Obama Holds Press Conference With Tanzania Leader, Praises Bush

Credited former President George W. Bush for saving lives by creating PEPFAR program for AIDS relief
35:10 | 07/01/13

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Transcript for Obama Holds Press Conference With Tanzania Leader, Praises Bush
This is a special report from ABC news. Hello untie Hernandez in New York of the ABC news digital special report President Obama and the first family arrived in Tanzania this morning. The third and last country on the president's tour of African nations. There President Obama just finished a meeting with Tanzania's president later he'll discuss trade and business leaders. -- his wife. For an official state dinner tomorrow and -- and president joint appearance of the president and former presidents George Bush and he can't decide of the deadly 1998 US embassy bombing to lay a wreath in memory of those who lost their lives there. We now have in the president's taking -- -- the podium let's listen. -- in addition to Tanzania. I think he was a prison for accepting my invitation to visit Tanzania. People of Tanzania -- We have -- out fighting -- warmth. There's never been -- -- -- by head of state to Tanzania. That is set destructive. Such big crowds. Like that one. The first one of these kinds thank. You coming. It's -- president. -- again -- she's enjoyed excellent. Relations. We see eye to eye on amending. Regional and global issues. We have we've been receiving. You but I was supports. You know development and -- -- as. -- I -- so that people Tanzania. -- different today -- in minute ways to support and engaging from the United States of America. Some books in health care. Sports and education. We had a -- has made many people. Many lives will be saved. Communication many young man and we -- of Tanzania and a kitchen edition. It's important food security. Nutrition security. He's increasing attributing testing as a prostitute process efficiencies from -- Minority gets in there with regards to race. Support infrastructure development. -- that road six. No electricity. No want to six. As many many Tanzanians. Get these services. Each otherwise we will not give -- give him getting. Mail -- programs like the -- and tenants. -- Have filed -- CJV aids. Many area. And -- -- -- point -- -- of the future. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- for forty nutrition security. He's had proven to be very useful. In supporting that -- -- ten points. -- president. -- -- Many fruitful discussions. Discussed many. Many issues. Of mutual interest and mutual consent. To gain. I would say. Prison when people come. In the words. Of support -- -- official talks. And readiness to continue to support -- and in our development -- us. Because a long way. -- assuring us. He knew. And the United States. We have it to a friend indeed some prison well thank you so thank. Thank you so much president -- -- for your very kind words and for the incredible welcome -- I've received here and -- along. Business is my first visit to Tanzania. But. I feel special connection to this country. Obviously my family's. My -- -- from East Africa they spent some time actually in Tanzania. And so. The love Michelle my and the girls have felt so on our rival want to -- you. I love this reciprocated. And then given back and return so about -- and -- present equipped there was the first after we are welcome to the White House -- of office. I was pleased -- -- Washington last year for the launch of our. New alliance on food security and as the president indicated we had excellent discussions today. Our visits and work together reflect the long relationship between our countries and our -- commitment to the development and the dignity of the people of Tanzania. My visit comes on the fiftieth anniversary of a key moment in our relationship when president Kennedy welcomed to the White House the father of your nation. President Julius -- Tanzania was one the first countries to welcome peace corps. That spirit of friendship continues. -- and is a close partner as the president indicated on almost all our major development initiatives. And this reflects our confidence and the people of Tanzania. -- to -- the right steps Tanzania has the potential to unlock new economic growth not only in this country but all across East Africa. For example tens of millions continue to work to strengthen their democracy. Parliament opposition groups civil society groups and -- journalists are all doing there. Their part to events -- good governance and transparency upon which democracy and prosperity depend. And I want to commend. President equipment on your reform efforts to strengthen. Institutions. Improve the delivery of basic services and make government more responsive. To Tanzania people. -- and I also want to salute you. And president. Chain. Of Zanzibar and Tanzania people for marketing. On a vital constitutional process that will determine the future of this nation and its democracy. The president equipped and I agreed to keep tackling -- -- of greater economic growth starting with the sector where the vast majority intensity and work commencement agricultural sector. As has been mentioned -- -- Steve future program. Has -- -- work together to help more than 141000 farmers here to better manage their crops and increase their yields by almost 50%. That means higher incomes and a -- The families and communities to greater prosperity and we're very proud of the work we've done -- the Tanzanian government. We discussed the importance of creating opportunities for Tanzania -- And I'm hopeful that young men and women here will apply for the new fellows program that I've. Announced this week so that we can partner with them as we seek new ways to serve. Working with the young people. Their communities and to help them start new companies and create new jobs. I want