacing up the Middle Tennessee State as the that's. I get we're gonna go after them they are no match for the gophers. They don't they're gonna file to the golden gophers the rodents will win. This is my predict. So does that quite a turnaround I mean a year ago. Through it forces leverage its news questions about whether he can turn around. How do you assess the turnaround at the gophers the year. Well it was right extraordinary because the president of the university of Minnesota was getting enormous pressure to can't coach pitino and he stood up and said no way the coach stood out after Villanueva one. He said look any. It's possible we're gonna turn this around I got a lot of grief for saying that and look where they are now they completely turned around their record. Gartner so excited there in the NCAA it doesn't happen. US opposite effect yet to go back to I 97 before we were in the final four it's. So there's been a lot of turmoil do you mean you know with football program and of the that we think it means to have the basketball program. Do something positive because there had been a lot of negative issues of Lester wouldn't be resigning. And everything that happened off the court with a. Books and writing hasn't been easy for the university of Minnesota sports. That this is just like our golden. Not go for a moment because of this crappy team as you know there one senior. It's out now and so it is involved younger guys who have come up and her right guard and when you watch the team they played both Michigan's. When they won when they nearly lost even when they were losing they seem happy just need to be there. Now and I think that kind of optimism and just enjoy the sport it's what would we like to see in minutes. So what is March Madness like United States and you'll want to needy teams do you guys aren't out on the floor hopeful room. I think there on in the cloak rooms if we have votes and then when your in the senate you know in that song. Or arena you can hear in the cloak rooms people here age. They're laying and everything else because we are is that the games. Sulu those may not know this that you've got a rich history in sports. You can we tell us about your new fathers. The sports running through. Well first all my dad was a high school basketball player which is rather amusing because he's not very tall peak but he did it actually. I'm the play in the Minnesota nice boat tournament and he went on from there. To be a sports writer and he covered the vikings and the twins in their early days. I'm when they were literally just an expansion team the vikings went on from there. I covered the last time the gophers were in the final four. I an incredibly prolific writer one of its most famous books. I'm addition to biography of frank Hartmann Wednesday. Book he wrote Kolb will the vikings ever witness it revolved. I it was written decades and decades ago and sadly is still relevant today stood for sales. I guess if it doesn't become at all has it become outdated. I would ask a little bit about about the women's game we've seen the instantly tournament on the women's side become very very popular. Your state has a tremendously opulent WNB team. As well what if you've seen in the last couple years decades that from the road how important that. How well that's been a very exciting thing that broke the women's sports and what comes with that of course is the fans and is he's seen more women. In the senate or now up to 21. Women senators an all time high. You see more women in power in the boardrooms and circular circling the earth. You see more women in professional sports as well as college or sell out what we've seen with the links is just a lot of excitement to happen the Olympics to. I'm our own winds that we've seen in Minnesota and the parades are analysts people are turning out in droves every time they win. I'm in need be we quite haven't seen the victory since an unarmed male teams I'm and that has put even more focus on our women's teams that were great to have. But just national UConn women's and obviously the have been favored again winning several hundred teams and room we think they've done. For woman's best women's athletics to really put together a remarkable streak. Well what it does is it inspires young girls you know you've got a eight year old watching at home and thinks maybe I can do that and you know maybe they don't end up. And a winning team or even playing in college. But it makes them turn out and make some turnout for sports and thinks that they can do it. When I was growing up actually. I'm also girls went on the cheerleading spot it was on the camps line my best friend's dad that I could do the splits let's do it. And there were few brave courageous girls around those teens. I bet known as much paying attention to them what a shift and it is coinciding with the ship that women in power. In our country and I don't think it's a surprise. Because you learn team spirit. He learned competitiveness. You learn how to lose their winning game and still go to phase here opponents. With a smile and shake at the end of the game. That's that's been lessened. Life and I think you're gonna see more and more women that are in sports and X Allen other areas. Throw to that point I'm wondering on the senate floor. Can you do that can you argue and debate and sometimes hateful things and yet have a handshake and a. They're we certainly can't and there are a lot of people that kind of want to go back to their own end zone CNN. I'm but in fact there's a lot of us that hang out at the fifty yard line and at midcourt. Attack and dad and that's because we think it's better for the country and that courage is no longer just standing by yourself. I'm giving a speech just like it's not courage and sports if you just a hot. I courage is whether or not your willingness to speak to stand next to someone that you don't always agree went for the betterment of this country. And just like that gophers are a team that works together out. Our country works together while when people don't see that divides that they see what unifies and need to be filled out a bracket herself these and no I haven't had my bracket we just have lines. I went and asked act I don't want to play again advocate at. I was right answer. The only some the show you how you may have Minnesota leading North Carolina and ultimately it to thank all the way penciled in right here has Atlanta and all right senator Amy Klobuchar Minnesota. OK thank you appreciate it thank you thank you. And we'll be back throughout the day with more here from Capitol Hill if following handy ideas and hats I'm at recline with into our podcast capital gains will be back. For more from Ennis on the hill a little bit.

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{"id":46149580,"title":"'Capitol Games' with Senator Amy Klobuchar","duration":"6:45","description":"ABC News' Rick Klein and ESPN's Andy Katz find out Sen. Amy Klobuchar's March Madness picks.","url":"/Politics/video/capitol-games-senator-amy-klobuchar-46149580","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}