Marco Rubio Hits Donald Trump Hard, Mocks Trump's Tweets

The presidential candidate electrified a crowd in Texas by mocking Donald Trump's Twitter posts.
3:40 | 02/26/16

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Transcript for Marco Rubio Hits Donald Trump Hard, Mocks Trump's Tweets
It's time to charade is not this is a con job. Where he's going to Americans that are struggling Americans that are hurting any implying I'm fighting for you economic tough guy a tough guy. This guy inherited 200 million dollars. He's never faced any struggle. He's never break that they told somebody out protests from a punch in the bank Donald Trump has never punched anyone in the base. And. Donald's all but the first guy that begs the Secret Service protection first guy. He inherited 200 million dollars I said it last night if he would not inherited 200 million dollars right now he would be selling watches in Times Square. Or be doing what are those commercials on Saturday morning Laurie promises the teacher out of flip properties. Right want to have a little fun. What is Donald Trump do when things go wrong he takes that later. I have an idea let's read some don't have time. Here's the first one lightweight Marco Rubio was working hard last night this is true. The problem is he of that talker. And once a talker always hate Chopra if that's what it meant thing. Last night in the debate during one of the rights to put the breaks it went backstage. Without help. First they had a little makeup thing applying like make up around it must after the I want a slight mustache then. Benny asked for a full length mirror I don't like at the podium goes up here but it liable it may. Maybe it makes earth perhaps more wet I don't know. That I see him pacing back and forth in any huddled in the corner talking to somebody affect waving their arms up and down of the person trying to common now so. Next week. The weight chalker Marco Rubio looks like a little boy on stage not presidential material came at the state lightly. But he spell that EL EI GHT. Ali you got that wrong. Looks like a little boy on state it's not that I looked like a little boy I wouldn't even be the youngest president. But he would be the oldest president ever elected and it's like an eight year term starts query. Last one while every poll that I won the debate last night. Now this is it about itself a bank. Great hall and her. I think you meant the fake great honor I don't know how I got that rocket the EO we're nowhere near each other on the keyboard. Great hall owner I. So. Here's the but that's what I'm thinking so hot this guy what we three weeks is about work so badly. And I only reached no conclusions. Number one. That's how they expel those words at the Wharton school of business where you land. Arturo just like trump tower he must have hired a foreign worker to do it completes. We're the in. Guys we have a con artists out the front runner in the Republican Party. Guy a guy who has made a career out of telling people lies that comment by its product what every you ever heard of trump vodka. You have what been around anymore. Or truck mattress. Or trap air our Trump Ice. We're trump water they're all businesses that are they were disasters. You nominate meet we will not lose this election you nominate me gallantly having a real conservative you'll have eight conservative. Unites the Republican Party and brings us together after the circus act about the for nine months.

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{"id":37224764,"title":"Marco Rubio Hits Donald Trump Hard, Mocks Trump's Tweets","duration":"3:40","description":"The presidential candidate electrified a crowd in Texas by mocking Donald Trump's Twitter posts.","url":"/Politics/video/marco-rubio-hits-donald-trump-hard-mocks-trumps-37224764","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}