Super Tuesday Recap

ABC News' Rick Klein breaks down the results from Super Tuesday.
18:19 | 03/02/16

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Brick those eerie in minutes commitment that robbery is guides him make his speech now that's what he's exiting president who writes. A month ago CNN that as many human and how they changed extrapolate that block the faculty. He's not right president talk to people close amused as recently as yesterday I don't know particularly the topic of this but he's made clear he wants that voice in this nominating process he came out. In the last couple of days and said that what Donald did with the kkk comments David duke was quote disqualified. So I'd imagine Google little bit further on that you've seen other major Republicans Mitch McConnell Paul Ryan among them. Particularly call up is this individual episode. I don't believe he's going to be making me an endorsement Oren making an announcement on that but this is him in the role of elder statesman and a critical time for the party right now. Donald Trump part because the last night it's on a roll and a party for all intents and purposes has about two weeks to do something about if they wanted to something about it that's the open question. And who does that something is also an open question so all these different variables all that chaos continues in part as a result of doll house big night. Yesterday was all about racking up the delegates as Vigo many of them were proportionally allocated. According to state trump as you mentioned that winner on the Republican side if there was one. Hillary Clinton on the democratic have a let's take a look at where things stand in each of those races on the delegate count because of course that's what everyone is chasing at this point break this conference for a short. SEC Donald Trump beginning to open up a lead but it's actually not quite as big as you might think it would be given what he's oneself or he only netted about 25 delegates against Cruz so far was the county some additional ones. It gives me tightly delegate edge but to put it in perspective. Florida in two weeks has 99 delegates all by its lonesome and that's a winner take all state so. If someone can make up some gaps in a hurry because of that because of Ohio and a few other states there's actually more separation. Between. Crews and rubio there's a 110 delegates between those do which strengthens the argument as to the numbers again. It strengthens the argument that you're hearing from tech crews that this is a two man race this is about the people that that the fact that doubt takers has won four states including three last night. Mark ruby only 11. And there is a little bit a separation there in the delegate race. And crucial to hand hanging this close at this stage what him winning counted attacks. That's right and he did that and in his home state actually delivered quite a bit quite a few delegates worn out. He at what point it hoped to top 50% which would give him essentially winner take all had to share he didn't do that. But he took 99 delegates and counting and that's eight compared only 33 for trump. And a grand total of three from Marco Rubio Parker rubio shut out of the statewide delegates this eateries 20% of the vote. Asked example a couple of district delegates around there but that's a big blow to Marco Rubio to meet one of the headlines a last night. Rubio fell short not just there also Vermont also Alabama to even have an opportunity to get most of the delegates that to me was more stunning fact the only one Wednesday is. On to the Washington Post this morning was it was Marco Rubio is terrible horrible doubtful Super Tuesday. Not very Super Tuesday which you wolves do you think I saw one interview I ask you smoke rubio if he was now being somewhat delusional. He's interview with George last line on the ABC news special. If kids be claiming he got an immense and that he was going up and until infamous going to. That Washington Post reports that that's a bit like saying you almost as high as a seven full seven if you. Jumped off the ground into the act 747 descends from that he that he thought that perfect than they. If you'll look at rubio put to insulate his company right now. Then they're thinking the establishment is Nicole last around rubio yeah. Now they are they are they've got reason to think that because. Donald Trump is is load this that is now then Ted Cruz might be more low. It's notable that cruise has exactly zero endorsements from United States senators as a member of the United States sent. The establishment is flocked to reveal as the anti coupled with a lot of them that have studied and on the record. That cruise scares them more adult so use that as a starting place. And there is still energy a lot of energy in the party for someone to be that anti prop force base don't think it can be revealed they also see that's in the Florida. Those might unite delegates that I just mentioned Ohio voting the same day. If someone catch fire in these next thirteen days you can turn around the state. Even humans think I think that's right even historical precedent but it was going to be the nominee from one fifty I mean it's it's like seeing that you know you can go one and one in fifteen in the in the regular season even make the playoffs doesn't work like and it it. It does you can't there's no historical analogy for losing is any contest. That's right so let's a bucket to defend his spin as credible but well I'll say is there's a pack if it's I think we talked a little bit last night. There's three things can happen trump gets an outright majority and someone else gets out right majority or don't want gets an outright Torre so. The likely this thing is that trump gets the outright majority but if you add up those other two quadrant those are two possibilities. Use lea C a possibility here and that's the game that reveals plane I think that given up any chance of actually winning a majority of delegates on a first ballot in mention it is wanna stop someone else from getting in this case strong and then take their ethnically. Here's a lot when asked in the public eye remover to the Democrats don't block talk about there to this idea at the establishment finally coalescing around someone. It's stretching at this point in a little tone death. In terms of what's actually been happening right in the race which is to say the majority of electorate has been voicing their opinion very Latin Claire I think this is our candidate. Despite huge majorities and a lot of states. An establishment still maintains that once we get behind a candidate in fourths apple make it. Two point one is there is no pre classic case of emergency scenario they don't have it it's not like there's a secret plan as well the room full run and perhaps it's not even that now Ryan. I think it anyone could is