Rep. asks Trump to 'bring a transcript' to prove what he said to widow of fallen soldier

"I was not the only person in the car," Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Fla. "There's no reason to lie about a telephone call."
4:09 | 10/18/17

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Transcript for Rep. asks Trump to 'bring a transcript' to prove what he said to widow of fallen soldier
I stand by what I heard him say in addition. Odd. He didn't even. Remember. Led Davidson saying he was calling him you're our guy and that was very very distasteful. Flaw the widow she says. He doesn't even know his and he called him your guy. You're god that didn't bring it bring a transcript I was not the only person in the car there's no reason to. Lie about a telephone call what mr. Trott needs to be concerned about is keeping us out of war. I'll work this country is in trouble. And we need to find out what happened actually to lead to a bit. That is my concern and his small children now my proof that this did did the people and the car the grieving family. Who have no reason to lie on the president of the United States when we were going there there was a cop there was one. Congress one sentence they would otherwise that car was slice it. And it was the president it is going to call the widow. So when the phone all morning. Everyone was quiet. After that conversation. Every one was quite no one discussed his call. What I got out of the car. The press lay into me. The president called a little else. Because he evidently told him he was going to go all. I think yes they said did you hear it. I fed only a little bit what did he say and then I've told them what you think it. It was about the lives of five minutes and he did all of the talking. This is a widow boys distressed. She is grieving she's grieving because. Her husband cannot even have an open casket feel. She's grieving she's a young woman and she's pregnant. And she has three kids. That she's going to have to rear alone. Her mother got less than two years ago. She's gonna happen raises. And this community is trying to help our we're trying to help are due back. We're not concerned about missed the trumps insensitive remarks he had the reputation. He talked about. His. The Senator McCain. Not being he wrote because he was caught. So I guess he means like good Davis. Johnson is not a hero because. He would kill. I think signed up law. Not one discussion about what we want the president to do but how what I did make a suggestion to the president going for. If he ever has to do this performed this task again. I was suggesting him. That he call up and he'd say I'm so sorry. Here our son your daughter. Paid the ultimate prize for our nation. And I'm going to send you a letter in the mail. We all know that mr. trump goals off. The budding pat he doesn't stay on topic. We know even if you give him a script he will not read the script. So the best thing for him to do would be to ride of the latter and send it to grieving widows. When they mills a husband so he won't make this mistake a day. Yeah. I were him I would apologize. To. My age.

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{"id":50568364,"title":"Rep. asks Trump to 'bring a transcript' to prove what he said to widow of fallen soldier","duration":"4:09","description":"\"I was not the only person in the car,\" Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Fla. \"There's no reason to lie about a telephone call.\"","url":"/Politics/video/rep-asks-trump-bring-transcript-prove-widow-fallen-50568364","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}