Obama Concerned About Republican Candidates' Approach to Climate Change

The president urges the American people to choose his successor carefully based on a wide range of issues.
5:11 | 02/16/16

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Transcript for Obama Concerned About Republican Candidates' Approach to Climate Change
The couple weeks ago you told our that ultimately not win the presidency do you now hoping that he will not win the nomination as well. And we have moved you know brokers. I think good foreign observers are troubled. Some of the rhetoric that's been taking place and his Republican primaries. And Republican base. I don't think it's restricted by the where mr. trump. I uninteresting that everybody's focus on proper religious because he says in more interest in ways what. The other candidates are saying as well. There's only so he today. I'll be ending in an anti Muslim sentiment but if you look at what. The other Republican handlers. Root problems are. He pain expressed strong anti immigration sentiment but it. You've heard it from the other as well you're you've got a group sponsored a bill. I support it. Finally solving integration problem in his runway promise as a they're all. And I climate change I think that's troubling to the international me. So as the science is unequivocal. And there'll be other countries around the world may kind of count on the United States. Being on the side of science. And reason. And common sense. Because they don't if V the United States does not act on big. Problems in Smart ways. Nobody will. But this is not just mr. Perot. Look at the statements that are being made by Republicans. There's not a single candidate. And Republican primary. That things we shouldn't do anything about arms. Nothing to serious. That's a problem Russell wrote. Most of happiness is how badly. Wholly continue to speculate on how this Allred is gonna go. I continue to witnessed our problem not be present. And the reason is because I have a lot of hate me American. I think they recognize that. Being president as a serious. It's not. Hosting a talk show. Or reality show. It's not promotion. I marketing. It's hard. And lot of people count on us getting it right. And it's not a matter of pandering and an indoor and whatever. Will issue here. In the news on any given night and sometimes requires you making hard decisions even when people don't like it. And when things are unpopular. And standing up for people were vulnerable but don't have some. Powerful political concessions. And requires being able to. Work would leaders around the world. A way that reflects. The importance of the office. And gives people confidence. You know the facts. And you know hurricanes. And you know where there are Matt. Knows from another history. And I just gonna play there the crowd back home. Because they have their own crowds back home you're trying to solve problems. And so it earned harbors evil man and they expressed themselves it seems like entertainment and often times reported. It is like at a time but. As you get closer. Reality has a way even through. And he's the folks. Who were who I have faith. Eight also there to save murders she and worms and right now. As the nuclear program. And ordered 41 year rolls. Into a firefight. And estimation were. The banking system doesn't collapse. And is often responsible for not just. The United States of America but when the other countries that are having big problems are all on a partner gonna. He Moroccan prostitute is something. Merger or presents. And I think we'll make. A sensible frozen. Arc.

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{"id":36987213,"title":"Obama Concerned About Republican Candidates' Approach to Climate Change","duration":"5:11","description":"The president urges the American people to choose his successor carefully based on a wide range of issues.","url":"/Politics/video/obama-concerned-republican-candidates-approach-climate-change-36987213","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}