President Obama Remarks on Economy

President Obama attempts to refocus immigration issues to the economic recovery.
51:25 | 07/10/14

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Transcript for President Obama Remarks on Economy
Competing protests on the US Mexican border. But UFC President Obama down there are he says it would be a cheap photo op Republican opponents meanwhile say he's not doing -- job. Hello I'm Michelle Franzen in New York we will hear from the president -- getting top billing on the marquee at the Paramount theater. In Austin, Texas in just a few minutes first though -- go to our Karen Travers in Washington Karen. Good afternoon Michelle President Obama is in Texas still today but as you said he is not heading down to the US southern border yesterday he said he's not a political theater he wants to come up with a solution. And the way to do that is for congress to approve the nearly four billion dollars he's asked sport. To fix things there and to address that surge of unaccompanied minors. Today house speaker John Boehner did not indicate that congress with any closer to taking that up in fact he was very fired up Michelle and he said. When I'm gonna give the president a blank check. President Obama's still in Texas today with no plans to visit the southern border -- not -- in. Photo ops I'm interest in -- -- -- That problem is the growing crisis due to the surge of unaccompanied minors crossing illegally. Many fleeing violence in crime back home in Central America. Texas governor Rick Perry has been highly critical of how the Obama administration's handled it calling it a failure of leadership. The president and -- chatted one on one for about a half an hour yesterday conversations the president described as constructive. There's nothing that the governor indicated he'd like to see. That I have a philosophical objection to. Earlier this week the White House asked congress for three point seven billion dollars to address the border issue. Roughly half of that one point eight billion would be set aside to care for the unaccompanied minors. Most of the remaining money will go to beefed up border security and law enforcement. But congress needs to approve it. And yesterday President Obama made a hard sell the supplemental offers them the capacity to vote. Immediately to get it done the president also urged Texas lawmakers to step up and rally support. Today Republican senator John Cornyn and democratic -- Henrik ER. Will -- joint legislation that would reverse a 2008 law that requires deportation hearings before sending back miners from countries that do not. -- the US. That would certainly speed up deportations Michelle but it is also very controversial. And it will be very controversial especially among Democrats -- so parents despite all the talking both in person across the airwaves no real progress though of any kind on an actual immigration deal. Not at all immigration reform in general that big big thing that the parties have been talking about no chance they can't even agree at this point on funding this emergency request from the president and both sides of course are saying well look want to get past this once we get past this immediate crisis. We can talk about the big picture but there are so many issues just with this immediate crisis. Democrats are saying that Republicans need to approve this and get on it quickly Republicans say the president. Need to send more National Guard troops and spend more money on the protection of the border I think if you just look at where they are right now the president and the White House are calling this emergency funding. He requested this earlier in the week -- we aren't Thursday John Boehner showing no signs. Getting it to the floor very quickly in fact he said it's gotta go through the Appropriations Committee. And immigration working group -- -- you know how Washington works once you start talking about working groups. There's really no sense of urgency to get something on the table Michelle a lot of back and forth for sure ABC's Karen Travers in Washington thank you. Did the White House now and ABC's Mary Bruce Mary let's. Begin down in Texas President Obama finally -- -- taking this meeting with governor Rick Perry very little common ground -- on how to fix this mess. So why politically. Did both sides -- -- that. Well it missing because the Governor Perry of course has been slamming the president recently. -- -- this is all his fault to begin with slamming the way that he's handling this crisis. But the president has been getting a lot of heat is Karen mentioned for not visiting the border. -- meeting with -- is a bit of a compromise to show that he does your republicans' concerns that he's willing to address them head on. He spent nearly two hours with Governor Perry yesterday about half an hour that was meeting one on one and when he came -- to speak to reporters afterwards the president -- look. I really -- disagreement here with Governor Perry on the big philosophical issues here the problem he said not surprisingly is congress and they need to go ahead an active -- this is gonna get solved Michelle. And things are heating up earlier today house speaker Boehner was again asked. One house Republicans plan to do about