'This Week' Transcript: 2011 Year in Review


KARL: Number nine, the rise and fall of Herman Cain, of course.

CAIN: You see all these cameramen following me around?

KARL: He started out as the pizza guy with a big smile, giving a thumbs up to our favorite pizza on Capitol Hill.

CAIN: The crust has got just the right amount of chewiness.

KARL: He had a catchy economic plan...

CAIN: 9-9-9. 9-9-9. 9-9-9.

KARL: A smoking campaign manager and was unlike any candidate we'd ever seen.

CAIN: Aw, shucky-ducky, I feel pretty good today.

CAIN: -- Ubecki -- becki -- becki -- becki -- stan -- stan.

CAIN: No, that's an apple.


CAIN: We are replacing a bunch of oranges.

ROMNEY: OK. So then Governor Perry was right.

CAIN: No, he wasn't. He was mixing apples and oranges.

KARL: But after multiple allegations of sexual harassment and infidelity...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And he put his hand on my leg, under my skirt.

CAIN: Excuse me. Excuse me.

KARL: ... Cain's campaign crashed and burned.

CAIN: I am suspending my presidential campaign.

KARL: Number eight: the scandals.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (Inaudible) criminal sexual acts.

KARL: There was a ripped Republican congressman, Chris Lee, married and hooking up with women on Craigslist. Arnold Schwarzenegger, admitting he fathered a child 10 years ago with his family's long-time housekeeper. But no scandal captured our attention quite like New York Democrat Anthony Weiner's tweet.

FORMER REP. ANTHONY WEINER, D-N.Y.: I did not send that tweet. It -- my system was hacked. I was pranked. It was a fairly common one. People make fun of my name all the time.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tell me definitively, is that a photograph of you?

WEINER: We're trying to find out the -- where the -- where that photograph came from and whether it was manipulated.

KARL: Oh, yeah, that was him.

WEINER: I'm deeply sorry for the pain this has caused my wife, Huma, and our family.

KARL: Number seven, congressional gridlock. In April, we came to the brink of a government shutdown.

BOEHNER: We're not going to allow the Senate nor the White House to put us in a box.

REID: We have bent over backwards to try to be fair and reasonable.

KARL: The agreement came within minutes of lights going out on the federal government. But the higher stakes came in August with the debt ceiling showdown. The country came within hours of its first- ever default.

BOEHNER: I stuck my neck out a mile to try to get an agreement with the president. It is time for the administration and time for our colleagues across the aisle -- put something on the table. Tell us where you are.

KARL: The final deal was hated by everybody, and was followed by another first -- a credit downgrade of the United States of America.

Number six. The end of the Iraq war. For President Obama, it was a promise kept. He had once called it a "dumb" war, but in the end, he acknowledged the mission started by George W. Bush had actually accomplished something.

OBAMA: We're leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq, with a representative government that was elected by its people.

KARL: Number five. The long overdue capture and killing of enemy number one.

OBAMA: The United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden.

KARL: The heroics of the Navy SEALs who swept into his compound deep inside Pakistan instantly became the stuff of legend, and also a way for President Obama to push back against Republicans who call him soft on terrorism.

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