'Walls work, just ask Israel,' said President Trump

The president discussed his solution to the war on drugs in the East Room of the White House today.
2:41 | 05/18/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Walls work, just ask Israel,' said President Trump
Presence on toast to you. You heard president trump say that is critical to stopping the flow of drugs. Into the United States will be the Walt he wants to build on the Mexican border do you agree with him would that wall. Obvious step. A positive step and step towards reducing the flow of drugs crossed border. I believe that the best way to fight the drug trafficking and by collaborating this is not. A problem of Columbia only or problem of the united states of the it's a world problem and we have to all of we're together. We declared the war on drugs for two years ago the world declared war on drugs and it's a war that has not been one. So we must be more effective and more efficient. Now we are doing that. Very big effort. Because of the peace crosses. To having strategy. Carrot. And stick. Stick. Right forced eradication. We have already eradicated this year only 151000 actors which is the whole. Volume that we eradicated last year and we're starting. To eradicate. To substitute. Voluntarily. Through the program word the presence and we have 181000 families already in the program. That they are going to substitute. For legal crops and this is the first time that this could be done because of the peace before. The coffee did not allow us to build roads and to give these presents an attentive now we have so we have to take advantage of this opportunity. And continue reducing. The production of Coca in the meantime. We will work together the US and Colombia with a the country's Central America. To fight the other minks of the change. The intermediaries we have destroyed 22000. Laboratories in the Colombian jungles. Seizing. The cocaine in the transit we have seized a record amount of tons last year and this you were doing even better than last year. Seoul by working together. We can be much more effective and that is that is the commitment we just made or ratified this afternoon. And I was a long. And very diplomatic answer. Your question I will say it a little bit shorter walls work just ask Israel. They work believe me they work.

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{"id":47497529,"title":"'Walls work, just ask Israel,' said President Trump","duration":"2:41","description":"The president discussed his solution to the war on drugs in the East Room of the White House today.","url":"/Politics/video/walls-work-israel-president-trump-47497529","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}