the immigration issue let's listen -- his response. So this is a problem of the president's own making. He's been president for five and a half years it's gonna take responsibility for something off. Mary what is the key difference between what Republicans want and what the president is pushing for. Well the finger pointing is certainly alive and well -- Washington now despite all of that both sides do agree that something have to be done to address this. Urgent humanitarian crisis. But of course the devil is always in the -- -- now the president has put forward this roughly four billion dollar request for emergency funding now half of that would go to take care. Of these upwards of 50000 unaccompanied minors that are now in the US the other half would go towards border security. Republicans of course disagree with a lot of that they want to see more funding go towards border security lot of Republicans putting. -- the idea that there should be members of the National Guard sent down to the border so. We'll have to see how these deep yells get worked out but at least at a starting point they agree that something has to be done and you know -- and even -- something that's hard to come -- -- And let's talk about what is going on at the border gives us more details about the unaccompanied minors kids coming. And where they're coming from because while they're crossing the Mexican border many of them are coming from a lot farther away. That's right this is a massive influx of unaccompanied children some as young. As toddlers that are coming across the border and while they are coming from Mexico as you mentioned. Many of them originate from Central American countries and that's where this becomes a much more difficult issue to deal with because the laws written in such as such -- Children that come from Mexico are treated slightly different than children that come from Central American countries and that's why. This the administration is now asking for a little bit more leeway in terms of how the federal laws interpreted so that they can go ahead and -- -- -- this crisis as I mentioned it's. Upwards of 52000. Children that are here in the US that is a lot of children to care for. But -- have to deal with the root causes here in this White House is trying to deal that as well a lot of these children are coming from very violent countries. They're being smuggled in -- part of large smuggling rings in many cases so. The president is trying to deal with the crisis here but also send a message loud and clear to those countries to parents. Do not send your children here at this is it dangerous journey and once they're in the US they are not likely to stay here. Very -- -- -- to Germany now where there is more diplomatic discomfort today who are the Germans kicking out of the country and why. They Germans are frustrated with the US and they are making that loud and clear in a very public way. Germany today is kicking out the top US intelligence official in Germany. And this is essentially -- back for the fact it. They Germans are frustrated and upset with these recent allegations that the US has been recruiting spies within Germany. The Germans now want some serious clarification and some very series explanations from this administration they're not satisfied with what they're getting so far and now. They're making a public push for more. But keep in mind in Germany is one of the US's closest allies so this is a big problem for this administration and something that they're gonna have to address and and that's talk about that has the White House commented about this and when did the president find out. While the White House -- comment so far has been no comment. They don't comment on these kinds of intelligence matters and I doubt that's going to change any time soon but we should -- that any time this administration has been asked about this in the last few days. They have made a very. Important point of pointing out that. The US and Russia and Germany to be having very close relationship noting the importance of that relationship and underscoring the fact that. This is an issue that that they are looking into it hoping to resolve but no details -- no specific comments from the White House just. And let's circle back to Texas one more time President Obama to speak on the economy again what. Is this substance behind this latest round of speeches. That's -- the press has been traveling across the country in the last. Couple of weeks delivering what is essentially become his stump speech on the economy -- his polling numbers aren't so well he's now. Well into his second term and he's trying to remind the American people of all of the things that he -- accomplished. Of his economic agenda and I suspect we'll hear him call it -- opportunity agenda all of the steps he plans to take to help boost the middle class get the economy growing. And of course it's an opportunity to slam Republicans once again for not. Taking action turn blocking some of the president's proposals. But this is really chance for the president to say to get back out in the into into the middle of the country and say I hear you I listened to the concerns of average Americans and -- -- -- ABC's Mary Bruce we know you'll be listening thank you live