Donald Trump Delivers Remarks on 'Super Saturday'

The Republican front-runner won the most delegates, with wins in both Louisiana and Kentucky.
30:03 | 03/06/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump Delivers Remarks on 'Super Saturday'
It. Thank you very much everybody greatly appreciate it. Nice to have you all it trump international it's. Great club in the great success and we appreciated. Have so many members beautiful. Been a really an amazing night and I'll tell you what I've been in competitions all of my life. There's nothing so exciting is this. Nothing. Winning deals are winning club championships or whatever you want to say there's nothing like this it's really exciting stuff. And very important. Above all else it's reports out. I want to thank the people of Louisiana. The people of Kentucky it's been just an amazing relay. Amazing relationship. Rand Paul is senator in Kentucky fort very very hard today and for the list number of weeks fighting us every inch of the way. And we won and we won by quite a few votes are very very happy about it so thank you to Louisiana. And thank you to Kentucky. I want to really thank the folks from Maine. And from Kansas we came in second and we really didn't spend much time we spent two hours in one place and two and a half hours the other. And we came in with the strong second. So I want to thank those folks and I want to congratulate. Ted on main and aren't chances and he should do well in Maine. Because it's very close to cannon listeners. Six. I think Marco. Marco Rubio had a very very bad night. And personally I called for him to drop out of the race I think it's time and the drug use. I think it's probably time you know I don't think tonight -- get up and rant and rave and although he did great he comes in thirty comes in for the retirement comes and sort of thought. He says he's going to be able to win and he has not been able to win and I think it's time that he drops out I would love to take on Ted one on one that would be so much fun. Because take care when New York he can't win majors he can't win Pennsylvania. He can when California. I want to 101 okay. How. I think one of the reasons we did so well tonight and so strong is that we did you know we really had a good debate. I think we did very well is it from every side to every angle that you could be had from very viciously actually but I think we did very well in the debate. I do say this. Where marching along and think we're doing very well in Florida today I was in Orlando. We had a group of at least 20000 people we had to send 101000 people away. At the place was packed and it was an amazing. Day and I love the people of Florida. It's my second home were in Florida tonight. And I just want to thank Florida for being you know it's just incredible and I'm looking at the problem. Even though I've never seen any human being hit with more negative commercials I'm being it would happen. No human being should have to have. Forty million dollars spent on negative commercials and despite that we have a tremendous lead in Florida and hopefully it would do very well. I think we'll do very well in Ohio I work as a young guy swift and village in Cincinnati. And I think that would do fantastically you know I love that stated that the people of the state so hopefully we're gonna do very well there. The big story and all politics is it even what's happening tonight and on Super Tuesday. But the biggest story is be tremendous. Outpouring of voters coming into the Republican party's what's happening. Millions and millions of people. Are coming in and voting and they've never seen anything like it before actually doing covers on time. Magazine because it's a movement what's happening is a movement. And I'm very on it is that if I were not involved that wouldn't be happening well. Actually I'm not kidding but I'll say I am getting because I want them to salmon as ours. The you know you're talking about millions and millions of people. And we have a dynamic party and as a party we should come together and stop this foolishness. You know we have something and I was thinking about it today for the first time. The establishment is very unhappy with the way things are going and I can understand that although I used to be part of the establishment you know. Seven months ago before decided to run I was part of the establishment. But now I'm not part of the establishment once I announced I was running this. What's he do it why is he running he's not supposed to be running. We want people that we can control. We want people that we can give money to so that if we want something for pharmaceuticals. Or for electrical utilities or full lumber. Or for oil and gas we have total control over our senator. Or a congressman so. You know I'm self funding I'm not taking them money they have no control I'm gonna do what's right for the American people and that's very simple. So they're not happy. But I was thinking today. Because I love the Republican Party and I love the conservative that I love a lot of people that are very good friends him. And I've been a member for a long time. Today analysts think it for the first time really thinking about this. We lost a great man Justice Scalia. He needs to be replaced and you can only replace him with somebody truly great he can never be replaced he was really something very very. Good friend of my sister was a federal judge. And the Court of Appeals. And highly respected. And we have and that was totally unexpected picture shows what happens totally unexpected. So we have a situation where they're now saying well maybe we're not going to be able to beat trump the normal way so will run a third party candidate. And maybe we can't get on all the states what we'll do enough that it's impossible for Donald Trump to actually. Because weight going to appoint me. Going to appoint a conservative. Great Dutch high intellect very conservative. Something that will make. The people in the Republican Party very