Gun Bill Language Tweaks Could Sway Jeff Flake

Arizona Republican talked to Jeff Zeleny after April vote against gun control in Senate.
2:45 | 05/07/13

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Transcript for Gun Bill Language Tweaks Could Sway Jeff Flake
And your friends but -- -- she called senators behind large. However for not acting on this -- I have all the respect and admiration in the world. -- -- And her husband mark. That's that's -- -- respect and admiration does not get her bills hit an op -- today saying that senators need to be replaced it. And I saw just. Tell you and I'm glad she was here. Perhaps in the world and what's it gonna take to get some type of a gun. Controlled believes that you support background check -- expanding them -- -- and I think just a different language. Language of mormons -- comfortable. You know there's not a lot -- about the influence -- and whatever else I mean. Myself I was worried about the NRA I wouldn't vote for cloture to bring the bill to the -- today. It's it's. It's easy to appoint a special interest groups and influence but he -- the language people come. Sebastian Senator McCain voted for it. And senator -- very conservative what about the language did you find -- not acceptable well it. In particular. Listen to send to the incident mentioned. It's the definition of commercial sales and if we can get that. Tight and and some of the other things and we'll be more comfortable what about it -- and specifically like it's too difficult to. It's too -- well I I think things they mentioned their goal was to not include private sales. Text of the bill. In my view didn't include almost all private sales and zone and tighten them. This is a tough -- you've met you know lieutenant -- unit. Spirit you value meet with them and then voted three just you know -- -- Props or whatever I don't feel that way at all they. They are. He should be here I'm glad they were on network where many of them and there -- very effective advocates. Because we do need to. Detentions and so I'm -- -- As you know you've been in the house like Mathieu he's been in the house this is going to be an open question -- -- -- -- Some of the reasons that it was so difficult to pass in the senate -- -- -- but it into the possibly -- mean that's one reason to have the language right not just walking -- the senate passed the house as well. Another time by the language matters. And I think. If we can work on the language and and and tidy up a lot of those provisions and we can get something but -- -- -- -- -- -- think -- It's that.

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{"id":19127636,"title":"Gun Bill Language Tweaks Could Sway Jeff Flake","duration":"2:45","description":"Arizona Republican talked to Jeff Zeleny after April vote against gun control in Senate.","url":"/Politics/video/gun-bill-language-tweaks-sway-jeff-flake-19127636","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}