from the White House. Let's go live now to Austin, Texas -- and -- to President Obama. And. I have seen have a safe. Odds it's it's good bit off the text. But please give -- a big round of applause for the -- about. I love Austin, Texas. Every time in the coming years tell you how much I -- I love also. I love the people. I loved barbecue which I'll get right after this. Like music. I got good memories here I got good friend's house don't somebody that the last time I walked. A real -- where I was kind of left alone was an Austin, Texas. Right right right before. The debate here during the primary -- in 20072000. It -- in 2008. And walk along the river. And nobody noticed me in I felt great. And men all the way back -- I did notice me and Secret Service are coming around. But that that that first. First -- was was really good. -- -- so. Let's face I just love lost loved. A lot out. I want to thank AA is proud Texan congressman Sheila Jackson Lee for being here today and we appreciate her. It is great to play at the Paramount. I think up. -- finally. I'm -- last couple of days just getting out of Washington and we started in Colorado. In Denver then went to Dallas and then came out here and and at each stop I've been able to. Just. Meet people on and talk about people's lives their hopes -- dreams. To -- some -- is is Kansas may have mentioned. At the magnolia cafe which was very. It was sponsors -- that suggested there are a bunch folks there. Some some EMT folks were there on -- break after the shift and -- -- -- -- high school kids who. Who were. Who -- getting together they were about to go on a two week long service trip to Peru. Which by the way it reminds you should be optimistic whenever you meet young people because they're -- energy and idealism of so they're going to be the service trip and they were vertigo for two days -- -- much of -- you know the old Inca. Rawlins in Peru and -- -- always wanted to go there. And they -- a couple of us if you want. And us -- have a set we are really tempted but. I think there's some things I gotta do. But I got them in exchange for us healthy with them they promised they would send me a picture of them when they get there -- so. I'm gonna hold them to it we got -- -- and that if I don't get get a of the upset. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I -- apply in person. Because some you may know every day we get. Tens of thousands of letters or correspondence -- -- at the White House. And and ever since. The first day I was an office. What I've asked our correspondent's office to do is to select ten of them for me to read every night. And in in these letters people tell me -- source. They talk about losing the job of finding a job to talk about trying to finance a college education. They talk about. You know challenges because. Maybe -- the children emigrants -- there they're worried about. You know their status. Talk about the hardships are wrong through successes they had. Things they hope for things -- -- are afraid of when it comes to the future and their lives. Sometimes people say thank you for. Some -- -- daughter position I've taken them. Some people say. You're an idiot. And and it's and that's how I know that I'm getting a good representative sampling because. You know. -- fiercer. Our. Less than impressed -- me. So kinsey -- made to tell me about her family. From her mom -- was -- -- school teacher her dad was an engineer. Together obviously where they worked really hard raised a family they were responsible did all the right things. Wherever -- put their kids through college then they lost their jobs. And because they lost their jobs is. You know mid career. Persons. A lot of the -- -- get -- and they're -- start to dwindle kinsey. Works to pay for school but it's not enough. And she told me that she's always been -- passionate about politics and and the issues of the day but after last year's government shut down all the -- half of what her family doesn't seem like anybody in Washington is. Is thinking about them. Fisher wrote -- I became a disgruntled citizens. I felt as if my government my beloved government that's supposed to look out for. The needs of all Americans had failed -- My parents have always supported my siblings and me she wrote. Now it's my turn to help them want to be involved present Obama what can I do so. -- one to me with kinsey a letter know that I've heard her. That I listened to. What was happening when her family and I was thinking about her parents. Nice thing about her her sister's. And and I'm here today because of Kansas and -- and I'm I'm here today because. Of every American who is working their tail off and does everything right and -- believes the American dream. And then just wants a chance to build a decent life for themselves and their fans. And and you. And folks like -- Are the reason I ran for -- in the first place because your lives. -- the lives. What I've listened to kids I think about me and Michelle trying to finance -- college education. You know what I what I think about. -- somebody didn't have health care I think about my mom when she had. Cancer that would ultimately and -- like -- about the age I am now. -- I think about equal pay -- about. My grandmother. Work -- aware that a bank