Speaker Boehner Proposes New Plan to End Shutdown

Speaker of the House delivers remarks concerning debt ceiling negotiations with Democrats.
11:54 | 10/10/13

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Transcript for Speaker Boehner Proposes New Plan to End Shutdown
Globe when I'm Devin Dwyer -- New York with this ABC news digital special report day ten now. Of the federal government shut down weighing more heavily today that deadline to raise the US debt limit now just a week. For the possible first ever default house speaker John Boehner who will meet with the president for the first time in more than a week later this afternoon. Is about to give a press conference over on Capitol Hill. You see Republican lawmakers they are gathered before that signs. Cash take time for solutions let's listen it. Ten days into the government shut down. In just today that president and house Republicans. Discussion. About the old. Multiple levels since the beginning -- -- with the president. About the issues facing this country. Hopeful that he's in good faith negotiations. Over the long term debt drivers. Over security that we need for this country as well as the -- This government again. That's why we're going to offer legislation. Increases in the debt ceiling to allows some time to continue this this conversation because it is time for solutions. Willingness to have this conversation. Is actually resulted in a delay. And it an on going government shutdown and it's hurting the American. We hope that the president. We'll choose negotiation. Over price's. Leadership. Over an action and -- Over -- it's time to solve our problems. President fox and that no one gets everything they walk into punitive it is. And frankly. The only news everything that's wrong. But to all over the course we'll have to -- -- -- -- -- -- position -- there -- -- -- Fulfills the real parts of the government only to have them rejected a fire that. So what we're going out of football for the president today. The ability to remove the temporary freeze in the debt -- And agreement to go to conference call on the budget. -- his willingness to sit down discuss. Oh win over the -- of the government and to start fields put America first. It is I believe. It's tired of these negotiations and has -- -- -- and begin. President -- look at this is an opportunity and a good faith. To move halfway. Halfway to what he's demanded in order to have discounted. If the American people expect both sides. To sit out of work out differences when you're operating in. Some pleas today that we that it takes for the White House to actually begin to do that. And I think you know we have seen now for ten days ago to shut down -- not we asked for. It is what with the results of the two parties not being able to sit tall. And -- there is little very little time left we cannot waste anymore. I don't want we have discussed this conference. Is a temporary extension of the debt ceiling. In exchange for a real commitment but this process. And his senate majority let it sit down and talk about the price of problems they're facing all of the American people. That includes a -- -- issues we look forward to that happening. At if you look throughout history. Presidents who. -- In anybody government have a hall. Sat down and talk to the other side tons. I'm very hopeful we're today this is something that Republicans have been waiting quite some time. Marijuana has sent down that's -- are very last bills and the cop yet nor has always been. We're thankful the president is talking. We're coming there. Together we're coming there to find common ground to find common ground that will deal with these economic factors that -- -- -- The drivers to continue to Baghdad. So we make an offer today for a temporary extension we're looking for -- structures that puts it on a path to get a budget. Take care of the debt and move this economy -- stronger position. And -- all of that. Little common sense for the rest. Pick -- What can you -- -- division within the president. We'll did Ottawa that they're giving often -- about what we. And. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It also I think the president wants it to be able to America's pressing problems just as much freedom. Budget in order to deal with the president rob Johnson and a problem. The billions -- -- but these problems for the future and for. What gives an urban. That's. -- that was house speaker John Boehner speaking. After a meeting with the House Republican Conference this morning on Capitol Hill he said. House Republicans are about to propose that want to propose -- temporary increase in the nation's debt limit the nation's credit card essentially. Which would help us avert that default in exchange they won an agreement from the White House to come to the negotiating table let's go to the White House now we're joined. By ABC's Mary Bruce merry what is the reaction you're hearing so far -- that the proposal. The White House has so that the president is at least willing to look at this proposal so no definitive progress but perhaps a slight glimmer of hope here as you mentioned house Republicans are proposing an idea to at least. Delay it. The threat of default by proposing a short term. Increase of the debt limit with the hopes that by the time for a broader negotiation but here's the problem data that -- do absolutely nothing to reopen the government and fund. The government which has now been shut down as you know for ten days and the president has continued to say that he will not negotiate until house Republicans do both of those things. Eliminate the threat of default by raising the debt limit. And also funding the government so we can reopen but as we mentioned there is ever