Rob Ford Vows to Continue Role as Mayor After Crack Scandal

Toronto mayor plans to continue until he is voted out of office, apologizes again for past drug use.
3:00 | 11/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rob Ford Vows to Continue Role as Mayor After Crack Scandal
This is a special room. Lover and I'm Devin -- -- New York this is an ABC news digital special report after months of rumors and speculation Toronto mayor. Rob Ford has stunned his constituents today with confession of drug use on the job. Now he's about to take a podium in Toronto were expected to hear. Whether he will stay in office whether he could possibly seek some sort of therapy for his use he said today. That he has probably smokes crack cocaine within the last year but that he's not an addict. We're expecting to hear from him about what his next move mobile though receiving indications from some reporters on the ground their familiar with sources in the mayor's office that maybe he won't. Step aside this is Bennett in -- a an announcement an admission that has stunned. I can stitch his constituents in Toronto after weeks of denials. And we do believe that the mayor was expected out. At any time now but it looks to be like there's some -- And -- comes this is mayor rob filler -- Toronto let's listen to what he has to say. It is -- -- I know. Embarrassed everyone. The city. And I will be there. Story. There's only one person to believe this. That is myself. I know that -- My mistake. What's the right thing to. And I feel -- thousand. We've been lifted off but it. -- How difficult it. What to do. -- -- -- That no -- it. But nobody. Has to go through that I had gone through. I know what it -- And admitting it. It was the most difficult. An embarrassing thing. -- ever credited. Books. -- -- -- -- Absolutely. But the current. That we must. -- -- I want to leave. Clear. I want to be. Crystal clear. Every single person. These. Mistakes and we'll never. The game. -- kept this. For my family. Especially for. -- -- Council colleagues. Because eyewitness. There is back. To the residents of I know. And I can. -- -- -- -- I'm Paul tries. So -- it. You know what I have to. Regain your trust. For your confidence. -- -- -- But -- don't. Love the city. -- -- -- -- If you -- America. -- -- -- -- That we must. And important decisions. Must -- For the sake of the taxpayers of this great city. For the state. Taxpayers. We must get back. We must in Toronto. I was elected to do their job. And that's exactly. What I'm going to continue. The 2010. Let -- commitment. Two controllers. I have delivered on that commitment. And I will continue to deliver on our commitment receiving taxpayers' money. But they have a choice. But we live. That democracy. In October 27. 2014. I want the people. This great city decides. Whether they want brought forward. -- I sincerely. And Sears. But it's. Sincerely. Photos. God bless. People traveled. His dress. For. Toronto rob -- Very emotional apologizing. -- his constituents. For an admitted in addition this morning of using crack cocaine on the job probably in his words. In the past year while he was also quote in a drunken stupor. You heard mayor for -- vowing to keep his job the heat as he said elected in 2010. And the voters as he pointed out in October 27 at 2014 that's next year we'll have the chance again to weigh in on whether they want him as mayor. To recap there pretty remarkable statement from the Toronto mayor saying that he's the only person to blame in this incident that he calls the same mistake. Almost taking on a victim. -- -- this was very difficult for him to admit and that he hopes no one will have to go through what he went through. But he also very defiant the mayor there of Toronto -- -- -- the past we must move forward this will never I happen again in his words. And admitted that this secret really was it was an embarrassment to him personally revealing -- today we now note to his family. He apologized profusely for that and said. At the end there as you heard for the sake of taxpayers. Emphasis on taxpayers. -- we must get back to work those the words of Toronto mayor rob Ford. Again moments ago the mayor there again. In spite of this admission vowing to keep his job apologizing to residents. We'll have a full report on this story on And tonight on world news with Diane soar here at 6:30 PM. For now this has been an ABC news digital special report on Devin Dwyer in New York.

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{"id":20794807,"title":"Rob Ford Vows to Continue Role as Mayor After Crack Scandal","duration":"3:00","description":"Toronto mayor plans to continue until he is voted out of office, apologizes again for past drug use.","url":"/Politics/video/rob-ford-vows-continue-role-mayor-crack-scandal-20794807","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}