Voters head to the polls for Georgia's special election

ABC News' Steve Osunsami and MaryAlice Parks talk to a Jon Ossoff supporter outside a polling station in Roswell, Georgia.
8:15 | 06/20/17

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Transcript for Voters head to the polls for Georgia's special election
Interestingly right into this each of them quiet street it's actually church that's not. It's building it's location but there's a shiny tanks of John costs up volunteers and supporters where it's hot so one of them. Really fast she's been campaigning. And and supporting the democratic candidate. And there's up all big team you out there what right back at what time did you get. I can't hear about 6:15 am the precinct captains. Read this my area some might not play. Here is immediately and this is our community. And knocking doors. In writing postcards and calling our neighbors important scene. We have a fantastic. Day. And I think that's where she got them. And it being. That and yet. It excite saying it is not a movement but it than movement. And at the men back there idle on CAA women's political organization called that you. And our goal over 3000 women song that began in March. And our goal is to this C. And ended on it that respite seats in Cobb County district and eventually Georgia and hopefully other places in the country can replicate this. What we're doing and how we're getting at this perhaps they really move politics from up top control to a bottom. Returning. That we the people. And our kids that are grandparents. Our dogs if we ever run the ball sitting out do you feel that I was at that last night Johnson and it is sort of staff and so is his volunteers and it hurts highlands of people there I mean it was a big scene he definitely has. The support a lot of the energy right now. Young people especially that weren't there late at night ready to knock on doors through the night it seemed. But this just in we're just talking to that of women here is that she voted for Karen handle it she said she doesn't really carrots the national level about her hometown. And she felt like. Handel had experience and represented really this area more heated evenly in the district is that an issue. Yeah. Beautiful thing about America is one voice one that. So I I'm glad that she came out to vote today whoever she that it works is I think we all need to participate in the process. The district they kind of makes me chocolate this point eight. John live a mile outside the district that's not required to live in the district. Newt Gingrich was elected while he didn't live in the district really yes nine Republicans currently sitting in congress don't live in there yesterday. So on jobs a mile and a half from the abstract it's when he sees the board also. It's cool and it's standard and just think you know flat it's. You have to show up every argument you're invited. Sales flattening in some time at the deadline do you think that one I'm playing. It that'll work is that the earth but yet Johnson fantastic. Person here men politics and that's the best I mean he is living says that it's beyond that can walk Emory hospital where she is. Working on becoming a doctor streets in some of the rules that local polls show that among women he beats her sixty. I think there's one feminists in this race than that's on top. I think that women's issues that speak to me education. Equal pay a livable wage infrastructure jobs and affordable college for our kids that live here and to keep people here that so. People don't have to move all over the country health care. I mean this are all key issues that we're me at the mother are wondering that means once feminists in this right. I think it's pretty. And that's why we're all out here 3000 women David lists wearing. You know the Democrats aren't evil view. Would it be enough to send a message that people who spent at the White House still support his agenda. I think that. And it Democrat Republican thing I think. And it. I think John is a fan pressed he's willing to work across the aisle to get things done and he sees that gridlock has gotten us nowhere in Washington. And you know I think that we'll. Then it. We have in John at that story LG BTQ families for families are veterans for Asian Americans Latin Americans. Yet a town hall meeting with my senator. I can't get its response I don't call from my local senators we've been blocked on FaceBook and Twitter. So the responsiveness. John off already are concerned that issue had been more at. That makes it six years one wins let's put me tonight and actually Jack. Bomb. If you don't. I think we've already. I think we've argued. That's it that's I think this movement even if you don't energy naive we have already. We've. Been out here. I will see this I mean I've lived here now worry twenty years to your naturalized but you have to have a cap to fit in you're not Atlanta when. And I am never. See this type a enthusiasts. All fall on long left. Lucci. At an election. I've never seen it like this on and I say that only in this is including you know I was here Roy Barnes who was governor Georgia's last Democrat. This this this. This is including a number of different races and I I remember. The feeling when Michelle Nunn lost. I remembered the feeling Jason Carter lost the as a reason I remember the feeling when Roy Barnes lost for a second time. Bomb there has been in this long feeling in Georgia and frankly across the south that you know it's really tough to beat Democrat. And that and then you add the state legislature. Which by the admission. A state senator. Has drawn the lions news story it would sure be read that the election. Certain parties. And so I look at and I Baghdad us. I perhaps see. A lost in they'll. A lot more people tonight based on all of those issues like you know you know this is this time if enthusiast. There's an enthusiasm. That that I've I've never seen people like you know who. I'm volunteering for your campaign. Didn't but we met an eighteen year old here just a second ago who did not vote in November. And we kind of know but she would vote. News is out today because she wants to correct wrong and I'd so so I. I would argue that could be wrong of course that the enthusiasm. Is greater on the left. And that lost probably felt deep. Lee definitely get the sense that both candidates and both teams are leaving it all on its people is where we're gonna leader right now Steve has threatening you so much for talking as. As we are saying Karen. Angela Republican it. Don't republic yeah. I might not get it's they thought but popular. This through I don't live in the sixth islet. I live I live down the street from Los half. Their public and it voting here just moments ago we're gonna be tracking this race all date and well into the night. As you can imagine that the race this close polls actually neck and neck we're not sure we might even get final results tonight both campaigns are preparing. Four things Steve are preparing. For the wee hours of the morning so make sure that you're falling meet. Mary Alice parks and Steve doesn't stop me I would ABC news we will be all over this district today with more lies James and more coverage. We'll media where the shot of voters coming. In an out of this polling station thanks for watching.

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{"id":48156919,"title":"Voters head to the polls for Georgia's special election","duration":"8:15","description":"ABC News' Steve Osunsami and MaryAlice Parks talk to a Jon Ossoff supporter outside a polling station in Roswell, Georgia. ","url":"/Politics/video/voters-head-polls-georgias-special-election-48156919","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}