happy someone that will make the people very happy. If they run a third party. Or an independent power. If they do that it will make it impossible for the Republican candidate. On the assumption it's me or anybody who went. If that means. Losing that means that. Hillary Clinton who should not be allowed to run because of what she did with the emails should not be allowed to run. On the assumption. On the assumption. That they did that it would be impossible for the Republicans to and obviously the independent third party could not. So the Democrats would have an absolute free run. Probably you wouldn't even campaign because it would be impossible to win. And what does that mean that means that automatically. They are going to appoint very very very liberal judges and all of this time that the Republicans are fighting. Saying that we don't want President Obama. To a point the judge socket a matter because the new president who would be a Democrat appoint the judge so it no longer matters. And you probably talking about because it just seems to be the appointment of 34. Or five. Supreme Court judges. And as a thinking about that folks because anybody that does the third party. That's what it's going to mean very simple it guarantees 100% guarantees the election of the Democrat. That means the appointment of Supreme Court judges. 34 or five. That is a total wipe out. For conservatives. Are Republicans so start thinking about that start that it is that. This was just an exciting time. I'm having a lot of fun I have to tell you that Ted I was watching him and congratulations in the two states that but. He was saying the Donald Trump has a ceiling of 35 to 40%. Well. CNN just came out with a poll two days ago that said I have 49%. Compared to his 15%. So I guess it's up to forty maniacal 49%. Number some of the polls are showing over 50%. And I don't even think they're accurate. At one many polls as you know against Hillary Clinton directly. And I'm the only one that's going to be there. If she's allowed to run I'm the only one that's. It. The only ones who remember that and I am the one person the one person trust me. That she does not want to run against. Now we only had one little skirmish and that was four weeks ago and that was not pleasant for her and bill but I'm the one person. And you know I'm I'm really ashamed at the press because they got it wrong. They didn't give me any credit when she went like this you remember when she was being Bernie easily. And then four weeks ago all of a sudden Ernie was doing great you know why. Because she went down you know why because of my skirmish and I got no credit please give me some credit for that. So I look forward to that race and again I haven't really. Done anything with Hillary we haven't started and Hillary except for the one moment for weeks ago. But I think we're gonna have something that's really big you know I heard Hillary today and I watched her statement tonight. And her statement is make. America holes. That's at higher say. Make America whole. I think she means were in a hole we're in it people. And we're trying to dig your way out we Oden nineteen trillion dollars. And if that's the kind of promotional ability we have on the other side are countries in big trouble make America whole. No make America great again that's what mine is make America great again. So again there's been a very exciting evening and again I just have to thank the people of Louisiana. The people of Kentucky. You're amazing and I will never ever forget it I was in Louisiana last night. And we had a group of people in an airplane hangar this massive hangar and you couldn't even get him and this was a seriously. Be. Hanger for very very big planes. And I landed got out walked into the hangar there where thousands and thousands of people. And it was incredible and same thing a few days ago in Kentucky. We had a rally that was incredible. And today's rally in Orlando Florida was nobody seen anything like it. And the writing about this thing they've never seen anything like in the history of politics at this country they have never seen anything like it. And it was so reported even in the New York Times that and the front page. People had never ever seen anything like it in the history of politics in the United States it's a movement so I just want to thank all of my friends. All of my members all of my everything you have been so supportive so great. And you very very special people thank you. With that if you'd like to. You know the press is among the most dishonest people ever created by god. So I would love to take a few questions from these dishonest people go ahead press. John. John stopping everybody. OK if I can do it they'll do it John John stop everybody thank you Janet I can do it out. Yes sir go ahead. I love you as a reporter where you where have you been. Is the greatest guy. Lies and Ted I column lion Teddy holds up the Bible and that it puts it down and he lives and I had that I never saw a man that lives much. Alliant. Though he what he did to Ben Carson was a disgrace and actually made because had he not gotten has been guys in. Votes I would have won Iowa to would have had everything. So now tied to Edwards I've made and what he did frankly when he did voter violation. On a form that looked like it came right out of a government agency voter violation. And the only what you giver to the violate. And essentially is by voting and going and voting for at its theaters this and people did that because they were afraid. It was it was terrible it was a very fraudulent. Thing and he's done a lot of they tell. Ben Carson to great guy he's a great great guy and I thought that was a disgrace what he did it eats at basically that Ben Karstens out of the race. Come on vote for me. And he knew it was happening sell one of those things but I do think this. I do think that that is at least moving along okay. But Marco has to get out of the race asked. Because despite what's said Ted's head. On July 1 