What to expect on day two of Gorsuch's confirmation hearing

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Terry Moran discuss what to expect as Gorsuch faces questions on day two of confirmation hearings.
3:25 | 03/20/17

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Transcript for What to expect on day two of Gorsuch's confirmation hearing
The Terry here's the other thing I'm wondering about kind of playing in the background because obviously these hearings are not occurring in a vacuum. And Neil course it is the nominee of president trump president trump has sat at some pretty. Disparaging things about two judges including the one who was hearing the case about trump university he called the first judge struck down his travel ban the so called judge. If you think those kinds of issues are gonna come op in the questioning. Judge course. I do I think president trump. Has made the job more difficult for judge corsets to get on the Supreme Court I think he's he's he's a strong position. But he will be confronted and challenged with a lot of what president trump has said. And don't Democrats are going to want to force this nominee to show the them and the American public. That he is independent. Of president truck that he will be able to stand apart from president trump is not afraid of and that. That that he won't be able to uphold. The independence of the judiciary in fact. They got so intense on this subject. That senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut Democrat. Brought the other hearing of the day ended this year room where FBI director call me confirmed that there is. An investigation and FBI and to get investigation into links between trump campaign. And and Russian intelligence potentially acts and what senator Blumenthal say it was you it is possible. That you could be called for. To rule on a subpoena of the president of the United States to produce certain evidence. That happened once before in our history. When Richard Nixon's tapes were subpoenaed by a prosecutor and he defied the supreme always been court which unanimously found. That he would turn it over. But that that is how intense it's getting. That they want to really pressed this nominee challenge him. About the kinds of things that president trump is proposing and doing and saying and they have done. That they want him demonstrated parents. An incredible overlapping of issues here potential even more dynamic tomorrow. So in new course it is going to face questions tomorrow Terry what do we expect happened then what are you watching for. Well equipment ten hours of questions he's he's good on day. I what I want us is first. What is that dynamic is that you touched on how much of the difference does it make use. By his personality. Animal human monument and Molly you know these cities genial and nice and he seems. Tuchman. And they are looking for I want. Two to reach out to conversation that make a difference and would make a difference in votes but I also want to what they go after him. Scattershot. Each line of attack. And so I think it's hard to convince the public. Is one thing to note that you can't on the court. Because and it acts we've seen what that is. Well tomorrow. On the Republican side I think that's just basically. Make speeches and take a break in between getting groped them.

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{"id":46263616,"title":"What to expect on day two of Gorsuch's confirmation hearing","duration":"3:25","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Terry Moran discuss what to expect as Gorsuch faces questions on day two of confirmation hearings.","url":"/Politics/video/expect-day-gorsuchs-confirmation-hearing-46263616","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}