to congratulate Tanzania on. Nearing completion of the largest millennium challenge compact in the world which -- benefited millions of -- Mims we have new roads and improved access to water. And electricity and -- and is also one of the first four countries selected for our partnership for growth. And -- investments in key areas new and improved roads reforms to the energy sector that can help lift people up out of poverty and -- economic growth. And I'm also pleased that sense and is going to be one of the first participants in the new effort that I announced yesterday power Africa. What its goal of doubling access to electricity. This will mean more. Doesn't mean more reliable and affordable electricity for more -- millions and it's something that we want to spread all across the continent. Later today they'll be announcing another initiative to improve trade -- them within Africa starting here with the east African community. On health we're gonna continue our efforts which are saving lives. Here in Tanzania were working together we've seen dramatic decreases. In malaria and child deaths in part because the support the we've been able to provide. Fewer people are being infected with HIV more people are being treated were reaching more than one point two million -- with care and support -- -- -- Recruiting more than 500000. Vulnerable children and orphans so we're gonna keep up that fight. Regionally I think president -- -- -- Tanzania's can't contribution to security including its peacekeepers. In Darfur and the Congo. On the Congo we agreed that all parties need to implement their commitments under the framework for peace. That armed groups need to lay down their arms and human rights abusers need to be held accountable. And -- very much want to commend present equipment as well for the leadership role disease played. In the Southern African Development Community on the issues and -- We -- -- have -- threats and intimidation of citizens are unacceptable must stop and that further reforms are needed. To create the conditions for free fair and credible elections will put. Zimbabwe on a path of success. And prosperity. And finally we discuss an issue -- inseparable from. Africa is identity and prosperity and that's its wildlife. Tourists from around the world including the United States come here. Especially to Tanzania to experience its natural beauty and its national parks and that's obviously an important part of the. Economy of this country. But poaching and trafficking is threatening. -- -- -- so today I issued a new executive order to better organize US government efforts in this fight so that we can cooperate. Further with -- Tanzania government and others and this includes. Additional millions of dollars to help countries across the region build their capacity to meet this challenge because it. The entire world has a stake in making sure that we preserve. Africa's beauty for future generations so. Again Mr. President thank you so much for your leadership. And for your commitment to the partnership between our two nations we've covered a lot of ground today. One last point -- I need to make and that is the president by horrible basketball fans. We did not. We -- not discuss Hasheem. The -- Who who plays in the NBA but maybe next time -- -- have a chance to talk about itself. A something. Excellence is thank you very -- for -- accident relaxed. And now with the appropriation. -- open the front of the media. -- mission -- -- as lessons question he played in by himself myself. Tell us -- -- mean you -- creation can ask a question. The flies open. -- My name he speeds I mean you came in from -- live music. My question is from both of you -- and we that the -- Obama. -- -- I you'll satisfy -- that aids. Two countries provide to Tanzania. Is based charity that things. -- which goes to Britain and if you quit. Do you believe that you days US eight. He's doing enough. To -- our country -- -- vessel it's. Well. You don't not only do I think trip. What we're doing is. Important. We have proof. US assistance is making a difference. Because of our programs you've reduced. Incidence of malaria. Because of our programs you. Reduce child. An infant mortality. Because of our programs are roads that are being built here farmers losing problems. Would better yields and are better able to get them to market because of new roads. You know the MCC I think -- been so successful here intensity of that phase one. Is near completion and I know that Tanzania is going to be eligible for. Applying for phase two. And when it comes to power Africa the new program that I'm announcing. I think there's enormous potential. Here in Tanzania. To start getting electricity out into villages rural areas. More reliable service that -- power manufacturing. Power new businesses which creates more jobs creates more demand. And we can do it using clean energy and not just some of the traditional sources. Now what what I would -- news and I've said this throughout Africa. We are looking at a new model. That's based not just on aid and assistance but on trade and partnership. And an increasingly what we want to do is use whatever. Monies. That we're providing. To build capacity. So we don't want to just provide medicine we want to help build the health infrastructures. That -- Tanzania's. Two. Improve their overall health systems. We don't want to just. Provide food. We want to increase food self sufficiency. When it comes to power were not just building. Power plants ourselves. -- working with. The various governments that are involved. To think about what -- the laws and regulations. Better required to sustain it. And how -- we -- leverage the private sector to put more money and so -- were coming up with 78 billion dollars of US government money on our power Africa program but we're also already. Obtaining about nine billion dollars worth of