What a Gore-Lieberman Presidency Might Have Brought

Outgoing Sen. Joe Lieberman on being Gore's running mate, and what might have been
3:00 | 12/20/12

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Transcript for What a Gore-Lieberman Presidency Might Have Brought
I also want to ask you about 2000 yeah so you were. You got chosen by Al Gore -- your -- vice president you go. You win the popular vote what happens and Florida happens what was that election night. Like for you to want to watch those return us. To thank you would want I remember. One of. -- assistance as counsel coming to mimic Cameron says that -- was president decided. That they have to concede and -- quote he was about to. Hold. Governor bush as you know it's lot of votes still so close it was about 25000 margin. Known Houston. We hear from our people that that's that's the -- going to be this was so do we get ready when in the horrors. To the -- Memorial. There has won over we were getting is reviewing calls that the margin was down at 101000 and in part those -- -- -- the room underneath. Plaza where there own -- and his close it was done something like 2000. And it would all agree we can agencies. House. Article called -- I think this is the personal way to end it will always the you know at this point distasteful. Casualties -- especially for you get that that it was the US Supreme Court that effectively decided the case. -- for the Supreme Court of the United States has reversed the orders of the Florida Supreme Court. Not forests -- proper. -- the orders worth. Along. So should Al Gore. And Preston we've had time to think about how would things been different -- -- Well I think about it summits -- speculation of course it was on 9/11 and I felt the most of frustration wasn't vice president ago or was prison because. Impulse. To want to be here to. United our country and protect our country from further attack anyone who was president after. 90 with the clear evidence that the -- -- was. Formulated in Afghanistan bio two under the protection of the Taliban. Government there that we -- two invade. Afghanistan as President Bush and as you know I was a big supporter of the war in Iraq. I don't I don't have any company that's or would have decided that that was necessary to protect -- Security one thing that matters a lot to me -- -- -- marital -- Where as president gore I think would have been different. He -- really. Lead on climate change and I think we would have a much better chance to get something done in -- law. To prevent the worst affairs. Global warming I also think that. Based on economic record of the Clinton gore administration. That a gore Lieberman administration. Will not gotten some of that -- -- debt. That. That we go in -- entered it is yours the Christian ministers program that is. Tax cuts and tax cuts expire at -- here we are still means though as we talk with bush tax cuts which were adopted. In this spring and early summer of 2001.

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{"id":18025534,"title":"What a Gore-Lieberman Presidency Might Have Brought","duration":"3:00","description":"Outgoing Sen. Joe Lieberman on being Gore's running mate, and what might have been","url":"/Politics/video/gore-lieberman-presidency-brought-18025534","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}