would melt -- -- high school education. Become the vice president bank but. Always been kind of passed over for the next stage by. My men -- less qualified than she once. So the stories that I hear these letters -- my story in the -- story. And the story that we had before. I became senator. Worried about child here. Try to figure out how to. Have. A balanced life so that if you Malia or Sasha got sick you know we could we could take time off from. You know how how how do you manage all that. So so that's why. -- letters are so important. And that's why whenever I'm out of Washington part what I want to do is just to remember. And to connect. -- with your stories so -- you know that what I'm trying to do every single day. It is based on that experience. And and -- -- what I am what I see. What I -- When you see the trajectory of -- -- In some ways it's it's. -- -- A story of of what's happened to America. The crisis in 2008. Heard assault badly. Worst financial presents -- Great Depression. We think about the progress we've made today our business is -- nearly ten million new jobs are over the past 52 months. Are. Housing. Is rebounding our auto industry is booming manufacturing is adding more jobs than any time since the 1990s. The unemployment rate is lowest point it's been since September of 2000. -- dad found a new job that he loves in -- field in the field he was trained for. So a lot of -- said it was because the resilience and hard work of the American people. That's what. That's what happens you know Americans bounce back but some of that there would decisions we made. To build our economy on -- new foundation and then those decisions are paying off. We're more energy independent for the first time nearly twenty years we produce more oil here at home the we buy from abroad. The world. Largest oil and gas producer as if some -- it's not Saudi Arabia it's the United States of America. -- -- We reduced our total carbon pollution over the past eight years more than any country -- -- We've tripled the amount electricity we generate from win. We we we've increased. About a solar energy we have by ten times -- creating jobs across the country and clean energy. In education are high school graduation rate is at a record -- Latino dropout rates been cut in half since 2000. -- -- -- -- The Affordable Care Act has given millions more families peace of mind they won't go. Our deficits been cut by more on the -- We we have come -- -- and recovered faster. Thanks to you. -- just about everything. Other. Nation on -- And soul -- -- -- we've got a lot to be encouraged but. Just -- the story -- of these family. Makes us feel more perched you know for the first time -- -- Decker. Business leaders around the world have said the number one place to invest. Is not China. This the United States of America so we're -- companies bring jobs. So there's no doubt that we are making progress. -- almost every measure we are better off now that we were. When I took office. Factor is. We still got a long way to go. We still got -- -- ago because. While we're -- more jobs faster these first six months of this year than any time since 1999. We don't there's a lot of folks out there were looking for work or looking for -- more full time work or looking for. It better paying agent. Corporate profits are higher than ever. CEOs. Make more never. But you're working harder. Than ever just to get by -- pay -- bills. So as a hold the country is doing better but the problem is that so much of improve productivity and profits. Have ever gone but folks -- very top. And the average. Person their wages and incomes. Haven't really gone up at all. And in some cases haven't kept up with the rising cost of health care college you're all the basic necessities people -- And it's also I'm here to say. That this country is not going to succeed. If just a few -- don't want. This country succeeds when everybody's got to shut. The country does better when the middle class about. -- opportunity. The works here in America. And that's what's at stake right now. Now that's what we're fighting for an opportunity -- -- -- more good jobs. Increased more good wages. Jobs and American manufacturer. Jobs and construction we should be rebuilding. Infrastructure all across America putting people back to work rebuilding roads and bridges. A Smart grid to it to transmit clean energy across the country more efficiently. We -- the jobs of an American energy him. Blessed with an animation. I'm okay on this. Does have that looks like. No -- Fort Worth fighting for an opportunity agenda the trains more workers with the skills to fill the jobs that are being created. -- -- I was taught -- some folks from a community college. Before it came out here. We've learned that if we. Reach out to businesses. And help them design the training programs. In the Community Colleges that when somebody finishes that training they know they can get a job right away. -- -- We're we're fighting for an opportunity agenda that guarantees every child gets a world class education. From the time. They are fully until the time they graduate from college. At work pays off of higher wages. Equal pay for equal work and workplace flexibility. Opportunity. -- -- -- -- What to look like -- way to come