What you need to know today: Is POTUS under investigation?

Trump's tweet last week seemed to confirm he is under investigation but his lawyer denies it, ABC News' Amna Nawaz reports.
3:07 | 06/19/17

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Transcript for What you need to know today: Is POTUS under investigation?
Hi everyone I'm on the Nevada and this is what you need to know about the Russia investigations today a special Monday edition. And which for breaking down 1 central question. Is the president under investigation or not first up it not the president the answer now seems to be yes he pleaded not on Friday. But next if you ask his lawyer the answer is no. Also he can't be sure then yes and then no again. Finally what do we know about this from Robert Mueller investigation more on an act in just a moment but first. Let's back to Friday morning president trump takes to Twitter we it the following. I in being investigated for firing the FBI director by the man who told me to fire the FBI director which time he wrote. In one tweak president trump seems to both confirmed that he is in fact personally under investigation. Ends take a swing at it deputy attorney general Robert Greenstein. Now this marks the first time the president has publicly declared he's being investigated. After weeks of riding on fire FBI directors gained police assurances that he wasn't. But remember coney was fired in May and a lot has happened since then. There's a new guy in charge of the probe the probe was widened to include more people in and out of Trump's circle. And as of Friday morning trump now seems to think he's under investigation. Then on Sunday the president's lawyer took to the airwaves to clear things up. Jay section allow who's part of trumps legal team outside the White House said in one Fox News interview that president trump has not been notified of any investigation. The president he said has not been and is not under investigation. When thinking I was pressed on the fact that he just might not know since the probe is ongoing he conceded quote I can't read people's minds but. As the interview went on he later reference the president being investigated twice. When caught on that he went back to his original answer of no cell. All clear here. This morning secular Al got a do over going back on Fox News to set the record straight the president himself actually promoted the interview on Twitter his first lead of the day. A few minutes later Laver without explanation he deleted the tweet. Finally because the facts really do matter here this is what we do know to be true. The investigation into Russian interference in the 2016. Election led by special counsel Robert Mueller. Continues and Mueller has put together a formidable teen. With former FBI special agents and lawyers former assistant US attorneys even a Watergate assistant special prosecutor. It's also been reported that Muller's investigation widened recently. Adding later used with senior intelligence officials to dig into whether or not president trump attempted to obstruct justice. The Washington Post actually cited five separate sources and not report. That's so far Mueller has not said anything publicly about his work and ultimately only he and his team are the ones who know for sure. Sad to get more on any of these stories and keep up to date on the latest head over to abcnews.com. Anytime.

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{"id":48135974,"title":"What you need to know today: Is POTUS under investigation?","duration":"3:07","description":"Trump's tweet last week seemed to confirm he is under investigation but his lawyer denies it, ABC News' Amna Nawaz reports. ","url":"/Politics/video/today-potus-investigation-48135974","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}