President Obama Cancels Moscow Summit With Putin

The Russian president will not receive a visit after granting asylum to NSA-leaker Edward Snowden.
1:37 | 08/07/13

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Transcript for President Obama Cancels Moscow Summit With Putin
US Russian relations have recently been strained. And the Kremlin's decision last week to give -- -- -- Edwards noting temporary asylum fueled the flames. The White House announced that President Obama will not meet one on one with president Vladimir Putin next month when -- in Russia for an international summit. The White House said in a statement that there wasn't enough progress on the US Russian agenda to justify a meeting. But there's also this Russia's disappointing decision to grant Edwards -- temporary asylum was also act. There there's a law breaker -- alleged lawbreakers. In their country we evaluate -- and we try to work with them. They didn't do that. With us those -- president Obama's first comments about -- asylum -- is also candid about his relationship with president -- -- the truth is that. When we have meetings we can have some pretty blunt exchanges -- an animated exchanges President Obama was facing significant political pressure at home from Republicans and Democrats. Russia has stabbed us in the back. Russian officials from who -- on down had said repeatedly that they didn't think the -- situation should affect the US Russian relationship. But American officials thought otherwise. Obama had to be more confident that there is going to be some real deliverables out of the summit I think that just made the calculation that the summit was -- -- -- -- -- deliver. And that it wasn't going to be worth the the kinds of criticism that he was gonna face at home. The Russians and they're disappointed there'll be no Obama Clinton meeting. And the imitation is still on the table Karen Travers ABC news Washington.

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{"id":19894964,"title":"President Obama Cancels Moscow Summit With Putin","duration":"1:37","description":"The Russian president will not receive a visit after granting asylum to NSA-leaker Edward Snowden.","url":"/Politics/video/president-obama-cancels-moscow-summit-with-putin-19894964","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}