Clay Aiken Visits Trump Rally in Pennsylvania, Talks to Supporters

Trump supporters explain why they believe he is the best presidential candidate.
9:06 | 10/17/16

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Transcript for Clay Aiken Visits Trump Rally in Pennsylvania, Talks to Supporters
Calling Donald Trump out on everything he has said for the past year but the fact remains that 40% of the country. Wants him to be our next president didn't places and it usually vote democratic like Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania have become truck territory. So last week we sent out friend Clay Aiken a man who knows Donald from the Celebrity Apprentice to a truck rally Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania to get to know. The people behind the movement let's take a look. It. It. The opportunity here I most certainly heard what I wanted to hear. A lot of on the scene along. True. There's strength in everything and he says security mice that things that are very offensive to lot of people. And I look at SSR right. This is America we speak being stepped in to allow people all the time. Now night cooking compared to candidates aren't I criticize their claim more so what passion is what she's done we don't like Hillary. Is that what is it that's what it is and I mean as far as what he said what he said at how he said it. That doesn't mean anything any man I don't care who they are. Take talk trash. One word to describe it strong strong one word I would stay strong one hour straightforward. One margins problem. Intelligent intelligent one word fate safe you gotta work structural savage savage. I think a lot of people notice he apologized this week or who is comments eleven years. Right. It was the first honey don't them. Is it strength when he doesn't apologize do you think that it's because he's sincere he believes everything he says are and I think he's wrong. He's strong in what he believed. And I think it when he say he was apologizing it was a stroll apology all the time that he hasn't apologized had been involved in June the something is done my. Because he believes in. What he says Israel and he believes in what essentially didn't have to apologize if people disagree with an even in his on this controversial. You think that it's do you think it's better to end to. Apologize or not. I think he should of apologized for a couple of things like what. A late but he said about McCain on that medium heat that guide. And that's something you haven't heard nod nod and a long time presented fairly and accurately predicated this it's very nice. So do you do you have confidence that that Donald Trump is a statement that there's something that makes you believe that he's not breathing room. Thank god had to raise up somebody like him that's not a traditional person he's not a politician but UC. God's happened the last laugh because he's raced up trump. He did say the boys against muscles they get a legal immigrants but he's he's against. You know people that are American of people that are here for America that want this country to great that's who he's for all these people that are out here. That are working hard you know that love this country that's who he's for and that as a leader as a president. That's who you gotta put. First he's funny loving and that's why they can't keep up. We'll bring bring her nourishment except an arson primary and nothing he's said about. Nixon's been right about you know that's none of that not because he was really very. Do DOS that guy and elite Kelly which are already breaking didn't know Bob that you have friends who ask you how you feel about his race. Position on envision Paul yeah I'll have my gambling. His days as it happened I had on May ask me what you doing and why. I think you have to look at the policies. As the immigration hit keeping us safe yet it's the economy. Putting our jobs back I lost my job amendment and I seen my comment is of them go to ground has to have a lot of stuff left tables. Well a lot of jobs I mean a lot of houses are empathy. It's just it's just horrible trumps Joni Moore and it's gonna change it. If trump OK then it's who were done. Please welcome the lovely and talented Clay Aiken. You kind of personally supporting Hillary Clinton but when you went to this rally what was the thing that surprised you most that you either heard from some supporters are being wit. It's almost a you know I asked everybody who we spoke we have for one word to describe him and 60% of people said the same thing they also had 60% of people said strong. And and I think that was probably the most educational for me I was really worried going down a soldier earlier out of worried going down of people weren't to be nice to see stuff on TV and I. You know it's that looks dangerous but people were very friendly you know I have to say that they were they were very gracious and willing to talk and not angry. And many of them are just very afraid I think and you know some are afraid of things they shouldn't be afraid out. Entry has been hit by the economy badly so they're they're suffering and they they believe that he's gonna do when when they say jobs so what would. Can Boise gonna tell how does he do I don't even think that they know or understand the shelves are some of the folks I talk to an incident nor can only talk about who asked not quit but I don't a lot of them don't. Understand his that he understand that he doesn't have a policy or they haven't heard it but you know I equated to a friend alana said you know if you and I go into a haunted house together and I'm scared to death. And you're not scared. I'm and stick with new. And you can take me in the wrong room you can get new lawsuit it but I'm gonna stay with you because your confidence and the fact that you're not afraid makes me feel comfortable. And a lot of these people are afraid to lose their jobs they're afraid and have been able to for the kids to go to college etc. and Donald Trump has made didn't believe that he has not afraid and I think that's why stick with a. Did you warmest sense that it was a rejection of Hillary Clinton then a pro trump feeling or these people really believing that no matter what this is the mascot for the job. It's about half and half and I actually asked that very specific question are you voting for Donald proper against. Hillary Clinton. And about 5050 people would say against Hillary I would not let people talk about Hillary though I said. You know why do you like Donald Trump and as soon as they started saying well Hillary Clinton has had no ma'am you. Prior say you were on Celebrity Apprentice so you had interactions with. Donald Trump before. How did you feel about it and it has your opinion changed at all now. Mama. I guess the dead most correct way to answer that is to say. That the Donald Trump who I knew on apprentice is not the Donald Trump running for president what's the difference yet for better work well you know I. I am supporting Hillary Clinton and I do want to claim to be President Obama. So I hesitate to say that the Donald Trump he didn't grab me by anything about now. I was very gracious this is you know I'm I'm I played the same arena. With Kelly Clarkson that we did that this rally with that and Abdullah sitting there I was watching the pre production of this thing and I realized you know what's fun to have Tony have a people's you for you. And it has the game incredibly evidence remain. He's running for these rallies to me he's running the company wants back cheering and then rally. Is addicted to the applause and there. We love you and they look in attacks feel about all the different Craig's list are former contestants that are coming out and saying they were treated at the airport earlier different things were said. Did you did you witness some of those. Scenes. Well I'm an also share with Lisa Lampanelli Soviet try to grab her she would have beat the crap I'm. We didn't see that I didn't see that much in others there's some there's some interesting comments to women I think Donald Trump's he says he's the most respectful. And women but I think he he believes that his form of respect which is you know 1962. Former respect. Is I mean he is very respectful and that way but. Even then it was against a lot of grapple woman and that's fat and what do you think that people are looking for our return to me. Different time that he's going to bring them back to some different time in America where they're gonna feel. Save for our and it's not going to be any illegal immigration and is not going to be any trauma I think what he. When you've got to focus on what they actually believed. What was there was spot it's just from. Really it really is that string thing and I don't even know if they're trying to get back to a different time but to bill the president needs to be that the the country excuse me. Needs a leader who's going to be strong who's not going to be afraid of anything. And and and I guess they think that Hillary is afraid of license which I don't know that I wouldn't necessarily regret not affect the length that they've. I'm to be afraid of ox is right but it but they think he's not afraid of anything amount of analyst. Some people say she's too tough some people say she's not tough enough dentists and now it's confusing as a man I think it was all there but we thank you for your bravery and got your report. Very high sit.

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{"id":42862949,"title":"Clay Aiken Visits Trump Rally in Pennsylvania, Talks to Supporters","duration":"9:06","description":"Trump supporters explain why they believe he is the best presidential candidate.","url":"/Politics/video/clay-aiken-visits-trump-rally-pennsylvania-talks-supporters-42862949","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}