or running it Hughes did. That will be easy OK David gut. There. And. Yeah. Well I've made it very very strong that we have policy on it and I've said it very very strongly. And I think you know it and it's all done in the united campaign how many times I have to say it's like it's like David it's like as an example. What is my position on 900 different things I've said at a 150 times we're not here for there. Discussing that but everybody knows how I feel on it. Question question David sit down assistant David David said that you know my position. Yes go ahead yes John good. What it should be. Because we're the only two that a wedding by the way he keeps saying about our have the one that beached on autopilot had been beating him. Almost three to one. Add on Super Tuesday. I got a million votes more than Marca. And a half a million votes more than that's a lot of votes OK go ahead. Oh he'll he'll not when I don't socket when he's Duckett with. At is not get a win you know lot. He can't win at he's not get a win something else first of all we should I'd love to have a head to head matchup with him in Florida as an example and Ohio. But in New York. He's gonna get very many votes in New Jersey and Pennsylvania in Ohio he's just not gonna get very many votes so. I would like to see it I mean I would like Barco to drop out from the standpoint that I think Marco now look at that we did to dikes and he's in third and fourth and somebody was nice enough to say that even when I don't what is state I always come in second. It's a big thing. Marcus come in fourth. So I think it's time for Marco to clean the deck they do and I say that respectfully. Yet because I wanted to goat of the very luck and magic great guy but look. I wanted to go to Kansas. I felt I had an obligation. I did fairly well in Kansas considering I spent. You know literally an hour there very small. But I wanted to go to chances to campaign. I binges she packed from the beginning I've liked it I respect the people it she packed I respect Matt a great deal. I hated to cancel but I really am doing something that's very important. The people that are cheap back for the most part aren't campaigning I'm campaigning to be president. Had I not gone to chances this morning I would not have done as well. As a that I came in second place so was a very important thing. John go ahead. I take it more questions from reporters. Then any human being maybe that's have a live. We have breaking. Now I don't. No doubt I was hearing Matt I was hearing Matt say today it was very interesting but I was agreement saying I didn't like the four matter it is I would rather speak for thirty minutes. But I hate when were into either you speak for ten or fifteen minutes and accurate erupted. And then you sit you take I've done that I've done it three times now I would rather speak. But if somebody wants to ask me in the case of Dan or the case of Sean Hannity or. An M I mean I would love to do that. This was simply the fact that I wanted to camp. And I'm campaign period you know very few people are campaigning. And I'm very happy I did it. And I met a lot of great people and chances mister Phil Ruffin is one of the most successful people in the United States really were talking uses. And I felt I owed it to him a lot of people to go there this morning yes or. Family. Yes. I'm. Well we would want to get to the bottom and I think our weakness in dealing with Iran has been unprecedented. The fact that we gave them a 150 billion dollars in their terrorist state. The fact that they spent much of that money buying other than American products as an example as you know they bought a 118. Massive airplanes very larger planes from Airbus not from Boeing not from anything having to do with this country. They spent a lot of that money all throughout Europe and they spent it in Russia buying missiles. They gave us nothing. I will I would get down to the bottom of that I think it's a disgrace please give their fair his family my regards I think it's a disgrace I think they know where he is one way the other. I think they absolutely nowhere he has. And a bomb elected president I will get to the bottom of the game. God hat. Well I have nothing to do you know when you up 25000 people in the building. In a today we had to send the waste so many thousands of people we couldn't get him and when you have that many people if you have. Or five people and people stand at a 22000. That are in this building that I'm speaking to. Very great entertainers at Donald you're the biggest on the world without Qatar which is sort of an interest. As. I I won't tell you I won't tell you that was the great Elton John I will not tell you that but somebody did make that sentiment when you have that many people you understand in a room. And you'll have a couple of skirmishes just a couple of protests without skirmishes. And we treat them very gently. In a ten years ago they would have been treated differently might meet up so electors. We treat them very very gently and you know we had a few protesters today but very few I mean if you look at it as a percentage we had what. 1100 of 1% of the people that were in that room seller. Why look I watch Bernie Sanders have a protest he was up at the microphone to young ladies came up and took the microphone away from a that would never happen with me. He walked meekly to the back of the room and I said isn't that pathetic is and that's. And. Up. Rabbit is the problem with reporters looked up. Kissing you understand not be somebody else Marco brought it up and you notice OK don't let you look at what happens to Marco. No doubt now limited I didn't bring it up excuse me somebody else said Donald Trump most Bowens says a small. These guys know it will 280 yards and up my two objected stand up. I hit the ball good. Do I hit it is dropped strong. So luck so I just simply held up the hands he's a very strong hands and their fairly large actually but you know Lott was interesting. Because and you shouldn't