A Look at Clinton Campaign Offices in Swing State Nevada

ABC News' MaryAlice Parks takes a tour of the Clinton campaign's offices and discusses their efforts to win the crucial swing state for the Democratic presidential candidate.
14:17 | 10/19/16

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Transcript for A Look at Clinton Campaign Offices in Swing State Nevada
Hi everyone I'm Mary Alice parks you're watching ABC news digital we are now off of the Las Vegas Strip but still it. In this CD we are at the Hillary Clinton's local headquarters I'm joined by red bottle loser regional field director who has been sort of the man in charge here we're getting it inside peek at. I'm really you know the campaign you're at work the fields game that round game the volunteers behind us. Phone banking doing their jobs obviously we're just a few hours from the third and final debate were also just a few dean isn't now at this point. From the big Alexa so tell me read what he that's been doing it out of this offense went to dated eight Lancaster area won't look. I'm drop as we call the heart of Las Vegas it's where parents and turn and this is a huge hunt for all of our volunteers who come in and talk to voters. If funding to hear this is also where we want him seeing where people who door to door into the voter contacts and easy so we're just a few days away from early votes are already talking with folks not passing. Itself gets tons of folks coming in are really excited. I'm Yeltsin attendance is an engagement for debate parties that someone economy and you know spend time of the sports today so it's really exciting to be here but never. So I don't think that most people month. Think about it. And residents and plots against any you don't live here you grab your sake I did not agree to imagine it's tricky it's in the casino events and the big hotels so. How does that change the ring you guys are doing at me. You're not knocking it ain't like caesar's palace. Right no I mean if so what you left that district there's homes all across Las Vegas and as you know plastics is occurring metropolis we have more and more folks coming in and so. We literally have folks walking neighborhoods all across. All across the county I'm we do it here in southern Nevada we have sent folks up in northern Nevada. And its chief part of our strategy to make sure that folks know. Cutting it to the polls how they can though it. We talked folks don't really know what their options there will a lot of folks he's going to Little Falls on Election Day and so are also talking about that as well. And we also of course we do we contact let voters backed fund which works better for them so we love that means. In person in a or action as much as we can't let the phone calling strategy is also part of talking to voters one on one. And how do you feel lakes. It's big dollars are at this point are you. Are you getting nervous you have an up volunteers have enough people on how are you. You staffing up more in the last few weeks. Immigrants talking a lot of with Hillary Clinton Campaign about that moving around to her research says. That is we have a lot of folks coming in the Las Vegas and about in general because it's such an important stage and we really want to make sure that communicating with all of Nevada voters. On the same artist has the closer and closer the date we have more folks coming in the door. And so I can play the way I'm sorry it's Election Day we have more Norfolk screen door. And every time something big happens like a debate we have more folks who walk in and say you know police had something that really inspired me wanna come in I wanna help what tonight to help. I'm in so that's been really excited because we just get closer and closer to election. More folks are to get to Indian and they want to find ways that they can involved in the local community. And since our offices employers are in the heart of Las Vegas this riddle to welcome those. You know we're talking earlier about fact that thirty senators Susan reed you know here he did it sailed out more circuits coming into town clerk Clinton herself with tears just last week. So what what did that level are in need more circuit panel that's it she gonna come back anything. Yeah so we we never known colors and come but we always like to however we do note that we have the president coming on the 23 to that's really saying personal funds going to be here. Vice president I was actually here in this office he kicked Tom Henderson has a can't miss with over a hundred folks he went out on our very first day that we did door knocking so it's great to the vice president. And we a lot of fun movie stars as well so we have to see Tyler Ferguson here just yesterday in the office talking to folks and so I expect that we'll see a lot more coastal sort of comedy side of the entertainment side it's Lowenstein of folks were in public confidence coming in Las Vegas because pound organized it's like. Right there were and it block grant talked like people but no really that's when I ask you though about. The final results so CNN poll from just last week hatchet and it's still within the margin there huddled under 50% now. 4645%. Rate do you think she's gonna win this state. We are so confident that was gonna win this state the one of the things that we don't deal in this office as we generally don't look at polls and part of the reason is. We really believe that field and all of the work that we're being here on the ground really has the ability to move people. Some of the things that we use we just put our heads down we call people we knock on doors we really believe that that's does certain key matchup winning this race in the continue to do that regardless what. People's faith right so indictments in local. Field organizer confident that she might win this date obviously the post still though totally neck and neck summer here in their office we're gonna happen. The a lot of the campaign a color it looks. It looks well like a field off Anthony see all around the country so we're gonna talk to somebody letters are actually making calls right now so we'll wait for them to finish and that. Doesn't see it. And all of us. Willing and even. OK so I had. She hit me here who I heard you were a former pro wrestler insanity is that right. So what are you doing here it. The world needs is here to work hard for Hillary the world needs yes that's that's that's the bold statement so what is working hard need for you. Well every one. Before was voter registration now we get out through canvassing coming your own bank. Two let people know what's going on in the community so they can go out see and listen to speak inside. Various celebrities around and and take school out there and me and stuff. Phil have you done this for other elections passed campaign. Now it's your first time. Only Hillary so why Hillary. Is cutting ties to her in