commitments. From the private sector so. -- Ultimately. The goal here is for Africa to build. Africa for Africans. And our job is to be a partner in that process. And -- and it has been one of our best parts. I think -- on the issue of satisfied we -- -- -- -- Ditka who should have been asked me. MCC. Has been -- great assistance. From the -- -- government and the people of Tanzania. There are 3336. To see -- is they don't -- And -- worst -- about MCC is that we decide. On the -- upland areas by the success that we need assistance. Pretty even we -- blown way -- For example in the case of roads. Roads that you have strong women who we talk to -- -- -- -- When a treaty to support -- Madeleine. -- Is going to be supports. On roads. Icing. Makes titans -- It's what Americans are going to see -- does that mean he's using you need these -- -- We give him on. Thus Tanzanians -- -- Tanzanians no. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it's. Which we chose those -- because these -- Judy. Eden our bread basket idiots. -- sort of get the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is that we towards the US -- test increased what -- upright to got to sell out. It was under -- To put he's now being implemented. We their -- CT we say to -- biggest problems. He's. -- -- -- Four people in -- areas. The US are trying. -- -- greatest ten regions of Tanzania. Cover your electricity has increased from 10%. To -- 1%. It's phenomenal increase. So I want to underscore. The fact that and I'm satisfied with the support from -- And since. He's been doing is he's he was doing enough. -- this is -- -- looked. But -- -- -- a they've done enough. Then the -- did -- -- into my new human -- requests. But so far so good. This promoted ahead has declined by over -- 2%. Infant mortality rates have -- It's -- V infections have declined. The -- PM DCT. Prevention of mother to -- transmission. -- -- -- Borne by HIV infected mothers. -- three. Of the disease. More people are now. -- the US have supported us with a look to me and -- And today. I asked the president we want another who have proven formula and this is -- talk to her. -- and I've seen from their faces me being an agreement to the prison. So that we did when it comes to science and mathematics books. Would have every Tanzanian -- -- -- -- -- Of peaceful powerful. Consideration is that out of committee 51. Now are used for -- one to mideast is endless. We have a lot of supports the very appreciative of the very thankful. -- -- helped change the lives of all people. You pick and -- please. The first question from the American. Press corps is from Jonathan Karl of ABC. Mr. President. President quit -- thank you very much Mr. President the scenes in Egypt suggest. That -- and more seen as Muslim Brotherhood government lost the support of the Egyptian people. What we saw similar protesting its Mevorach you called on Mubarak to step down. By all accounts these protests are even bigger. So my question is is it time for more seats ago. And does any of this cause you to reconsider the hundreds of millions of dollars even billions of dollars in aid the United States gives. More -- government. And president could quite if I can ask you actually -- the view ought to comment on the significance. Of president Obama's trip here to Africa and the fact that tomorrow. We will see and what I believe is a first of two US presidents President Bush and President Obama. Together in a public appearance here in Tanzania. Obviously we're all concerned about what's -- and Egypt and we've been monitoring it very closely. Our commitment to Egypt. Has never been. Around any particular individual or party our commitment has been to a process. And but when when I took a position. That it was time for Egypt to transition. It was based on the fact that Egypt have not had democratic government. For decades if ever. And that's what the people were calling for. They went through an election process that by all accounts were. Legitimate. And mr. Morse who was elected and the US government's attitude has been we would deal with a democratically elected. Government. What we've also -- is that democracy is not just about elections it's also about -- you working with -- opposition how do you treat. Dissenting voices how do you treat minority groups. And what is clear right now is that. Although mr. -- -- was elected democratically there's more work to be done. Create the conditions in which everybody feels that their voices are heard. And that. The government is responsive and truly representative and so what we've encouraged the government to do -- to reach out to -- opposition and work through these issues. In a political process it's not the US is job to determine what that processes. But what we have -- Go through process -- that are legitimate. And observe rule of law. Now obviously we've been watching. These big protests are number one priorities -- making sure that our embassies and consulates are protected. Number two what we promised consistently insisted on is that. All parties involved whether it's members of mr. Morse whose party or the opposition that they remain peaceful. And although we have not seen. The kind of violence that. Many had feared so far. Potential remains there and everybody has to show restraint I should add by the way we have seen many reports of women being assaulted. In these protests and for those who. Are participating. In these protests -- marches. Assaulting women does not qualify as peaceful protests. So were gonna continue to work with all parties inside of -- try to channel this through. Legal legitimate. Processes. But. I do think that if the situation is -- -- resolve itself. For the benefit of Egypt over the long term. Then all the parties there have to step back from maximal us positions democracies don't work. When everybody says it's the other person's fault and I -- -- 100% of