from. Work hard. -- work hard and often. -- -- Texas you can. -- That's what we're working for the good news is is that the things that we need to do. -- well within her. Our capabilities are grants. We know we can we -- build roads we don't put people back to work on infrastructure. We know that if we invest in early childhood education every dollar we put -- we get seven dollars back and in fewer drop -- and and fewer teen pregnancies. Fewer folks -- promote justice system. We know if we do some basic things that we -- -- basic changes we'll see more jobs. Faster economic growth lift more -- comes -- -- middle class they are common sense things. They're not that -- We know. It's what we should be don't. What drives me nuts and -- -- drives you nuts. Washington doesn't know what it. And -- and let. Me be clear about why Washington. Is broken. Because sometimes everybody says well you know what. All politicians that same all of the parties Democrats vote that matters you know what Democrats -- -- I promise. I know a lot of. And yes. Every member congress there thinking about you know. I'd like to be reelected -- I like to keep my job but you know that's human nature. We all understand that. But but let me be clear. On the common sense agenda that would help middle class families. Overwhelming number of Democrats are in favor of these things they're in favor minimum wage their favor equal pay -- in favor of -- -- unemployment. Benefits and in favor of infrastructure -- in favor investing in research and development. They're in favor of making college more affordable they've got specific proposals -- willing to compromise they're prepared to go forward. So so when. When folks say -- -- frustrated with congress let's let's be clear about what the problem it. -- still on the -- I don't to run for office against arguments they don't. I want to -- I'm really not that part of this guy -- -- -- is the first Republican president. Guy -- Abraham Lincoln. You look at our history and and we have great Republican presidents who like Teddy Roosevelt started national park system Dwight Eisenhower -- The interstate highway system and up Richard Nixon started -- and this is that the statement I'm making is not a partisan statement and -- statement of fact. So far this year so far this year Republicans and congress. Have blocked or voted down every serious idea to strengthen the middle class. They have said no except -- bowed out because what I want to do is vote. Said -- the fifth night is that no unemployment insurance for hardworking folks. These parents who -- -- their -- never depend on anything and doesn't even -- help to get -- -- They said -- fixing our broken immigration system that we know would strengthen our borders and our business -- Instead of investing in education that -- -- every -- -- to get another massive tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. It's not a great jobs -- rebuilding our infrastructure our roads our bridges airports that help every business. They decide to protect tax loopholes for companies that are shipped jobs -- and profits overseas. The best thing. You can say about this -- Republicans in congress. And particularly the house -- represented the best example on this year is that so far they have not shut down. Or threatened. Well Tom our obligations. And and -- -- -- -- the best you can say but of course it's only July so who knows what. Amendment caught up in the next few months. So even as the Boston policies that would help middle class families. -- keep -- offering these areas of the economy that have failed over and over again. This you know while it would give more tax cuts folks. That's going to be good that if we make fewer investments in things like education everything worked out. If we lose on the rules for big banks and credit card companies and polluters and Sharon insurers. Somehow that's gonna make the economy better. If we shrink the safety net. And -- and cut medicate. And couples stay. It and it and and and make sure that that. Folks were vulnerable and try to get back on their feet. Suffer more hardship. Somehow that's going to improve the economy. Not they believe these think sincerely I assume. That benefited if we do these things. If we just take care folks at the top. Or at least live. We don't empower. Our government to be able to help anybody. That some odd jobs and prosperity will trickle down. And we'll all be better. And that may work just fine for folks of the topic it worked fine for me I don't need government. -- -- -- Michelle now. -- a position where. We very much. Finance -- and such as. College education but I I remember when Michelle's parents couldn't they needed help. And I don't know about you but I don't believe in him in in. -- pulled up a letter once I'm up. I believe extending -- down. The status quo. Certainly works for the special interest in Washington who like things just as they are. They'll -- -- whether congress. Ever passes -- bill again and up. But it doesn't help you. Doesn't help your neighbors doesn't help her friends doesn't help your communities. And what it doesn't just feeds people cynicism about Washington. It just makes people think nothing can happen and people start -- multiples. And we have to. We have to