'This Week' Transcript: Cardinal Timothy Dolan

DOWD: Living -- I live in Texas, living in the heart of gun ownership and being a gun owner myself, I think what happens in these situations is yes, there's a huge part of the country that supports various things -- the background checks, high-capacity clips, all of those things, the country supports by and large by huge margins and that. But I think what happens is, is there's a sense of people out in the country, out in middle America, that there's somebody, there's some elite trying to tell us what to do.

Yeah, we want those things, yes they need to be restricted, yes we need to protect our children, but some elite somewhere, some mayor somewhere, somebody sets out there trying to tell us what to do.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So Bloomberg's effort actually hurts?

DOWD: I actually think when he goes -- to my mind, and when he goes too far out of the way that says here's what I know best for you, as opposed to here's a reasonable approach, this is what's going to save lives.

I think all of that can pass. The problem in Washington, D.C., is they're traditionally afraid of their own shadow. And the NRA has become a myth in Washington, D.C.. The NRA is not as powerful as anybody thinks. But politicians in Washington think it is. And so they don't do anything in response to that.

If they pass reasonable gun restrictive measures, the country would support it.

VANDEN HEUVEL: But look at 2014...

BOOKER: The reality is, is Mayor Bloomberg is not the boogeyman that he's being made out to. He joined with a coalition of mayors. There are hundreds of us, Republicans, Democrats and Independents, joined in a coalition. And what we've been saying for years now is exactly what you said, commonsense rules and regulations.

And so this is the point. The NRA is doing a wonderful job of obscuring this issue. We've even made the mistake in our rhetoric. Those Senators that you said are not against background checks. We have background checks right now. Over 70,000 people were stopped...

STEPHANOPOULOS: Just making them universal.

BOOKER: Just making them universal.


KING: And I support strict background checks. But the real opposition -- people don't want, for instance, exchanges among families being reported or among friends. Well, the fact is that's often where the criminal guns are handed down. So, again, it's a lot tougher.

But I support it. I...

BOOKER: The question on this, from marriage equality to this, the simple question is, do you believe in American to the power of the people is greater than the people in power. And I see -- on both of these issues, the American public has shifted dramatically to do commonsense things that protect and affirm individual rights, but also give us safety and security...

STEPHANOPOULOS: One issue that actually is moving in congress right, or seems to be moving in Congress, immigration reform. We only have a couple of minutes left. But Jeff Zeleny, it does appear there was a breakthrough on this issue trying to get a bipartisan immigration proposal just this weekend?

ZELENY: Right. And this is a big deal. This has been historically one of the key sticking points here -- the guest worker program. And unions, big labor, has always been opposed to this. So there was an agreement reached Friday night between the labor coalition and the business coalition over this guest worker program. Senator Schumer was sort of brokering this.

So now they're taking it back to the gang of eight. Senator Marco Rubio releases.

STEPHANOPOULOS: ...bipartisan Senate (inaudible) legislation.

ZELENY: Senator Marco Rubio released a statement just this morning. And he is saying this sounds good, but hold on a little bit. Conservatives and Republicans are slightly uneasy of looking like this is being pushed through. They still want to have some debate on this. But this is a big deal.

So when Congress comes back next week, one of these big immigration...


VANDEN HEUVEL: ...political suicide for the Republicans if they don't really...

STEPHANOPOULOS: If they don't do it.

VANDEN HEUVEL: If they don't go along with immigration. I mean, as you head into 2014, the Republican Party is a values challenged party. They have big problems on immigration, on same-sex marriage, on gun reform, commonsense gun reform. So I think this is going to be a test case

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, we only have 30 seconds left.

The Republican leadership seems to have gotten this message in both the House and I think the Senate.

DOWD: Well, it's taken a series of the fact is, the fastest rising group in this country is Latinos. If they don't figure out a way on how to deal with them and be in relationship with Latinos, they're going to be a minority party for the next generation. That's the problem in this situation. They understand they have to do something. They're trying to keep their base happy. But they know they have to do something on this issue.

KING: There still is a real issue of border security. And eight guys in a room saying the border is going to be secure is not enough. For 27 years, they have not been able to secure the border. If that can be done, then I think you'll find strong support for it.

I'm for immigration. I grew up in an immigrant neighborhood. But the fact is, the border security is real. It's not some made-up issue. And even if we have to resist the zeitgeist. We'll have to do it.

BOOKER: But there's other facets (ph) to security as well. There's security -- there are immigrants in our country who are being abused by unscrupulous employers violating their human rights, there's victims of crime in my city. I see it all the time, immigrants are targeted. And they're afraid to come forward to even report the crime.

These are the kind of things we also need to be talking about...

KING: I agree with you.

STEPHANOPOULOS: That's going to have to be the last word. Thank you all very much. We'll be right back.

CARDINAL DOLAN:Easter is always a time for renewed hope, a sense of promise and – and – confidence. But this year's special because this – of Pope Francis. As we watch him – and it's clear to me that the world is watching – you got it, he brings us back to the simplicity, the sincerity, just the raw basic goodness of the Gospel.

Look what he did on Thursday, you know. He washed the feet of – of, who, 12 inmates, 12 young juvenile delinquents, imitating Jesus at the Last Supper and washing the feet of his disciples. And he's constantly reminding us that religion is not only about faith, what we believe – you bet it is – but it's also about how we live, especially in service to the ones Jesus called –

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: So this symbolism, this – not – not wearing the fur-lined cape, not wearing the gold cross, living in the – the more simple apartments, you believe that really matters.

CARDINAL DOLAN: I do. And from what I'm hearin', I – that's not part of the substance of the papacy, we know that. But it does – you know, these signs, these symbols have meaning. They wouldn't matter much to me, but from what I hear folks sayin', they matter a lot to people.

And they're sayin', "Wow, we have a pope who – who seems to d – craves simplicity and bein' with people, and the poorer the better." And as one person said to me, "He reminds us a lot of Jesus." And I said, "Well, I hope so, 'cause that's his job description." So, apparently, those things mean a lot to people.

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