Comparing this special counsel situation to ones in the past

"It is remarkable timing," ABC News' Cokie Roberts said. "Special counsel gets named, it can go anywhere."
1:34 | 05/17/17

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Transcript for Comparing this special counsel situation to ones in the past
I want to bring in Cokie Roberts as well big news here. Cokie Roberts one of the most stunning things here is the timing just 118. Days into the trump presidency it is. It is remarkable time mean and looking back at the Nixon situation. Where qwest President Nixon won an overwhelming landslide as the Watergate story was unfolding. But then in January when his approval ratings were almost 70%. Some of his aides were convicted of conspiracy in the Watergate break in two of his top Aveson April were forced to resign. And then in May it took until my day. For a special prosecutor to be named and that was the same day by the way that the Watergate Committee. Convened. So it all happened at the same time the congressional hearings the special prosecutor and keep in mind that special prosecutor could be issuing indictments all along and and that becomes a story twos now we don't have to wait for that report. So you know as we both well now enjoys a special prosecutor special counsel in this case its name it can go anywhere. Cokie Roberts thanks for mercy there you have it another blockbuster this evening Robert Mueller the former director the FBI. Has been appointed by the acting attorney general to be the special counsel looking union to Russia's interference the 2016 election any possible ties with the charm campaign. And related matters that's the wording. Of the appointment right there again he will have full independence now to look into this matter so they have been resisted by the White House and Republicans on Capitol Hill it is happening now.

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{"id":47473843,"title":"Comparing this special counsel situation to ones in the past","duration":"1:34","description":"\"It is remarkable timing,\" ABC News' Cokie Roberts said. \"Special counsel gets named, it can go anywhere.\"","url":"/Politics/video/comparing-special-counsel-situation-past-47473843","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}