Obama and Boehner: From Smiles to Setbacks

Can the leaders' "cordial relationship" survive tension from the government shutdown?
1:08 | 10/07/13

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Transcript for Obama and Boehner: From Smiles to Setbacks
President and I have a very good relationship. When Jon tells -- something he means it. We talk about golf club we'll talk about our -- -- after only a lot of is a person of color and as a the president and I've got to know each -- pretty well over the course of the last week we've always had a cordial relationship -- until. Sometime. Early today when I couldn't get a phone call -- term. But he knows what my phone number is all we have to do was call that I'm happy that negotiations -- talked to the president earlier tonight. I'm knocked him negotiate. I'm market negotiator hold about. All of vote right now you're not going to pass a cleaned -- -- Hundred titles of president there's no way we're gonna -- doesn't. Apparently want -- -- -- government shutdown and the ball and abraxis this fight was gonna come one way or the other. It's almost as if -- to groups of people. From two different planets. Could barely understand each other but I don't I don't believe that that are. Relationship was permanently damage.

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{"id":20498111,"title":"Obama and Boehner: From Smiles to Setbacks","duration":"1:08","description":"Can the leaders' \"cordial relationship\" survive tension from the government shutdown?","url":"/Politics/video/obama-boehner-smiles-setbacks-20498111","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}