'Modern Family' Star Discusses Inauguration Day Over Live Stream

Rico Rodriguez discusses the importance of Inauguration Day for future generations.
4:09 | 01/21/13

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Transcript for 'Modern Family' Star Discusses Inauguration Day Over Live Stream
Of all the honors bestowed upon ABC news late this one. Takes the case. We spotted on Twitter earlier that -- Gregory is the young actor who plays and one of America's favorite TV shows modern family. Twenty at a picture of himself watching our serene. Apple and so we -- on the phone. Mr. Rodriguez -- Yeah hammer yeah are you I'm doing great a lot better now that I'm talking to you dude thank you for watching experience. All my pleasure at. You know -- Larry. On the morning LA. 5 in the morning and their site that streams filled the I would try -- for the inauguration it -- -- Think thankfully we have technology nearly half days now they would -- get on the computer and. -- pleased to invite my colleague so what did you think in a speech. -- I thought it was -- -- -- is very inspiring you know President Obama he -- hits such inspiring. Speeches that -- -- you wanna be a better person and discontinue what you're doing in making the best apparent. In. Day and political bickering and partisanship and make you feel the -- the you have fans on both sides of the -- taken Mitt Romney said that your show is one of the favorites. That's also only -- I. We concentrate and it's another meal there really high and people it's really need to know that. In addition to sending us each there critique her performance. I wonder whether you can tell us what what sorts of things you do you or your friends duties to states socially engaged is simply meaning. -- -- -- -- -- I'm sorry candy in the cab put up sure what kinds of things you do how involved are you obviously I don't expect that you're running for office at the moment but what how involved you in. Either volunteering or -- aren't following politics and how important it is for young people stay educated about about what's happening in Washington. Ford F three year old good to know what's happening in our country and -- What WB I never really had been interest politics I'm not that much interest but. I know one -- and you know this here during the presidential debates and you know the election time. My teacher and I don't really help in time this talking in this scene you know she had me watch it was that debate that -- -- that can debate and the -- get a question -- -- -- -- him. Any relation stuff like that I really doesn't know like -- -- -- -- I come to realize that importing more years. I will BE. -- like -- the president can now be eighteen to launch really need to know brilliant now I know you really need to know because -- featured generation. They'll be cheering our you know our country's leaders so it's really nice to know you know wolf what's going on. Rico I just cannot -- alana how cool is that we have you on the phone -- elected on a second before I let you go I know you're fourteen. I'm curious -- the extent that you're able to see other kids than you pretty busy working with -- with grown up really on the show. He sent that -- -- chat with other kids your age. Do -- kids OK you know our freshman in -- -- fourteen years old they talk about what's gone out of Washington politics ever come up in conversation. I'm here really and then I haven't even I'm not and I -- landfill and there are -- accurate -- middle July 8 grade. But. Usually -- Well we -- tied mainly to cancel my teacher at. I have you know -- he's scheduled -- -- -- -- right Arial -- orange golden start by saying something ended you know speaking her mind at. -- -- They really that -- in -- moment looking that they will my family and you know they've all I picked the wrong Colombian front of people don't like war. I had just being personally this is one of the coolest things that happened all day Rico think somebody yelled we love your show we look -- -- candidates -- not that marked. Let me show visits good we also love your show because it's not our network and does great in the ratings currently there will and a million reasons we love you Rico thank you. Thank you very much have a great rest here today. My pleasure thank you so much -- guys --

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{"id":18275871,"title":"'Modern Family' Star Discusses Inauguration Day Over Live Stream","duration":"4:09","description":"Rico Rodriguez discusses the importance of Inauguration Day for future generations.","url":"/Politics/video/inauguration-2013-live-stream-modern-familys-rico-rodriquez-18275871","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}