The latest on the Georgia special election

ABC News' MaryAlice Parks gives an update from a Georgia polling station.
10:58 | 06/20/17

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Transcript for The latest on the Georgia special election
Hi guys on and about here live in New York while all eyes are on Georgia today. As one of the most expensive and highly public eyes congressional elections in US history comes to an end tonight. Our own Mary Alice parks has been down there in Georgia's sixth congressional district following the action. He joins us now live to bring us up to speed Mary Alice how are you doing today. You know on the it is he single most expensive congressional race. In history and you're right all eyes are here. I was at another location earlier today Arab public yet it can't handle she voted. There is south. And though not seen of reporters around there it looked like a presidential race. It's quieter here at this precinct location next Ellis steady stream of people voting. And tonight it will one. See you mentioned Karen Handel the Republican candidate voting earlier. Have we heard from John off clots and a lot of criticism of this young candidate this thirty year old. First time candidate has been they doesn't even live in the district in which he is running. You're exactly right when we caught up with Karen and all I want it to vote we set. What's here at last minute message and she said you know I it's about it which might my opponent and I bet I put it wishes he could do that Spain. And so little bit later I topped out what I want with. Not so happened that lets your response US. Polish and there this morning who he called her response petty. I expect to get an early in the Election Day with so much as it statement accident. But she was gonna talk about. But you're right that has been one of the issues that she's been hitting him hard about he lives about a my hot and the district he lives that would his girlfriend she's a medical student they got agent out. Medical student at Emory university and east at last and apart her department studies supporter courier. But he rap in this district you know he he's been you know that he's campaigning nonstop yet at that last night at. And yet again this morning at 7 AM. He's not shied away from cameras talking to reporters all day long today it's just really intense both candidates trying to leave it all out on the field. So my house for folks who are just now catching up and they are realizing they're seeing a lot about Georgia six districts in their beads. Help us understand how has this one race. Caught so much at the national attention and so many millions of dollars on top of fat. It isn't what we're talking about why and see we're talking about what ten districts and yet. All of its national attention. A few reasons I outlined it that it's the only in the town right now you have all of its energy from the lack you know people that really. Upset and shocked without tap was elected as a surprise election for a Democrat that we've talked about not stop. So those activists need to put their energy somewhere at so they've been poring at its of these special. Why not election this white here at sort of become. A celebrity kind as we head you know Hollywood actors tweeting about this race and some of them ate its national political organizations. The growing sense of money there. You know I think that they are dynamite here because they see a potential path to victory it would sent huge message if this could let. It's been a Republican district for over thirty years for longer than John the democratic and it has been a lot of this is Ingrid seats it was that Tom price is the current. Secretary of health and human service as it was his seat so would be really symbolic on both sides that went to a Democrat. I think that Democrats thought they had opening even though Tom price the former congressman. I'll held onto his seat in November by twenty points. Donald Trump only white nearby at one point so there's a lot of the feeling that the Republicans here were uneasy about chop it works but his most. Ardent supporters at look at both sides out of that spot I really can patted it. So we'll see what happened either way and what happens here tonight will be expected pieced apart by both parties. An aunt and an analyst at activists for sure at least out. Mary Alice you know the president has not been shy about weighing in on as he's been tweeting his support. For Karen Handel the Republican candidate he did so this morning. And we know that she's been using some of his support lines in her fundraising emails right she's been sending the mountains and look the president supports mean you should too. John tossup on the other hand the Democrat has barely mentioned Robinson came. He's been happy that the being pressed to even admit that this has anything to do wit national attention or the presidency. Look a lot of folks are saying this is a referendum on president trumps first five months is that fair. Absolutely that's there you know it you're exactly right though Assam is making a point at talking about the pet it. It's really debris on capitol most days at. And lawmakers are both diets. Feels like contents and it's coming at about every other spent it. Entity it yeah is he started at about jobs and health care and and really a waiting using the president's name it's interesting it's airy specific campaign strategy. Check