what I want. And you know the good thing about the United States and other mature democracies -- you work through. Processes and that force come from -- And those get institutionalized but look you know we've we've had 200 plus years of practice -- -- is still new in Egypt. And so they're gonna have to work through these things. The key is making sure they don't work through them and -- in a violent fashion. But our positions always been it's not our job to Jews who Egypt's leaders are. We do want to make sure that all the voices are heard. And it's done in a peaceful way. I know you directed against the question of present -- -- about my -- with President Bush tomorrow. And -- first lady's going to be seeing Laura Bush I think there's just and another opportunity for me to reiterate what I -- -- -- yesterday when we -- and HIV. Aids clinic. That has saved lives because of the US -- 44 the President Bush started. I think it -- one of his crowning achievements. Because of the commitment. Of the bush administration and the American people. Millions of people's lives have been saved. And -- anti retroviral drugs have been made available to people who didn't have them before and they even if there were infected with the disease could look forward to. A decent life. Children have been able to avoid infection because of that work. And we've continued that work and we are gonna continue that work. The one thing I I I do think is worth mentioning. Is that. There's been some suggestion that somehow we've reduced our commitment there. The fact of the matter is is that we are serving. Four times the number of people. Today than we were when kept far first began. But because we've gotten better at it more -- that it. We're doing at a reduced cost. And then we're not taking their money out of global health what we're doing -- were putting it back in -- things like tuberculosis. And malaria alleviation. Which is making sure that more people's lives are saved because HIV aids is not the only disease. That. Is affecting people here in Africa. And and you have public health crises in some of these other areas as well but. The of this indicates how timely prepare for program was. And the bipartisan support that it has received. Has been extraordinary. And and President Bush deserves enormous credit for that and so. I'm looking forward to being able. On African -- To once again thank him on behalf of the American people for showing how. American generosity and foresight. Could end up making a real difference in people's lives. Job that I I've -- you know your numbers. On US aid to Egypt. You were a little bit imprecise. -- we have some regular assistance we provide -- we have some. But the way we make decisions about assistance to Egypt is based on are they in fact following. Rule of law and democratic procedures and we don't make those decisions. Just -- and counting the number of heads. In a protest march. But we do. Make decisions based on whether or not a government is listening to. The opposition. Maintaining a free press maintaining. Freedom of assembly. Not using violence or intimidation. Conducting. Fair and free elections and those kinds of things were examining. And we -- rejection government very hard on those issues. He's presents Obama is these significant. You've been watching a special reports President Obama Clinton's appearance with the president of Tanzania and Japan keep -- -- the president they -- responding a couple of questions by our Jonathan Karl in Britain and get into that with our political director Rick Klein. Who is joining us now at a -- little -- about president's comments and his trip. Good morning Rick let's start out with the first US. Journalist's question -- thrown out there the president responding to the protests in Egypt. That's right Jonathan Karl our colleague -- covers the White House for ABC asking. The U looking at those scenes right now in Egypt there -- more than what we saw against the Mubarak regime so what point or at this point does the US now say. It's time for -- see his successors ago. Through another although -- chemistry democratically elected and the president's response -- -- telling there because. He did -- say that he stands by the current Egyptian regime but to a point he says first of all. It wasn't about Mubarak as a person is about a process that led to him we're glad that now we have a democratically elected. Government there are so there's no indication that the US gonna cut ties -- -- on that regime but he did say that democracy is not just don't want. Democracy is not listening to the voices of protest democracy certainly isn't. Cracking down violently on protesters including women. So I think a message -- for the Egyptian government that US patience is not unlimited a clear signal that we're watching developments there protecting our our interests in Egypt. This story is getting worse by the day right now President Obama though. Making clear that he stands by the current regime not going to be asking for them to step aside but putting a little -- a public pressure on them to make sure. They do what they can to contain these scenes. And Rick the president also asked about -- big appearance tomorrow with his predecessor. George Bush and they will be meeting. At the site of the embassy bombing back in 1990 and -- -- the president. Paying tribute to his predecessor -- speaking very warmly at George -- That's right it's one of those areas were present Obama loves the heap praise on President Bush and a lot of President Bush's detractors in the international -- community. Are among those who say you know what on this one he stepped up how far the president's emergency. A funny program for aids in Africa. Is it was it a brainchild of President Bush he pushed forward he fought for in congress is delivered billions of dollars in continues to this -- deliver. That money. Two