What Will Become of US-Cuba Relations After Fidel Castro's Death?

Mixed emotions over the death of Cuban dictator.
10:48 | 11/28/16

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Transcript for What Will Become of US-Cuba Relations After Fidel Castro's Death?
The war those still reacting to that debt but Cuban dictator Fidel Castro who died on Friday at 98. Now humans or even Danson and a streets in Miami under crying industries. In Cuba itself mountains some critics say present Obama shouldn't come out harder against the Italian Castro's. Game in a statement. We have a statement. An ideal. Yes. At this time the Fidel Castro's passing week stint and a friendship to the Cuban people we know that this moment fills Cuban is in Cuba in the United States with powerful emotions recalling countless ways. Which Fidel Castro Alter the course of individual lives families and of the Cuban nation. History will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people and world around him. Today we offer condolences to Fidel Castro Stanley in our thoughts and prayers are with the Cuban people so what's wrong with. And nauseated one I'm nauseated because this is this isn't you're talking about a mass murder. You're talking about a guy who imprison people. Jail is not gotten used IC countless ways in which Fidel Castro altered the course of individual lives. Yeah by killing not when he did I say waiting out halted it does. How good is he just said it will always stand for freedom to the United States of America yeah flannel item of the press we stand for the freedom of people to speak out I'm against politics they don't like. Noble we do we sit at this table every day we're able to speak our minds and people in Cuba don't have that right I want my president to speak up for those people cells was it not. I have stood at. Do you think he set of Santa after just getting the doors open allowing for people to go now cease family do stuff you think he should have sent and your bone head or was this the proper way to do what this. Give me an all of this while you're not you can't I think you had all of silent or not you and I'm saying diplomatically. If you're trying to came. Lines of communication open and you're trying to keep a flow going. I think that's the way you do it now. We can go the other way and I will say to people than sixty years of dictatorship no freedom of the press no freedom of people know freedom of speech keep an eye on that because that's what a miracle will look like if we lose. His conversations that. People say you know there's no possibility of that OPEC but I personally think to act. There's a lot of really band stuff. And as president I wanted to say you know a lot because a lot of people didn't blow up with the Castro regime as being bad. What I don't know these aren't you saying you visit at an all you I had I don't know as well I want to QBS soda diet I want to Cuba last April. Lou and it's interesting I mean they have a 100% literacy rate there. So everybody gets a free education everybody else top of the line medical care so everyone's help available on pretty good yeah Atlanta as a matter of fact this once and that's it just today. Because. There's a vaccine that's being developed in Cuba two laps to treat lung cancer and moved. And it's showing very promising results so if trump says we're gonna cut. Ties with my but completely powered doctors will not be able to work pleaded not he's not saying that he's not saying when not yes with Cuba what he's saying has. Let's open. The economic dates between the united to secure the book with conditions you have to free political prisoner you have to give people freedom you have to give people basic human right let's say they care that's what he should be I don't mrs. Is about diplomacy and and jet and I rarely agree on anything. That I can agree with you in the sense that I did want a statement. Acknowledging from our president. That he was a brutal dictator. That you know that he imprisons people that he murdered people I I didn't want back I want to hear that but to appease point oh my goodness. You need to be more diplomatic Donald Trump sent out a tweet that's at Fidel Castro is debt with an exclamation point yet that is not the kind of leader where I watts. I want somebody that's going to be a stiff plus. I feel that I was. I was a bit surprised that his statement was so sand that's what do you remember. When it. That relations began. With Cuba do you remember that their conversations and the ability event Obama had to say what you felt about Cuba and why they while opening up and how that would trying to make in well. I think remind us at. I don't have exactly let you know somebody you you know he was very hard on them he said listen. We're doing this because we're trying to make a balance will trying to get a balance and you've been doing this this is I treated people people age and this is what we're trying to combat that self. I feel like okay this and yes man is dead. The Cuban people the Cuban people who are there are warning. They are morning him. A lot of us all people now a lot of on the arm warning and there's still under adaptation of there nuns are intended they haven't street Clair but that's the club's what's happening with the Cuban people who've fled that regime they're celebrating and antibiotics don't ask them not do you celebrate not my point do you want they aren't they are went up. They are bear. You know and he used to log into the people of Cuba he's not talking to the Cubans