be bringing this out to be honest with you. But it was very adjusted. Because the day after he said that I'm shaking hands with people and everybody sing while you have strong hands leverage against the guy what happened is. Blockage is made up because he's a politician and politicians lie. AC things if you don't call about Ford you know now. He brought them but I finished out about markets very interesting. Marco attack to be viciously. A week ago two weeks. So far every person that's it. Has gone down. Look at his numbers tonight he cannot hold what do those phony rallies where he did well because he did really. He's knock at the stand up tonight. And talk about how well he did in Iowa where who's in third place and he acted like he won I agree with Adam that. I'd love it to be but they have to hear his story I would love it to be at a high level. I will be the most presidential candidate in history other than honest Abe Lincoln he was very tough to be okay. You look at Abe Lincoln it was serious right I will be a separate but when I get attacked by these people at a low level. I have to attack back I can't stand is some people say. Your above it should stand it that's. I can't do that and you know what I'll never do that for a country either yes go ahead. OK go ahead. I'm totally denouncing and any hate group no good with Donald Trump any hate group. I didn't know that actually but if you tell me. I will believe that I totally didn't circuit. Boeing. I will help the party foundries yes I will help the party funders I'm not looking for funds for myself I'm totally self funding my campaign. But I will absolutely help the party funders but I don't want any money for myself. Okay yuck I had. No I'm not I think we'll win before the convention I think we'll win before. You know I've sponsor a lot of sporting events and the fighters have a great expression when they go into the city earth down. Where it's an unfriendly town but they think they get a win they say the only way we guarantee victory is to not come out. The way I guarantee victory is to get enough delegates so that our not to worry about it. And I think you know if you think about it like the prize fighters do. That's called an opt out and you know warm up we think that it could very well in Florida. We think would do very well and and we got to cubic oneself to get a Louisiana Kentucky tonight with the two big ones. Maine we did well in Maine really well in Maine but it was much smaller. Than Louisiana Kentucky Kansas was also smaller and we came in second bout. But we won Louisiana and Kentucky. They with a big ones it. Go ahead yeah. Rocket. So the question was asked about water board. And waterboarding is a very very touchy subject it was originally has two debates ago to a cruise. Any sort of didn't want any part of that question and I watched and I set out and that they look to me how do you feel. And I said I am totally in favor of order and we can I'd like to do much more than that okay had just say you understand. We're playing by a different set of rules and ices and others especially in the Italy's to a plane by a different set of rules so we have laws rules and regulations. And all of these things. And they have enough. They chop off people's habits they drowned people in massive steel cages. They dropped the cage for one hour. They lifted up and thirty did. He Julio word about what report so his story. I will Obey the laws. When it will try and get the laws. Extended. I try and get the laws broaden. Because as we should be allowed because it's very hard. To be successful in beating someone. What you're rules are very soft and there rules are unlimited. Unlimited they can do whatever they want to do. And I want to play. We're gonna rebuild our military. We gonna knock at prices so violently and so fast. Job while it's they do things we haven't seen since medieval times. And we're worried about water so here very wait wait wait sit down sit reduced excuse me. So I want to stay within the laws and right now we have to we have the loss. But I want to make those laws. Stronger so that we can better compete with ages group of animals okay. OK yes cut. I love again no I think we're gonna do great I think we have a twenty point lead or something like that in Florida go ahead. Well look that Romney was a failed candidate he was a terrible candidate he joked. He joked absolutely joked as bad as I've privacy and other that Marco when Chris Christie was grilling him that was a big Joseph calls. I thought he was gonna collapse I was standing right next to mention I was getting ready to hold him up with these very powerful hands okay. Now is a collapse that was his job. But Mitt Romney joked as a candidate he joked he knows how I feel and when he was thinking of getting into the race seven months ago eight months ago. I think you can not let we licked it's too important as that you can't not let Mitt Romney in this race he's Joker. And you know through sports some of I I can tell you have some great sportsmen right here. Whitney she's somebody joke generally speaking once it Joker always Joker. Now Mitt Romney gave that election away that was an election against a female president that should have been easily won. Mitt Romney didn't work hard that last month he disappeared. And say what you want about President Obama. He was on Jay Leno he was David Letterman it was all over the place. And where it was Mitt Romney will rule look it was still looking. And if he would have to vote at the same energy and time. To winning the presidency four years ago as he is now we're trying to destroy our party and the unity of our party. He would've won that election. And we would've had the problems that we have right now. So ladies and gentlemen I want to thank you all this has been amazing. It's very exciting. And I look forward to seeing in many times in the near future thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much.

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