to Africa and it is being an enormous success in terms of changing lives saving lives everywhere this that he did President Bush goes in -- these days -- is greeted as a hero President Obama sometimes is heard from protestors and is that you wish you were more like. President Bush there's been some -- to the funding since their high point in the mid 2000 easily to thousands as the recession has -- -- As other other priorities are proud -- it out in congress or President Obama calling it one of the crowning achievements of his predecessor's term you don't hear that very often. I don't know that there are any other crowning achievements according to Reza Obama about what President Bush did but this is an area of agreement so we'll have this this unique. Site tomorrow of these two president's successors in political rivals and so many ways. Appearing in the same country on the same day jointly that at this memorial for the embassy bombing victims of 1998. You also have the first ladies at first the former First Lady Laura Bush and the current First Lady Michelle Obama appearing together in Tanzania so. -- interest things setting an interesting site for the coming together of two very formidable political class. And essentially the president is wrapping up this week his three country tour of Africa what does the president hope to accomplish during this trial. The big that they take away is a signal of creation with Africa he's been frustrated. Personally not have been able to spend more time on the continent only 24 hours or less than 24 hours in a very quick trip a few years ago he had not been back as president there's a historical significance and we're seeing scenes throughout Africa of of President Obama being. Viewed as one of theirs they are very cognizant of the fact that he is African American we've seen scenes of streets being renamed for him schools being named for him. And in this laboratory at -- years -- across the continent when he arrives. And it's just another level than when he was there as it as -- -- as -- -- the people knew the significance then. But he wasn't of course the president yet so there's that piece of it and then again getting back to the piece of of re engagement is a sense in Africa often it. That the US just doesn't care about what's going on that continent does it's about what putting some money out of -- putting some pressure on them said. To me show you -- -- with US interests of the president to spend this amount of time. In these key countries to be think -- his his strong allies. And the other big thing this thing going on throughout -- -- of course is the health of Nelson Mandela we know it's been tenuous it seems a little bit more stabilized and has been in the last few days. President President Obama meeting with Mandela's family while he was -- -- -- did not meet with. I'm mr. Mandela himself who is quite ill and Alan so a sense of celebration of his life and legacy. Is his life draws to a close. And I believe the president in lieu of visiting with Mandela himself which -- without the family's request. I did pay tribute by visiting Robben Island for example where Mandela had been held. And he certainly made it clear that he was paying tribute to the former president. That's right this was the backdrop for this entire trip the world turning its -- Africa at the South Africa in particular. Given the health of Mandela one of the that the -- towering figures of this or any other generation and a personal connection for President Obama. Who is as a young black man who watched that example and said that inspired him to get its leadership so there is a strong and important connection here that I think -- visit his budget showed serve the highlight. You know before you took his trip there is a lot of buzz about the cost of the trip some estimates about a hundred million dollars is that. Stuck in terms of criticism of the president. I don't think it has you know I've heard it with about every president anytime they don't want any kind of a trip of course it -- a lot of money for the president's ago he can't just go buy and sell on a net saver. He's got a he's got to go on Air Force One he has a huge. A contingent of security for personnel of diplomatic folks that have to travel with -- of traveling press corps. Once -- in a foreign country of course the security costs alone are. Are -- are astronomical so if you -- gonna have the president United States travel abroad he's going to incur costs and I think that's just something that is. Part of what we do I remember these precise stories coming out. When President Bush was making these -- and had Democrats kind of -- of the -- Value of Republican stirring the pot the other direction I think you just -- that kind of factor that into the equation is that it is going to ask them. When a president travels crossed across the border into any other country -- Before we go let's just show one last photograph these trips to of course a mix of diplomacy and fun we have a picture of the first family. Dance saying I believe and you know have a good time we also see the president letting loose with the first family on the -- As -- -- bomb as an -- is in South Africa the other day and again just celebrating what this what this particular family needs just to so many in Africa to have an African American family -- to have. President Obama was dad with his very strong African roots himself. It is it makes it special I think those sights and sounds that you see are things that that they linger on in countries that that we need to get along with -- quite a long time. All right Rick -- ABC news political director thank you so much for joining us. Thank you aren't even watching ABC news special digital report we're not gonna return to regular programming. This has been a special group. Report from me.

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