Ted Cruz's South Carolina Primary Speech

The Republican presidential candidate says, "If you are a conservative, this is where you belong."
15:33 | 02/20/16

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Transcript for Ted Cruz's South Carolina Primary Speech
God bless the great state of South Carolina. Okay. We made it. You good people of South Carolina and our incredible volunteers. All of it. Catania that it I had uncles. And reviews sort. They say a word about governor Janet book. A man who had. A terrific record as governor of the saint Laurent who brought job creation and it. Education innovation to the people of lower. Fees. Based on Hollis. Based sauces and not. An engage an insult. And attack. Its. Governor elect rot. Honor and duty. The night beauty and you know me. You are Mary Beth. Yeah and Paloma and tired he wrote it and we wish them the best and thank them for them. But. The news. York. Congressman Mark Zinni. It's. Okay. In. Representatives. Built soundly in Wendy nanny and Gary Smith and Mike burns and day tour. Okay. It made Nash and. After my Gonzales. Okay. Okay. Thoroughly volunteers. Like David Helmer David Bagwell Laura John and came Meyer and all sent. Their rented this. Nearly 500 South Carolina pastors. That endorse and join this campaign. Okay. Her style lock then and there. We don't know the exact results right now right now we're effectively tied for second place. Defying expectations. Pundits. Okay. Okay. This free video here now. From across. The Washington carts now in full error that the conservative grass roots. Okay. We'll. Oh we reflect. What we didn't get. Promotions. In on a great. Americans here. Justice does. Today. I hate us is. Williams. He was really. Principal. Fateful. Pretty. Probably. Reagan wants to the president. So too is just silly as the US supreme. But. It's past. One head. On Lugar's rules the diseases. It is not just one link two branches of government veterans day. Silly as. Replace Ment will not be decided by the Washington power. Okay. I would leave that he. And okay. This election. Will be a referendum on those. And I'll tell you this I cannot wait to stand on that debates date with Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders or whatever other councilors paid off. OK. And make its case against their radical vision of the constitution. That would strip away light and narrated religious liberty in the Second Amendment. And the basic rights. I. They say could be up. New Hampshire base at a conservative eight Bible believing Christian could not compete. And we did I expect hate. Good night despite millions and millions of dollars. Paulson nasty attack. Despite the entirety. Of the political establishment comedy together against jobs. South Carolina and yet. Mark. And. Iraq. Iowa. New Hampshire. And now here. First. And it is our it is it is a beauty unite behind. Okay. If you are a conservative this is where you belong because only one. On strong conservative is in a position to win this race. Okay. A. And again. We are the only campaign. That has me. And sanity. That's why Donald room. Mostly attacks us and Oracle. Now I congratulate. Donald it. All. Is the best candidate. In. If you believe we need a strong contrast. With it out. We welcomed. Or. Are we welcome. Clark of the over 200000. Volunteers. And they over 980000. Violence years. Contributions. And Ted Cruz org Selena. Okay. Yeah. At this. The third lesson. A violent answers out here. Definitely want him. And eight assists conservative. Other candidates ask any engage in nonstop personal attacks we have not. I. There as the reason other candidates resort to insults that is that they can. Cannot defend the substance. Iraq. Or is only one candidate. Who has led the fight against and. And we'll. Who has led the fight against obamacare. Okay. Okay. Okay. We'll. We'll fight to pass a simple flat tax anabolic. The IRS. Okay. Good. They want a candidate. And so now to the corrupt deal making in Washington said no to the corporate welfare and ideally want. Didn't look on the ethanol mandate an Iowa and well. As president. I'm really feel violent. Okay. And unequivocally. With the nation of Israel. Okay. He. Utterly destroy sites it's yeah. We will secure the borders and keep America say. And Nall. It costs. Us. William principles. It was Lee's faithful. And vigorously protect the final. Okay. I look at our young guns. It. Ran. To ensure that day you'll same fundamental liberty Ellis. Had been blessed. OK. Do. You. Do. Why I fight it's like every like here fight because we love our children and we will apply. And I gave up on a bright. Okay. Now the race Harrison about. And just Super Tuesday in the so called SEC prime. Iowa New Hampshire it's South Carolina. Get the vote. A clear that in mind. You could go with Washington deal mate. Or weakens sandy together would they prove any insisted. Constitutional. Conservative. Bring back. Harding in America I. Okay. Do. You. It's amazing it together. We will win the Republican on. Okay. We will defeat the Democrats. In November. Okay. And. And we still work this last fans. The United States. I. Yeah. Okay.

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{"id":37089138,"title":"Ted Cruz's South Carolina Primary Speech","duration":"15:33","description":"The Republican presidential candidate says, \"If you are a conservative, this is where you belong.\"","url":"/Politics/video/ted-cruzs-south-carolina-primary-speech-37089138","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}