Donald Trump reportedly asked James Comey to drop Flynn investigation

"The View" co-hosts discuss the gravity of the reported memo.
8:43 | 05/17/17

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Transcript for Donald Trump reportedly asked James Comey to drop Flynn investigation
Just when you thought the hot topic of the week would be spilling secrets to the Russians, something crazier happens, and he outdoes himself. There is a memo where James Comey claims the current dude in the white house asked him to drop the investigation into ex-national security adviser, Michael Flynn. What the hell? When I heard about it, I said, there is a memo. People were questioning whether or not it existed, and I started thinking about my time as a prosecutor. First day, day one during training, they said, if it happened and you didn't write it down, it didn't happen. And I thought, if they're telling me that and he was a former prosecutor and head of the FBI, he wrote it down. The problem is that it would be his word against his anyway. His words and his memo. He has the memo, but trump could say, that's not true. But he did tell pence and sessions to leave the room while he spoke to Comey privately. Yeah. Trump said that. Pence and sessions, they are the cowards we have seen them to be, then they will also disagree, and say, well, we didn't walk out. We were in the room. He never said it. It's possible. They are liars. And everyone's going to lie though. I am assuming they will. I don't Thi they will. I don't think pence will. I don't. I don't see evidence that pence has been a liar through this process, and I think it's a very -- if you are going to say you weren't in a room and you were and it's proven, and you have corroborators, his career will be over. He is not going to sacrifice that for trump. When pence kbogoes out and mimics trump S he lying or is he stupid? I think the reason there are some inconsistencies in the administration, some are lying and some are not, and nothing lies up. I agree with Jed. I don't think it's because he knows or is lying. I think they keep people out of the loop. I don't think they inform their own administration. It's trump and then it's everybody else. It's true because a lot of times, there are reports that people try to brief him, and they say, you know, we try to sit down with him and tell him, don't go into this room and reveal X, Y, and Z, and he doesn't want to hear it and he says what he wants to say, and the administration is left to pick up the pieces. Others are saying this memo isn't as troubling as the leaks to the media which is what we should be focused on. The constitution, you know, that pesky little thing. It's so pesky. I just want, you know, because they keep talking about how, you know, we may not give any more daily briefings. I want to point out something, and it's this. Congress will make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting of the free exercised era or a bridging of the freedom of speech or of the press. That sounds like the first amendment. It says -- It is. What that means -- what that means is that you cannot in a free society, hold back the press because then of course, that makes you like the Taliban, which you keep saying you are not. Yeah. Freedom of the press means no government official poops on them to get them to stop talking. You can't do that. Kennedy on fox had a great suggestion. Sean hannity? Yeah. He devoted an hour-long show on news brings. By requiring journalists to submit written questions in advanced, and pick what it liked and answer after. Really? No. That was his suggestion. No. He talked about that being a possible -- Look! You know what? We wouldn't be doing this if people would get their stuff together, you know? If the guy who is supposed to be taking care of business cannot be trusted to have a conversation where you can actually believe that he said what he said, that he is going to do what he says he is going to do, I feel like it's ridiculous that we keep talking about this. Yeah. This is a problem. The Republicans though -- they are hiding it seems. Or they hear this terrible information and they go, very disappointing. Very concerning. This is troubling. You know. What's disappointing is when you get a bad eggplant parmesan. All right? That's disappointing. This is disastrous. This is a nightmare. They are. They are. Jason Chaffetz -- they are doing that. Jason Chaffetz tweeted the GOP oversight is going to get the Comey memo and his statement was backed,ing and I see a lot of people that are saying this does not look right, who maybe would love the opportunity to defend the policies, but they are disgusted. Because they voted for him, and they are not having a minute to see what he is going to do because of the scandal all the time. The Comey memo exists, but if it is true what he says in it, whiches he asked the FBI director to stop a federal criminal investigation into Michael Flynn, that is pure and simple, a federal crime. That's obstruction of justice. That's the truth. Keep many mind they were concerned -- they were concerned about the fact that Bill Clinton met up with -- Loretta lynch. Yep. We have no idea what went on there, and people's heads exploded. Yep. If this is correct, somebody's head needs to explode because you can't be doing this. It's a crime. It's a crime. And the problem is he still has 80% approval rating from the Republicans in this country. And until that -- 80%? Of Republicans. And to the topic of Chaffetz, he is retiring and that's why he is all of a sudden -- I don't care why he is doing it. Silence speaks very loudly because krbs this morning tweeted to senators and representatives to appear and all declined. Why? Keep it so -- look. The folks who have -- have been loud and saying, hey. This is not making sense to us whatever it is. Susan Collins, Lisa Majkowski, John McCain. Not whatever. Yeah. And I want to say this comes up about the leaks. You can be concerned, and say, it's strange these are coming out, and this is concerning, and also be concerned about the content of the leaks, and say, maybe it's weird we got the information this way, but if it's true, this is alarming. You can do both. Isn't it encouraging there are leaks? There are people who are not putting up with this. Yes, but it's scary also. It's scary also though because if those leaks could be about a different topic that could threaten our national security, it's scary. If there are leaks, if there actually are leaks, I want to find out where they are coming from, because when the guy that's in office says, hey. The former president was taping my stuff, and alludes to the fact that there is all this information and there isn't any, see, I'll take a leak because -- Go take a leak. During commercial. I love that. Great segue, whoopi. I will take any of those leaks over -- Yeah. Someone who accuses people of doing stuff that they haven't done, and still, where is the proof? Where is the proof? Wait. You can't -- we'll come back and do it.

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{"id":47463880,"title":"Donald Trump reportedly asked James Comey to drop Flynn investigation","duration":"8:43","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the gravity of the reported memo.","url":"/Politics/video/donald-trump-reportedly-asked-james-comey-drop-flynn-47463880","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}