understand. In the face of all the evidence to the contrary to Washington we can do better than we're -- -- We can that we can. What we're doing -- and we know from our history our economy does not blow from the top down -- -- from the middle up. The -- from -- on the big plant in middle class that it broke when we got ladders of opportunity for everybody. God is feeling hopeful and have a chance to do. What they can. Given talents that they have. That's what we're planning for. -- always look for ways. To get brought Republicans and Democrats together in this effort but I'm not I can't stand by. Waited. Partisan gridlock that's the result of cynical political gains. That threatened the hard work of of millions of Americans -- not just gonna stand by and say okay that's. I guess that's the way to us. What ever and wherever I have the power. The legal authority to help families like yours even if congress is not doing anything I won't. Take that opportunity. Try to make something up. Administration's taken more than forty different actions just this year to help -- American's. Because congress. Won't. Congress pop -- to make -- woman gets equal -- works are made more women have the protections they need to fight for. Okay in the workplace. Congress won't act to create jobs in manufacturing or construction. Well -- -- -- hadn't speeded up. Permits for big projects -- -- and new hub to attract more high tech manufacturing jobs to America I want to make sure the next revolution. In manufacturing. Is right here in America it's an American revolution not a German or Chinese revolution -- want to have a right. Austin, Texas. Congress so far has meant to build more young people -- the student loan better. So why -- connected. -- -- Lawful authority to give nearly five million Americans the chance to cap their -- loan payments of 10% of their income so they can manage it better. So they're big on teaching -- on the social work or -- Dolan something and not for profit. That they're not encumbered by mountains -- -- I don't want our future leaders saddled with debt before they start out -- like. Have. And Republicans in congress so far has refused raise workers' wages with a higher minimum wage. So I -- to require that federal contractors pay their employees. A fair wage of at least ten dollars and ten cents an hour. Which would give hundreds of thousands of workers -- -- I -- business owners and governors and mayors and state like slips but -- work what do what you can inaugural I told. Since the first time I ask congress to raise the minimum wage. Congress that -- But thirteen states have gone ahead -- Support our remember our just Huskers. You know folks are always try to -- -- on him. -- me that let the states that have increased their minimum wages. This year have seen higher job growth. The mistakes that have not increased their minimum -- More business owners are choosing to let wages for their workers because they understand that it's. It's going to be good to have productive workers loyal workers. Invested workers. Just yesterday -- about taxes 1000 -- -- met with Carol three. She on sex silver mine sub shop she started her own business you -- Workman UPS. And besides you wanna be a business owner. Got. Her first franchiser her husband mortgage their house eventually they got a SBA loan now she's got six stores wonderful woman. And today. She decided to raise her hourly employees wages to a minimum of ten dollars and ten cents an hour. She just -- have been and are -- because she realized. -- -- -- turnover. And she's got -- more productive workers. As long as congress will not increase wages for workers will go and talk to every business in America by after. There's no. A simple truth America deserves to live -- if you work full time in this country you should live in poverty. That's something the. Here -- here's what gets interesting. There -- number Republicans in congress including number in the Texas delegation. For met me. For taking these actions. Actually planned to assuming. I don't know what's -- things I find most offensive me. Helping to create jobs or me raising wages -- -- easing the student loan burdens or -- making sure women. Can find out you know whether it didn't pay the same as Medford to and -- same -- I don't know home. Which of these actions really bug him. The truth -- even with all the actions that -- here I'm -- Executive orders at the lowest rate in more than a hundred years so -- -- it is not clear. Holiday as the Republicans in in my -- President Bush took more executive actually provided. There's just -- they don't like. Maybe there's some principal up. -- -- -- -- Figured out. You're you're Osama. Comment about let you know he's just their mind. To superdome and a -- you don't do your job. -- there there's Greg -- call the departed -- violent for kids but. There's this -- in -- -- everywhere Mark Wahlberg. The other -- -- out and somehow to get checked loses began there they're tracking and Ballmer is all upset and held yelled at the got -- -- looks up as well -- you and Wahlberg says. I'm the guy doing my job you must be the other guy. Sometimes I feel like -- -- these guys on the dead on my W must be the other -- So. Another political stunt that waste time waste