yes the answer is yes. The technical question yeah. He's built to the delegates could you come in line. Well it doesn't look. You would have happened connection. Reasonably speaking he's knocking him suddenly fell on ballots and start when he delegates now by the Villa but what happens if you get to a contest. The convention. It is very complicated rules about how many ballots if the vote in each state for each one but once you get past the first second or third ballot. Anyone's name to be put into nomination. That would be yet I mean that that that hasn't happened nothing more than a cent arguably the right around and I don't think he's arguably a better could have I don't know how you'd argue that that's democracy. But here's the thing if they go the other point is that you've got. Three million people very. You know by the time this is on 25 or thirty in all likelihood if you want as the party to say. Throw out all those votes all the fuel that were excited about voting tellem didn't matter at all right as well wire for someone else to run as an independent so that's right. Guys and indeed and it is election won't question before you vote that Democrats. Rick I would rescue. At beginning of all coverage Super Tuesday night. The trees in I would argue an interesting I would I arguably it is but it ought to ought to do it I'll Google it and when he was looking at the exit polling in you said. These Nazis built the republic of quality both in terms of differences that's feasible Republican votes behind them I want it. Now we've got to think that all the exit dates is it is less the picture because. Just an overrule. Don't from the got about thirty full 35%. Increased twenty that does them collectively. I would say we we if you are certainly splits and there are regional splits and a lot of that. Those differences have to do with Texas which is an enormous state of course that crews want you take a cruise. And Texas out of that equation you see more separation but not gonna argue that it arguable point what I will say is that. The voters have been very clear though people. American elections the it is there's no history of someone coming in it is winning everything. There are setbacks that isn't to say that. There would do that it is it possible that has the nation's law like George W. Bush ran away with the 2000. Republican nomination. But John McCain won New Hampshire in between so they were they were kind of you know moves up and down. You see some of that there's no question and I'm not gonna say that you know Donald Trump is gonna win these states what I will say is if you look at some of the states he's one. He almost eclipsed most at 50% in Massachusetts he's 45% in Alabama you can imagine two states that were different and he did in the same way. By appealing to the same sensibilities the same policy issues and you look at the policy when you see 67% plus a Republican voters who want to deport or want to not allowing. Muslim country that's hip sit there responding to him so. The division. That is in the Republican Party is actually between it's voters and between its leaders and that's not new. What is new now is that voters are expressing it differently it's been awhile you can see it in polls mean look at gun control where Republican voters here background checks. A look at taxes for the wealthy. Republican voters largely think there should be higher taxes on the wealthy. They're not getting done out of their politicians they have they haven't gotten that out of the the establishment class. And even able to ignore that for some time with his uneasy alliance between the kind of Tea Party movement. Keep in mind. John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running they I needed these folks into the tent. The Tea Party movement is exist it is kind of uncomfortable little Bobble inside the Republican Party now the bubbles exploding. So it to the extent that Republican power brokers are upset about what's happening right now. They have to look themselves in the currently own voters the people that call themselves Republicans invited into the party you know the ones that. Let's turn the Democrats now with a lot that there you're and it's richer. But still a lot of talk about let's bring up the ward where at the and delegates are so far. Clinton got it pretty clear path to the nomination here not completely though the standard still have a change. Yes now what important caveat it is Narsai includes the so called super delegates those of the party insiders who. Our armed or are free to vote for anyone whom and when they like the are not pledged to candidate so they can get them to create. And yet they can and they have in the past now quality in all. People Hillary Clinton for Bernie Sanders Bruce is winning of course not right now more important than and I think even that number is in the pledged delegates. Hillary Clinton has a lead to run a 180 which is actually larger than any pledged delegate lead Obama had over Hillary in 2008. It's a fascinating fact his biggest repeatedly is bigger between Hillary. That's is that the wolf that's right through to bombers Hillary that's right and they have very compelling. Math arguments that suggest that it will not shrink substantially up you might go down a little bit of some caucus states coming up this weekend. But the trajectory of the states that are still out there the way that Democrats were delegates and make it very hard to make up ground stores short of a cataclysmic collapse. Some credit outside and intervening against Hillary Clinton's candidacy. We know about the active investigation. You know let other events it's if there there is not be viable path right or realistic path. That's just the permits exact think residency Bob Welker rupiah. Separating him from his yacht. It's a dual world birdies on his team up for it possibly be so that its hands. I think we don't stomp on people tearing you know you must believe that Stillman has missed and managing. But if you'll not somebody being cheated you'll in the cold light of day is working on his downing on numbers. Do you think they know it's they know the masses is a summer. Indeed overs too strong I mean it is not over him and I wouldn't. You know we shouldn't we shouldn't say that 35 states don't have the right to go forward in and to choose a nominee and of course they do. But they are as familiar with the delegate math but he should not practice they should be just as familiar as the Clinton able with the delegate map keep wanting a mining. You sign it would party Sanders. You knew that Hillary Clinton is the most affordable front runner in the history of an open presidential field that's a pressing president or vice president there's no one is like. You kind of got that insurgent mentality that you're gonna make a statement. Realistically how many of them you think. Ought they