Trump Says Companies Won't Leave the US 'Without Consequences'

President-elect Trump spoke this afternoon at the Carrier manufacturing plant in Indianapolis.
2:04 | 12/01/16

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Transcript for Trump Says Companies Won't Leave the US 'Without Consequences'
United Technologies and carrier stepped up. And now they're keeping actually the numbers over 11100 people which is so race which is so there's. Will you. Like doing it is all over the world frankly but with that country. You watch office in America because some people are going to be buying. Carrier. United Technologies dies stepped up and I have to say this. They did it in such as such a professional way they spent so much money on renovating his plan. And Isaak makes it that number you know he said sixteen million while the minimum number sixteen it's going to be in my opinion a lot more than that. Well it's lower numbers programs in higher numbers on it wants. Just a difference in philosophy unity hope they're okay but the efforts of us but it has been more than sixty Vegas and all out of money in the plan. And I sexism Marxist companies are not going to believe the United States anymore. Without consequence. When things were doing to keep them is going to be lower business tax. From 35%. Hopefully down to fifteen pars which would take us from the highest taxed nation virtually in the world is terrible for business. 21 of the lower taxed at the lowest yet one of the low tax. The other thing we're doing is regulations regulations. Are active I asked Greg in your folks. You would probably say regulations which views and even taxes. But also I just want that all of the other companies know. That would do great things for business is no reason for them to leave anymore we're gonna have a lot of phone calls made to companies when he's thinking about leaving this country because not leaving this can lead this country and the workers and keep their jobs. And they can leap from state state. And they can negotiate deals with the different states and all of that. Leaving the country's going to be very hard.

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{"id":43909956,"title":"Trump Says Companies Won't Leave the US 'Without Consequences'","duration":"2:04","description":"President-elect Trump spoke this afternoon at the Carrier manufacturing plant in Indianapolis.","url":"/Politics/video/trump-companies-leave-us-consequences-43909956","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}