the it's always have children under. You realize she's held back a long time ghost was partly yes safety caps Cologne on the medicine bottles. Was two years old. Early symptoms and you don't. Boston can. Same feeling it's personal connection so interesting and how often are you coming here and volunteering do rooms 123 issues. You're doing wonder three shifts every day yes. How long it shipped. That Adams. Well that's a lot of commitment and thanks Alan even doing. She caves. While. Homes it's this you know you OK and she was speaking. I just intuitively you had a vision sets up new. Touched my heart house. These kids come and other. We work with unions to give him truth schools. To do two years. Make enough money to live in the and possibly going colleges and feels they made me interesting. I. TT tech talk to act against well lead you to your. If you tiger when I'm Mary Alice and we're here. Hillary Clinton Las Vegas headquarters there field office you're watching earlier sorry about the interruption we've been talking to some of the volunteers that are. Doing that day in and day out of typical camp can't really there be calling it. Voters when it comes I hear currently lives in learning anything you're telling me you won't. About a hundred people a day and how most of those conversations are telling people to get I don't know what you you're trying to convince him to go over Hillary when he got there there. You had a great sense that you cited a licensing and so originally. It was only giving. Don't who supports Hillary incandescent so weak and perfect in my in my room. Turn. And then we went there he heard. To get more ominous and run out of reasons to. Excellent schools when it's three hours and then work their apartment. In an answer that's really important. Now. Not because. Voter registration code you know. The business strengths and that in two days of girls song around its the every single thing you know office manager grants being the other day. Yeah common meeting and Election Day. Gotten content that they have more six. Mars doesn't mean B 32 Hong Kong's hand he. The government. So none of its aggregate union around things stored outdoors where you're from. And you know. And what are you expecting. Tonight is that you know are you in your neighbor is gonna watch that debate what do you think he'll eat. Most people say. Insist they're very excited here I'm nervous. Going to have to face someone. Makes about being confrontational. And if there are so. Yeah last update I was extremely uncomfortable with global large man covering rural girl woman. I was barely couldn't what so. Yeah of course I'm looking forward to that of course want to I expect her to do well Anderson always encourages. Imagine and experience. So I think should be marvelous. In the recruited to normal. And predictable and didn't. Through here months. And zoom announcer. Eric Wright at while even gotten a lot of that that is true they have been some unpredictable moment. At the debate for sure and what about sort of locally what does it mean to Las Vegas. It is your own Lola cars and rhapsody in markets firm. Like I've only been living here for years impact from Los Angeles in every wrong. In other places thinks there's nothing here at the senior loans actually it's a fabulous place to live. I'm glad people will be noticing that he has loosened me you workers here. Strips her. But it could be just just off the strip at the university thanks so much for talking. And years we're gonna tax. This problem but she's she's on the phone I didn't work we're talking to Hillary Clinton supporters and volunteers that are here. Phone banking trying to get out the vote. Obviously we're just days now few weeks from the election and it is not enough here in Nevada the latest poll just last week had its U candidate still totally. Neck and neck a dead heat in the march in an air so another swing state that matters. Well matter a whole lot we are genocide. Summer months you. That you came in from Tuesday it's so beautiful little Albany here just to make phone calls yes that's me then and then came through and look what can. So watch them pigs who who who what what. Sort of motivated. Because this is good for pregnant traffic has heard anything from my. This isn't he and I think the assistant. How long have you been here. Or rebellious. Forty C a Republican he didn't have its voluntary letter few days ago through this and let you know you've been in Las Vegas 34 days. Emily Hughes and good morning that he that morning okay even. All day reporting to us that into the evening news every morning and going to do. So that's some real dedication. When blood why educate Nevada. Gusting. Dissonant note and Nevada didn't and some of the cloning is an assistant. In the north of the right things it's ensued between Google and then we'll have you. The united Fiona here. Grant that is going to president rupiah since the food and your daughter is that yes same percentage. It's a family effort enemies have fan out soon to swing states across the country. Products a lot of commitment to young angry telephone earlier someone answered and you said she speaks and it's. And that in a big part of sort of the closet you're making T writings about a lot yet some nuggets might think some of them. I don't see this snag you an idea that you can you have the suddenly. All right well what do you. Most or what has been surprising to you volunteer here. I'm so nice they expect him to us and Graham didn't nice fiance. He's been home to home on some names from the apartment constantly in the hope you thought 89 it was friendly and in ways that money. We do people in the in the league it won't let his good. Loud you see it happening in the U. She can't talk to us into the new York and knows where. He's seen video. Couldn't do that in. Flexing. I'm so things. We just to recap Weaver visiting him that Hillary content. Campaign headquarters just. Off on the strip here in las today as we've been talking to some of the volunteers went gentlemen he's having he's done a shift every single day. Another couple that blew in from Houston. There campaign staff saying they feel good about the state but obviously it is still totaled about Nancy here and fat so we're gonna be heading over to the debate site soon we'll be at watch parties tonight keep watching abcnews.com. And our FaceBook pages we have. A lot more it happened. Well tax young Sudanese and acts.

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{"id":42919599,"title":"A Look at Clinton Campaign Offices in Swing State Nevada","duration":"14:17","description":"ABC News' MaryAlice Parks takes a tour of the Clinton campaign's offices and discusses their efforts to win the crucial swing state for the Democratic presidential candidate.","url":"/Politics/video/clinton-campaign-offices-swing-state-nevada-42919599","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}