to reach that people across that the island. And trying to see it yet run against trump you want to be for a different platform. But that doesn't mean it is supporters aren't talking about Donald Trott you know they're knocking on doors and saying hey c'mon let's and that message to Washington Ed. They know that the reason he's able to raise so much money as high as of this anti H from kind of resistance movement. That it's really been sweeping certain circles across the country. And that Esther other side as well. There are Republicans act here and talk to that they wanna spend an accident to Washington and a country that day but trapped in the White House and they still back indigent. And I feel that term wild excited about what he's doing so even though the two candidates are exactly right or sort of careful about using his name. Voters here know that it is absolutely BC and Iraq let let's happening right out Washington. So let's talk a little bit about turnout -- people there are saying is back in November. When Tom price is now the age and his secretary this is his seat that was left vacant when he defended its heat. They had pretty good turnout about 326000. There and he won handle it right 62%. To 38%. Do they expect anywhere near that number more than that number what are we seeing so far in terms of turnout and who does that benefit. They're expecting huge turn out here that's because. This race has been going on tonight on there at that primary. Back in April. Neither one issue candidate secure it simple 50% majority to just witness seat outright. At at this rot so people are very very aware that election is taking place there had not stopped trying to radiate act act act act act act. Lot of kids it's insane self. There's there's no there's no lack of sort of information and I think that expecting really high turn out as an act and expected it to campaigns have the money to spend to make sure they. People to the whole. And also we know they're expecting I I will likely simply turn out because how many people we know Rhett voted early. Almost as many people voted early for this not runoff election. Has voted in total. Back an aide rob zealot that bullet early and still people are voting today. I think we're gonna esteem really high turnout numbers. As it should help that benefits. I'm not really sure you know I think that on the one hand normally. That benefits Democrats because they're these constituencies not talk about what Democrats. Young people all. Us do it and recent. You know transplant at mood recently are something that the don't tend to vote at lower numbers and so when they really turn out and it boosts overall turnout numbers and the help Democrats. And this is a really solidly Red Sea happened for a long time with a lot of Republican Party. Infrastructure here. And so people all you know that the mayors and the local county board folks bring out their people those are really. It'd be Republicans who have been dialed it to politics in this district in the past. So both sides really to tank to get as many of the polls as possible. And and an and we'll see it could be a very very late night air well. I'm gonna ask you the impossible question now an area has spoken kid. Look if if a Republican candidate with the backing of the presidents. Can't we in in a district that the Republicans have been winning solidly for the last thirty years. What does it say about salmon at this time if the democratic candidate. Who's got a ton of momentum and millions and millions and hollers behind him. Can't win in this district what does it say about that. You know both sides are apt to do some though like able in game. Thanks and back to the giant port reevaluating. For sure if she loses seats I think that your ST Republicans. Across the country especially in some districts they are closed at one I'll march and I'm willing you're gonna you're gonna eat that had people wonder if the nation start packing away. And some and which coming out of the White House. But I want moderate amount it trumps legislative agenda. I think you can see. Some real pot. From what public and hot bats that. You're exactly right. That Democrats aren't a flip FC after spending so how much money. The Republicans now earn about the Republicans say you spent you hit it but an act and you can and we. He's not voters here really reaffirmed. What about trap is doing Republicans arguing on Capitol Hill at serious setback for. I know we talk to Democrats here though they obviously don't want to say that they talk about the fact they are built relationships new organizations in the networking. And that there that they're seeing new excitement in this traditionally. This conservative area airports like how I met George we're talking about a red districts so proud of our right dined to get the race as well. But not the last will be a major blow to Democrats that they spent this much and can't win an end. While we will all be watching a pressure Mary out the whole country is watching and you're going to be there covering it or at thanks so much for joining us today. And thanks to you for watching as well if you want to borrow follow Mary ounces for forty been an over to At any time we'll have live updates there of course the final election results. When they come in later tonight thanks for joining us for now I'm on an Abbas and see you back your sin.

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