Five Questions at CPAC

Conservatives answer questions about immigration, 2016 and the way forward.
3:00 | 03/15/13

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Transcript for Five Questions at CPAC
-- the number one thing. -- is one thing. Guest -- Forget about all the other issues. Here and when you send them back where everybody pretty well it. Can somebody 6 AM this morning to send them back at 9 AM but then push this what it takes him a year later users and call. It's two years three years. Clinton's senate -- economy stupid -- weekend guest worker. -- -- -- -- -- Grays harbor -- it was a democratic -- Very very -- -- I don't think -- Plus he just didn't let him. Let's -- party is going to be very very good. -- future as a country. Humiliated and new surge of energy and I think -- think less an attempt to demonize the Tea Party. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I and I believe that the Tea Party will morph into let's say freedom -- for people country club -- high end restaurant and have a speaker come. -- of how to get statehood is squarely in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The tea parties and -- Michelle Obama and she. I don't think god like and -- but I think even beyond this period. The Democrats just are some clever and they know how to communicate and they think. -- and hard Republicans at a Tennessee community rain delayed until we learned their skills and then we're going to be a disadvantage. I tell him in our chairman Alan Hartman said you know has said repeatedly -- You know again today we have right now activist and doing what we have right now in terms of immigration policy -- -- -- -- Yeah -- it was strong case can be made that immigration reform needs students into. My own personal capacity not speaking. Sure -- -- its office software. I think he's I think a lot of -- future. The Republican Party and. I think there yeah I think few minutes. -- -- -- Very much. Hillary rain for doing. Even lose in the news yeah. We're down. Besides -- Better studio than the anguishing -- the aristocracy. Speaking differently. All -- Tea Party this is really seeing here tea -- not in. -- -- just beginning no matter how the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Conservative principles. I don't know -- those -- say that should embrace immigration. For immigration reform. Because we have to move to the -- -- work out. This -- conservative. Immigration reform the American workers can't find American employers can find American. God they should leave the -- And that -- along the -- -- line. -- at 300. Thousands of fans so because of -- Admiration admiration. -- -- -- -- And now I'm John. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know 47. Impression that he really. -- -- -- And explain line. Great job. Bonuses -- particularly. He's. An immigration. -- So. After he was. Currently he said. Primary. Yes. With the -- that the number one concern is to secure the war. Immigration reform but. First. Secure the work. That's an extraordinarily difficult questions. As you know last in the last election we had a movement all Americans elect. And so -- be potential for a third party candidacy is always out there. Well. I I certainly am fully on board with the senator -- and more. But I I just you know I don't want to be -- prognosticators. Well. I think I think the main. Issue -- ones. Turnout. I think we have to be candid and that the Democrats. In their alliance organizations. Did a phenomenal job -- turning out their base. -- we did not replicate. That model. Not only alive -- wholesale. I'm dismissing Hillary because she's for a I immigration reform -- it is -- very tricky question no idea what that actually might look. I think a balanced immigration is a healthy thing that limit immigration. Extremely. Overwhelming and the site does not have the means to absorb it the population. I think that independence is -- I'm not sure depends upon it the Republicans get their act together and they've -- -- candidate then we'll. Our principles and I think any Marco Rubio. -- -- -- I think because he's he's he's senate today. It's arguments -- -- the economy and then didn't get involving. Car of tomorrow -- is that it did defend our very. Defended the very weakly and -- can mobilize. -- -- -- Probably Andrew --

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{"id":18741474,"title":"Five Questions at CPAC","duration":"3:00","description":"Conservatives answer questions about immigration, 2016 and the way forward.","url":"/Politics/video/questions-cpac-18741474","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}