ABC News Digital Report: Boehner Hits Obama on Spending

Speaker of House John Boehner addresses legislation to keep government agencies running.
3:00 | 03/07/13

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Transcript for ABC News Digital Report: Boehner Hits Obama on Spending
This is the special report. From ABC news now. Hello everyone I'm Tanya Rivero -- New York with a special report each speaker of the house John Boehner is set to address reporters after house Republicans and Democrats passed legislation to keep government agencies running let's listen in. First morning by letting the American people know that the United States capitol is open. To visitors and we'd love to have the American people come and visit of their capital. You know even though our -- been cut like everyone else's. Thanks to proper planning. We're able to void furloughs amongst -- capitol workers. And tourists are to remain. Available for all Americans. I -- it's disappointing. That the Obama administration didn't follow our lead. And finds it means and other parts of their budget. I think it's silly of that they've insisted on walking down the White House. Which the American people actually don't. Yesterday the house passed legislation to keep the government funded for the rest of the fiscal year. The -- -- bill that includes a bipartisan agreement between the house and senate. On. Improving military readiness. Everyone -- have some permit would like to add to this bill. But the house is not using this as a vehicle to advance other agendas and I would hope the senate to. -- avoid doing so in either pass or bill are only make. Straightforward changes. -- senate Democrats try to load up this bill -- extraneous provisions. Partisan riders budget gimmicks. We -- we will be prepared to move very clean. Continuing resolution through the end of the fiscal year. I don't -- that I don't think that would help our troops. So I would urge a Democrat leaders in the senate but -- ingredient -- carried away and don't try to. Put forward a possibility of a government shutdown our goal here is to cut spending not to shut down the government. The CR also left employees the president's sequester. -- I made clear many times that sequestration will remain in effect until cuts and reforms. Are put -- place upon us on a path. -- to balance a budget over the next ten years. There are smarter ways to cut spending that's why the house has -- twice. Over the last year to replace the sequester. Unfortunately the president and senate Democrats have yet to recognize -- veto spending -- Yesterday -- released a list of 170 economist. Who've agreed the spending is the problem. And frankly over the last -- -- but Tim -- economists have signed on to the -- We've got to -- digging our children -- from this mountain of -- Not continuing to add to. That's why next week under -- chairman Paul Ryan's leadership. Republicans will begin to advance. -- balanced budget that would promote economic growth and create American jobs. Our plan would cut wasteful spending is. Fix our broken tax code to create more jobs and increase wages. And protect and strengthen important forward is -- like Medicare. Every family -- -- balances budget Washington to balance its budget as well. You know Democrats -- an awful lot about balance. And so here's my question to them. A whereas their plan to balance the budget. There's enough in about a budget. Well balanced understaffed and about a balanced budget. That doesn't actually ever get to balance. And I -- the American people support our efforts and to balance the budget -- next ten years. I would challenge present Obama and senate Democrat. To -- -- braces common sense reform and offer their own plan to balance our budget. -- that feeling is increased in May or July or another. -- -- -- -- be going -- Questar. Yes. Well Paul Ryan and Budget Committee members have been -- out from Israel -- sessions what our members. Over how nobody gets to -- to our plan to balance the budget over ten years. And good done a very good job of some of listening to people and America is still continuing to make their -- as they get ready for next week's market. And so while when they're finished I'll see it when you do. The. Some. This is a bigger -- disgraced congressman who went to jail. Has made a lot of baseless. And false accusations. In order to try to sole book. -- -- President. -- I know -- yeah you know we went through months of campaign style events all over the country. And an idea that would conversation with the president about last for -- I was really get an interest in that this week -- we've gone warm eighty. Now he's -- after being an office now over four years he's actually sit down and talk to members. I think -- a sign a hopeful sign. And I'm hopeful we'll supplement come out of it but. If the president continues to insist on tax hikes the -- -- for the president doesn't believe the we have a spending problem. I don't know we're gonna get troopers for but. I'm -- It. -- you hope that they can do what you guys were not able to do you think that's. -- -- cry meaning without fat -- That strategy. So as as I told the president last week. The more members -- we engage in this process I think the better off -- For a couple reasons -- -- There are a lot of people with -- good