Colorado Governor Hops on the Election Cycle

After helping develop over 1,000 miles of bike trails as the mayor of Denver, Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado was eager to talk politics and take a ride on ABC News' Election Cycle.
2:58 | 10/27/16

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Transcript for Colorado Governor Hops on the Election Cycle
I just from the great state a fire that happened today I mean for the governor John Hickenlooper. Guy who they say might need Hillary's cabinet. Led a campaign not this year and luxury car Adam. There has delivered stock in trying to get a ground game yeah. The United States. You'll only the wanted to tell her friend and people here that it would look like yeah I don't know. On the highest honor I don't know what is I don't Roy. Well welcome home. Doesn't look back your career that they've not in 1981 towards the geologists have flexor cloths I got laid off are coming up told everyone got laid off. So then I had up over the improved but after two years as it just took off we'll let customers were criticizing hauling them specials I guess I want this America they cross usually run. Somehow they for the tables on. An industry hurting here in the primary. I'm pretty hard for Bernie Williams no Bernie supporters in Colorado and Hillary shares many of their desires tried to. To reduce the cost of college education I would make sure that our health care system really is helping everyone. That the system doesn't favor the big banks should really does have a pretty well thought out policy one he's he's spent some time they're doing this again. Heavy bidding process what you think of her to be vetted for. He was was. What the highest compliments ever have she called me like Thursday before. Even then start and so they're gonna go to different direction. Again what the big reason was that. Tim clicked in game one those admired respected senator political parties he will be able to reach across the aisle helper in finding common ground. With Republicans. Thirteen states now have ballot initiatives regarding marijuana continent for cholera but I just funny it's a steep hill plywood you're the first to do something like I'm not completely convinced this is. The best thing but. But we've made a lot of progress is very encouraging or does that and I know when that night around the country on the ski. Mind is global warming impact amounts. Throughout you look at the Vail Resorts. The Aspen skiing company and there are CEOs are absolutely focused on bill addressing climate change because it is plug their business and global warming. You know long term if you don't something about it and you can. He's at this rate we are gonna see a shorter ski season that I took up anywhere else. I you're a big night here and what you can with the language explaining why it's become a big part of what Denver positive traction. Did metro Denver now has about a thousand miles of micro devices paradise well thank you so. Pig I'm very jealous governor likes but it is so much about it take. Nice you here if not hill exercise.

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{"id":43091131,"title":"Colorado Governor Hops on the Election Cycle","duration":"2:58","description":"After helping develop over 1,000 miles of bike trails as the mayor of Denver, Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado was eager to talk politics and take a ride on ABC News' Election Cycle.","url":"/Politics/video/gov-hickenlooper-hops-election-cycle-43091131","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}