be standing here now even if it acknowledges to having the New Hampshire they didn't think care and I think I'm an early out it go to M annually New Hampshire in it up the block victory Ares are depleted there were certain. Things built into this race that Bernie Sanders could not win without and one of them was black voters in the south. He just can't get blown out the way he has got blown out hopefully the nomination I've talked these people about a month ago annual it was a problem it was an issue if offshore on it I mean that the numbers numbers yesterday in the South Carolina over the weekend. Just very stubborn things. You raise an interesting point about the demographics I'm and they look at those more deeply on the down on the democratic side. In the campaign and certainly all the camps are putting out their own statements today this is where we want is repeated bats moving forward we're gonna win. This campaign but how one specific statement that caught my attention that specifically touted the Latino vote in cholera out and they said look it was a very it's already been another press statement it's that. Sanders won the Latino vote in Colorado we haven't talked enough I think about the importance of the minority that Atlanta this is the most diverse electorate. Ever to head to the polls why do you think at this stage in the game they felt it was important to stress that particular. Two reasons one the very practical one they need good news they don't have a lot like today so they're gonna find little sword the second one. Is is very tactical in nature when you look at the map. A you've got some states coming up soon Florida in a couple of weeks is the most dramatic example but there's also the states like Ohio throwing with you know populations. And at the end of this contest you know one of the most of her estate's California. With the largest number of delegates and if you can make an argument. That you were competitive and winning among Latino voters you can stay in the mix for quite some time and make an argument they can't do with African American voters there's no argument to make. At least say look this is something that people should be sent out the other thing that I think it is pieces is. The extent to which Democrats are going to need to motivate Latinos in this election if they square up against now from the key to victory will be. It rolling and registering Latino voters young Latino voters. It's been called the sleeping demographic giant need to wake up and this if this election with Donald Trump only his wall and railing against immigrants doesn't wake up I don't know what possibly. It is not fun of witness I'm very sensitive to human control room when people now are on several fronts Walt day. Suspend that companies which is technicalities hope to meet you wouldn't give me on the campaign business. But secondly. It's it's all encompassing many of them with a lot of women leave the can be president. Marcus at that point. He's not which it pollution. That is fascination with what happens after that you find a day after. -- it was doing last nicely. With his wife take time off you have had a doing you know good. It was that he himself put them on mr. Graham I think himself watching and hoping he's in you have to isn't this enjoy today but I'm not in the I've talked to people that it. In jets' case in particular they say that he actually is is remarkably sanguine about the experience that he. You know he's he's won elections he's lost elections he saw his father lose the presidency crushing blow Israel leprosy. And you know he realizes this is an unusual year he left all the field is nothing that he wishes that he had done it differently about building the structure about the way he campaign don't think he. That he betrayed himself and anyway. And this is a sharp guy that is succeeded in a lot of things in his life and you didn't need this to actually complete a thing you know you got the extreme examples Al warping a lot of Wheaton footing and grown the beard. You know Mitt Romney's hair got really messed up when he was pumping his own gas. House after but it can't let it is David and after the relationship that's right. Chris Christie. What else that I didn't think this is about how. Goes two ways like about this and we governorship in value bathroom Jill all the votes of those lifetime because you abandon them waste time with presidential company. Six newspapers today New Jersey according on Chris Christie to quit until the other way than in. Yeah he embodied the Waltz is by angels drew. Well I'd more than money you know you dump the water with dirt and you spit in it McDonnell trumpet and for the way that Heatley had said in the past I mean it. It is about his biggest betrayal to what you'd said personally. Is anything else and you see even newspapers that endorsed him. Resting their disappointment and frustration even anger that proceeded this. And watching him in that kind of hostage video. A news conference yesterday I can wash halted ahead on his eyes moving you've just does not comfortable up there don't aggressively sought to be in trouble view. I sweep exactly. I don't know what. Christie does next he's term limited in New Jersey and you know I think trump wins he'd agree attorney general choice and he's clearly cast his lot. What I've talked to people close the Christy they stated you know his motivation was. He thinks fox going to be the nominee and he thinks. That the party should coalesce behind on heat you respect strong as an executive as a decision maker and is don't respect. For tech crews are more ruby yes in the case of the past. So when you just look at it why not it and and and speak out and he's had a lot of high profile people say that he's betraying it is scheduled vigil. While there's also that but he's got you know for a lot of these guys this is the world and you know it missed the game and you know people always ask that wired world which. Six or Mike Huckabee Rick Perry why these guys running again. And much else that is I'm so you know this is that this is the pinnacle and to get to the psychology question is on fast yeah politicians and I aren't well. The idea that you. Cavity yourself to result from the currency I could be the most powerful person on there that's a special time I sit victory yes and I thought I can relate to. I see lots of things around here that's not one. What. If you if you leave your life like that and you get up your point where your 55 or sixty years old you've lived your whole life the idea that suddenly dies that's gone part of view you'll know that does that mean that you will never achieve. The B really trusting and in in in a way I don't think. Your mortal scan can possibly relate to the gradually choking theory thank you need and thank you legal director Rick.

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