'This Week' Transcript: Cardinal Timothy Dolan

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: You say he reminds us of Jesus that is the job description of a pope. I wanna ask you ab – you know, we all saw that remarkable picture as well of him with Pope Emeritus –


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: – Benedict. And on the one hand, so warm. On the other, I had to confess – and I'm an outsider to – to the Catholic faith, but it seemed a little unsettling –


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: – two popes in the same room.

CARDINAL DOLAN: I think it was unsettling to a lot of us, because we're just not used to having two – two popes, even though one of them is retired. But I don't think it was unsettling to him. They almost tried to out-class each other in showing deference to one another. And that's not bad.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Take us inside the conclave as much as you can. I know you can't –


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: – speak much about it. But – but describe the challenge you and your fellow cardinals felt you were meeting.

CARDINAL DOLAN: Well, y – you know what – what it was, George? What was very important is the time before the conclave. The conclave is relatively brief. It was –


CARDINAL DOLAN: – only 28 hours, right? The time before, that's when I was actually more nervous, believe it or not, because I felt the – the burden of getting to know my brother cardinals better.

Once I entered the conclave, George, and the – the veterans, the cardinals who had been at a conclave before, said, "Tim, relax, because you get to know them. And by the time you enter the conclave, you will have settled on two or three people that you think – with whom you would be at peace being the next – successor to St. Peter." And that was true.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: You know what I wanna –


CARDINAL DOLAN: You wanna ask who the three were.


CARDINAL DOLAN: Go ahead and ask, but I'm not gonna answer. (LAUGHTER)

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: But you were at peace with your decision when you walked into the conclave.

CARDINAL DOLAN: I was at peace with – with – the people I had in mind. And I was extraordinarily at peace with the final decision.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: And now that Pope Francis is in place, what is the challenge facing him, the biggest challenge facing him as leader –


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: – of more than one billion Catholics?

CARDINAL DOLAN: You know what I think it is? And actually – I spoke about this in the congregations before the conclave. I think the biggest challenge facing him, George, is to reconnect Jesus and his Church.

There's now a growing cleavage between Jesus and his Church. You reported some of the statistics. People will say, "I don't have any problem with Jesus. I got some problems with the Church." And probably, I think his greatest pastoral challenge is going to be – to reconnect Jesus and his church.

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