here but he's wanted the United States doesn't meet English who think Cuban people don't think there's a way though for him to have been diplomatic and at the same time call a murderer murderer and now says I don't representative all of murderer murderer all you have to do what he did the right and it's not just let the families whose whose families of people who were victims at this heart he's a monster. Seem like presidents and I have not highlighted the whole lot of what I'm not arguing about. What is it a monster and I I'm saying to you that what Obama did was what a president is supposed to do it. Not grant and I I understand that. Here so what have I you can not to a mass murder you know how many mass murderers has come to his support. And I disagree without it not like I was able to see the light well I don't know let's talk yeah and athletic. Gonna say whereas I I could see Obama walking the line yet there was a lot of flak for Justin Trudeau from Canada who actually. Heat ten it he reference being a family friend I think this with a totally toned apple because it was open yet because Cuba is open to a two to Canada Canada gas has always been open to get there I I think lifting him up was definitely in the state yeah his heat tweet it is his statement which said. What weighed more than Obama didn't say it it like this. I don't really and descendants of the people who fled Cuba we're in good shape of those games they had they had jobs it would doctors they Wear middle public market angrily out about it not the case that some of them Marva he fled there at any light on what local please of the cannot lobby day -- Diana. Is that if you aren't content to wait you have not to where you have nothing. And now some dictator comes and says okay you're gonna give you work we're gonna give you food we're gonna give you education we're gonna give you health care you want happy at. Now that are not happy depends on the wing a comeback from in the first I am not happy no fleas and could situation. And that you're not something there's an incredible art scene going on down there. There's a beautiful music scene on time there no I don't want to live they don't either people who want to bring parents and I think we need to be clear do with me but this doesn't it is now. But again when you talk about diplomacy remembered those people are still suffering under dictatorship of Raul Castro cat Cora Castro's brother yeah. Yeah. 85 years old heat. Idolize his brother and so if Obama is being the statesman that he is you have to think as a leader of the people that are there now and I'm and that's why Applewhite stood fast. Did a press so many that we means who clouded by others like how do. A live center does there was no there was no cool. There was not cool yeah he was damp from fifty some odd years I mean I think I'm targeted assassination attempts yes yeah sickness and in Mumbai India's answer to Cubans. The CIA had tried to get out so Barbara Walters as a statement collision us in the hunt down. AFLAC yeah. I first interviewed Fidel Castro 39 years ago he was a charming fiercely guarded about his prime lies. Life he called our interviews fiery debates during our times together he made clear to me he was an absolute dictator and that he was a staunch opponent of democracy I told him. That we want most profoundly. Disagree with what we were most profoundly disagree on. Was the meaning of freedom right yeah so you now. Yes about to attack but because she's smiling I think that's a great deal which all but she's not the president of the United States has the represented about freedom and democracy for Albert represented and she's really mean don't have democracy. Open up the lines of communication so that family is trash. Fastow. I disagree with that. If you don't I don't know what I'm honest to disagree until I say it and didn't disagree liquor what. These lines up a communication. So that people could go back so we could find a way to change what's happening. This is the first movement. In sixty years I understand people I happen Fidel is not lots of people happy. But I think what the president was doing was not just to support on the people who are morning him back there like alien Gonzales says he was up all the figured to make. We cannot understand that we don't live there remember him yes yes so that's why I think he chose not to say you know this is a horrible car wreck on the senate already. When not a man is Dennis lesson we understand this. This didn't impact you would it impact on a whole lot of other people so time would tell exactly what that impact is because once well he's got cannot. The people what then make a decision about this bit but it rolled they want and don't want but we now have some light warm people feel like we have some light. To help Cuba get to what they mean why I. I hear your point and I think that openness is important I just wish it had conditions I've won a forced back country if they're gonna have the benefit Abbas opening our doors. And helping economically I wanna do not have forced them to acknowledge human rights when a store spent took to prisoners I didn't think has ended may get us.

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{"id":43826074,"title":"What Will Become of US-Cuba Relations After Fidel Castro's Death?","duration":"10:48","description":"Mixed emotions over the death of Cuban dictator.","url":"/Politics/video/us-cuba-relations-fidel-castros-death-43826074","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}