Michelle Obama Stuns at Last State Dinner in Sparkling Gown

The president and first lady host their last state dinner at the White House looking fabulous.
2:51 | 10/19/16

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Transcript for Michelle Obama Stuns at Last State Dinner in Sparkling Gown
And talk about how people look and what happens you know as crazy as his campaign has spam I think both sides can probably. Agree on the fact that Michelle Obama looked insanely. Gorgeous sunrise. In recent and it's very Grecian they had their last state dinner. That last night ride I. Palin doesn't make ends Saturday they're happy to be sunset it was bittersweet. How to play as you wanna say doll clothes don't leave. I. She liked how we disagree on policy in some instances but I'm gonna miss her because I think that she's a family woman I think she's been a role model for what a First Lady should be. She's been classy she's sophisticated she's respectful. And no matter what your policy is out what you're trying to surrender what you believe and your job as a first ladies to be representative of what this country means to people around the world I I'm proud to have whereas my Presley on the. And she'd raise good kids you know they're great famine there isn't R&B singer frank else's fashion choice apparently flipped some people out. Because he was wearing band it's apparent check a boy advance and he was LO would this suspect thought. Now that. Good yeah. I can tell you at almost all the affairs I've gone to at the White House. In my downs. I've had on sneakers. Because it's more comfortable and you don't want to have to parade I didn't want to have to parade around on. Spikes so I totally get he's comfortable he looks good and they good big goal together because he's black and white checked. White shirt black pants come on now it's a law. Yeah I am sick and it shouldn't matter what the cost of issue that it's an expense issue when I got beat up sneaker. Didn't you can't Astec. The style helped pull with what people upset that that was my hands work. Inexpensive. Now they're saying the fifty dollar shill. So why sell it that was fat I like good haven't yet. I like I like that about him that he lied in the shoes he lied to whether there are fifty dollars are or 500 dollars in revenue went up to when I write about it I think sometimes when people have many people expect them to. Spending on clothing and shoes and expect them to Wear expensive jeans because they had was good times expensive doesn't know what to walk around. Just doesn't work sometimes you know what than the spot on the ship. Don't I'm not. You know eleven bargain model I Ol Bart. And I do love a bargain.

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{"id":42917900,"title":"Michelle Obama Stuns at Last State Dinner in Sparkling Gown","duration":"2:51","description":"The president and first lady host their last state dinner at the White House looking fabulous.","url":"/Politics/video/michelle-obama-stuns-state-dinner-sparkling-gown-42917900","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}