ideas. Around. This congress both from a house in the senate. And secondly if you're ever gonna pass. A major bill. That terrible begin to address our spending problem we're gonna have to grow this support from its gonna have to be an organic process. And so while I think it's a hopeful sign and maybe supplement come out. Point is there any hurry could come up some sort of deal in the senate. She -- the wayside sort of fiscal clips and work. Yes they can remember this we have a process and airlift both chambers have to pass a bill whom we disagree we're -- conflict. Exactly -- expect here before in disagreement. And so you know adamant about -- -- in the house the senate to take the house millions and that a couple of times this week you know I thought the number of people on this side of the building. Then he could -- -- -- -- make changes and that is their prerogative and so and if you go to conference but that -- -- saying look they would -- the house -- this -- and -- -- that -- He might blame. -- -- -- -- -- I can't decide what the senate will -- Trying to predict what the senate will -- won't -- was like trying to predict what the predict the weather here in Washington DC. -- might MI four -- culture of them. Than anybody else -- around here. If you support. Blue eco marks an amendment to defund Obama's golf trips until the White House and brings back tourists to the public. I didn't nobody was offering -- talked about offering. -- -- -- but there's you know I don't typically don't vote on the house floor and I didn't yesterday. To speak to questions. We understand that -- cool with the idea of the president and since going around you -- having I don't feel like this I don't feel like -- -- going around me. If you look at all the presents I've worked with -- years and I've been here. Police presence of engaged of the leaders and members on an ongoing basis. For some time. And I frankly think -- -- somewhat hopeful -- What the president now on a second term. As billion and understand that you -- Arabs even the leadership to have support from the members that typically. If you look a regular order. Bills come through committee word there's a process of building support -- -- committee level and bringing them to the floor. And you'll write about what happens in committees some were members understand it -- it it is an organic process. To move a bill through reached amber. -- -- message. I spoke to German run after a couple of times. But I do but he's not carrying a message for me it's for the White House -- Are there any provision that would curtail any aspects of -- -- here that. You intend to attach any must pass legislation congress it's this. The house believes. Of that obamacare will drive up the cost of health insurance in America. Make it more difficult. Well for their employers to provide we have voted several times to the -- obamacare I am sure we will again this year. Further other provisions. In Obama care of them -- but having an effect on employers today. And all of the employer mandates starts in January. But there -- -- look back procedures. In the law. That that are affecting the way employers hire. Of their staff today. And so there are a lot of flow effects of Obama -- there were already starting to see on the house expect we'll have -- extensive. Oversight hearings on the devastating impact of of this law -- the American people. It's and assure they'll friend. What wolves will take a look at -- each of these opportunities former yet there. Exploring I have but I don't know that left one. It's meaning the present it becomes a conference he would come scheduled for better and what we have and I'm sure. While not -- president. Talked about coming up from the have -- -- -- from of their members a measurement that conversation will be. You know wiese. They're getting ready to embark on a trip but the Middle East and I think that's one of the issues -- wanna cover. But I'm sure that the issue of sequestration. And will come up as well world reflect well welcome the president to -- out -- -- members some. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that that was house speaker John Boehner commenting on the legislation the house passed Wednesday to keep government agency -- running for the rest of the fiscal year that legislation now goes to the senate should Boehner said the house did not use this bill to advance other agendas and he urged the senate to do the same. Warning democratic leaders in the senate to not quote get greedy Boehner also used the opportunity to take a swipe at President Obama and Democrats asking where is their plan to balance the budget President Obama has said he remains hopeful for a deal but -- -- Republican leaders bend on the issue of taxes prospects for a sweeping deficit deal remain remote. Republican congressman Paul Ryan is having lunch with the president today marking a shift in the president's tactics.

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{"id":18677089,"title":"ABC News Digital Report: Boehner Hits Obama on Spending","duration":"3:00","description":"Speaker of House John Boehner addresses legislation to keep government agencies running.","url":"/Politics/video/speaker-john-boeher-disappointed-obama-administration-follow-gop-18677089","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}