taxpayers' money I've got a better idea. Something. -- -- -- Let's look may have something else. Let's help America. -- -- -- -- -- -- Did stuff to. -- on immigration issues. We've got and -- -- credit -- some Republicans who actually worked with Democrats passed -- bill. Would strengthen the borders. Would would. Help make the system more fair more jobs. But the house Republicans are threatening to close the bill that -- don't intend to vote on the bill. They don't have -- up energy or. Organization or I don't know what. It just even vote no on the bill. For trying to do some things to make immigration system work better. So it doesn't it doesn't make sense. So unsure what it what are you don't know about them the senate. Accident I'll talk to -- afterwards I promise. -- public. I'm up the big culprit. There's been. So busy Villaraigosa. Are among the side man's -- -- we'll talk about -- -- our problems. So we're. We could do we could do so much more. -- -- test or not they'll sit down I promise I'll talk yet. We could do so much more. If Republicans in congress would focus less on stack in the back -- balls on the top. And focus more on on creating opportunity for everybody. I want to work with them. I don't expect them agreeing with me on everything but. At least agree with me on the things that you used to say your four before -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm just saying. That's what made -- don't regret. A sense of common purpose. A -- -- together as one nation as one people we can debate the issues. We can have our differences. But let's do some -- Economic patriotism that says instead it even more tax breaks to millionaires let's give tax breaks to work and family to help paying for child care or college. Instead of protecting tax loopholes that let corporations. Keep the profits overseas. Let's put some of that. Money to work right here in the United States rebuilding America. Rebuild our airports -- next generation of the manufacturing jobs make sure. Those are made in America. Let's rally around patriotism says were stronger as a nation. Where we cultivate the ingenuity and tell them every American and give every four year old America access to high quality education. -- -- -- -- -- High schools to make the more relevant to the -- especially. Make sure. Let's embrace the patriotism that sense it's a -- And what our fellow citizens that health care. When women earn what men do for the same -- Get traded the. When parents can take a day off to care for sick child. Without losing their job. They can't pay the -- again months Edmond. When nobody works full time is living in poverty that is not radical it's not. Yet un American about socialist. Until we built this country. What America's all about us working -- job. So. -- -- -- -- -- the wrap up I think that's the hardest thing to change in politics. It. Is a stubborn status what if it's hard. Our democracy is designed where folks who have power would have -- they can block stuff they can keep things as they are it's -- It's even harder when. When Washington seems focused -- everything but your concerns. -- -- concerns. They're there they're there are plenty of people whom who count on you getting -- And count -- -- not getting involved. So you don't vote. So you give up. And you can't get -- that. America. Is making progress despite what the -- that. This place -- An -- but -- -- Kind with the can't seem to know any -- All workers -- jobs even. The -- their families -- health insurance -- didn't have before -- students and college who got deported before -- troops -- Sawyer tour after tour. More home. With the families today. Cynicism as popular. These days it's what passes off. As wisdom. But some accident put a man on the moon. Sent several wanna -- X can cure -- disease or start a business or feeding young mind. -- didn't bring about. Right for women to vote. In the right for. African Americans peaceful citizens. Cynicism is a choice -- is a better choice. -- -- -- -- Young soldiers that the -- to storm a beach. The young people the strength to march for women's rights and civil rights and voting rights and -- right. Immigration rights -- And I actually think maybe the president. Mike read that story. Make -- difference. That's gonna change this country. That's -- we're gonna. Make sure that we remain the greatest nation not not -- -- -- We can do for ourselves what we can -- each other and what we can do for our country and -- as president I'm gonna keep. A promise that I -- when -- first. Every day I will keep asking the same question. And that is how can I help you. And I'll keep treating your cares and your concerns as my own and I will keep fighting to restore the American dream for everybody -- -- to work for and I am gonna need you. To be right there wouldn't. The better choice. You have been listening to President Obama speaking in Austin, Texas. On the economy but also taking time to address his critics over everything from economic issues and immigration. As well as minimum wage of course you can keep up with president bill. -- and all of these issues in real time by downloading the ABC news -- and starring in this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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