so slight crack in the door there that perhaps the president is at least willing to hear out the house Republicans. To some bit of a victory possibly for both sides -- -- the president is gonna agreed in negotiations here looks life from what we just heard from house speaker John Boehner. He's going to -- -- one thing that struck me want to get your reaction to this didn't hear any talk. Of obamacare the president's health care law that had been kind of the impetus for this whole crisis is to begin with it was even -- That's right the president's signature health care law which -- -- at the center of this entire fight you're not hearing much about that it almost seems that they've forgotten what they're even fighting over. But the president has said that he will not. Negotiate with Republicans will not offer them any concessions to do what he says -- their job to reopen the government to fund the federal government and to raise the debt limit. Of course as you know marry you cover the White House full time for us. The president's negotiated on the debt ceiling before of course he's -- he's offered to negotiate. On the federal federal budget in this instance why the hard line this time I think. That's a question many people are asking the Republicans are highlighting why is the president right now. So against any concessions Republicans on these issues. Absolutely it seems the president has essentially decided never again he after the 2011 fight over the debt limit he essentially told. He and his advisors that he would never again allow the debt limit to be used as a negotiating tool as a bargaining chip in these negotiations so he's he's continuing to hold a firm line there this go around. Meanwhile. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has been making the circuit the past few days he's up on Capitol Hill today warning of the dangers of default especially on the markets. And now starting to see some signs reports that business groups may be reading on Republicans to really -- in here a little bit -- any evidence from your vantage point that this is beginning. Happens. -- Wall Street is absolutely a big X-Factor here and I think a lot of people believe. That that is one of the few things that how the markets react that could eventually force Republicans and the White House meeting come together and reach a deal that how that markets react to this and how Wall Street reacts could actually help help force the hand here a little but. All right and that certainly some good news maybe the markets were already up this morning maybe they'll. Keep that trajectory today I think that would be a relief for all of us none of this of course addresses the issue. Of where you're standing in the thing that's consumed Washington the government shut down. Any sense that from your view that that this negotiation or what looks to be -- negotiation to resolve. Well you heard speaker Boehner just say that's one of the things -- look forward to discussing with the president later this afternoon but so far absolutely no progress here take to go ahead and reopen the government hasn't mentioned -- -- -- ten here. That's right ten days pretty unbelievable and as you saw yesterday. Some people have even taken it upon themselves to do that the upkeep of the maintenance -- on the memorial there Washington a man mowing the grass there. The Lincoln Memorial yesterday nobody out there at the White House -- -- progress today. I know what I hear behind as you know the president he -- operating with a skeleton staff like you know similar to many other federal agencies and federal bureau -- had to trim back here at the White House as well. -- and as you mentioned there are some people -- -- we're taking it upon themselves to do some of the jobs that federal workers are not able to do thanks to the shutdown that's right but today it is a busy day at the White House nonetheless President Obama meeting with house Republicans later today also senate Democrats. What do we know about those meetings who's coming and what's gonna happen. Meetings -- to think of them -- conversations not so much negotiations we. You know that's a word that that has taken -- a lot of symbolism in these conversations in this fight here at the White House. So the president today is inviting the senate Democratic Caucus and house Republicans to meet here at the White House the president had opted to meet with. All of the house Republicans but they declined to have all of their members -- speaker Boehner said. Is stent is sending a smaller group of just eighteen of his members is that they're not willing to send everybody up to to the White House for meetings until they're sure that the president is -- to have a serious conversation about solution. These -- the serious conversation in the Roosevelt room there'll be cozy in there with all of us a Republican members would love to be a fly on the wall ABC's Mary Bruce on a lovely day. Outside there at the White House think some expert for being here. I think you for joining us today this has been an ABC news digital special report please follow all the latest on the government -- in the debt ceiling. -- fight on abcnews.com. And as you see there we have to live feeds that you can follow from the senate and -- house negotiations. This has been an ABC news digital special report on Devin Dwyer in.

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{"id":20530405,"title":"Speaker Boehner Proposes New Plan to End Shutdown","duration":"11:54","description":"Speaker of the House delivers remarks concerning debt ceiling negotiations with Democrats.","url":"/Politics/video/government-shutdown-day-10-boehner-obama-meet-gop-20530405","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}