Obama on Boston Bombing 'Americans Refuse to be Terrorized'

The president's weekly address focuses on police, first responders' efforts during the crisis.
2:34 | 04/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Obama on Boston Bombing 'Americans Refuse to be Terrorized'
On Monday an act of terror wounded dozens and killed three innocent people that the cost America. But in the day sentence the world has witnessed one -- and steadfast truth. Americans refuse to be terrorists. Ultimately that's what will remember from this week. That's -- warming. The stories of heroism and kindness. Resolve and resilience. Generosity. And law. The -- first responders police officers and firefighters. EMTs and National Guard who ran toward danger to help their fellow citizens. The race volunteers spectators and exhausted runners who rushed to help. Including troops and veterans who never expected to -- such scenes on the streets of America. The determined doctors and nurses at some of the world's best hospitals who toiled day and night to say so many lives. The big hearted people of Boston. Residents priests shopkeepers. Who carried victims in the arms delivered water and blankets. Lined up to give blood. Open their homes up to total strangers. And the heroic federal agents and police officers who worked together throughout the week off and a great risk to themselves to keep our communities. As a country we are eternally grateful for the profound sacrifices they make in the line of duty. Sometimes making the ultimate sacrifice defend the people they've sworn to protect. If anyone wants to know who we are what America is. How we respond to evil and terror. That said. Selflessly compassionately. And -- afraid. Through the days it would -- mr. dismissals. Boston spears remains undaunted. America's spirit remains and didn't. Our faith in each other -- look for this country. Our common creed that cuts across whatever superficial differences we may have that's what makes -- strong. That's why we -- In the days to come we will remain vigilant as a nation. And I've no doubt the city of Boston and its surrounding communities will continue to respond in the same proud and heroic way. That they have thus far. And their fellow Americans will be right there with them every step of the way. May god bless the people Boston and the United States of America.

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{"id":19006564,"title":"Obama on Boston Bombing 'Americans Refuse to be Terrorized'","duration":"2:34","description":"The president's weekly address focuses on police, first responders' efforts during the crisis.","url":"/Politics/video/president-obama-weekly-address-boston-america-refuse-terroized-19006564","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}