Obama Focuses on Striking a Broader Budget Deal

The president speaks at the White House after signing bill to end the government shutdown.
1:21 | 10/17/13

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Transcript for Obama Focuses on Striking a Broader Budget Deal
Furloughed workers returned to the White House today greeted by the chief of staff. With the federal government back up and running President Obama turned his attention to striking a broader budget deal with congress. We should sit down and pursue a balanced approach to -- responsible but. A budget that grows are coming faster. And shrinks our long term deficits -- Mr. Obama got almost everything he wanted in the bill congress passed in the government shut down and prevent financial default. But the agreement is short term. Federal funding will run out again on January 15 in the country will reach the debt limit again on February 7. They have to do something fairly quickly to try to reach agreement again even after this agreement yesterday. At the capitol this morning bipartisan budget negotiators met over breakfast to work on a broader deal before the new deadlines hit. We're -- fine -- -- -- -- common -- hard job over the next eight weeks is to find out what we can agree on but despite polls showing the GOP getting most of the blame for the shut down. Tea Party Republicans are emboldened in gearing up for another fight over spending and obamacare. It was a remarkable victory -- pounds. In gauge any profile in courage Republican and democratic budget chairs may be here at the capitol working today but the rest of congress is taking a break. -- Bradley ABC news capitol.

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{"id":20599825,"title":"Obama Focuses on Striking a Broader Budget Deal","duration":"1:21","description":"The president speaks at the White House after signing bill to end the government shutdown.","url":"/Politics/video/obama-focuses-striking-broader-budget-deal-20599825","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}