'This Week' Transcript: Gov. Chris Christie and David Plouffe

PLOUFFE: Strong words. They're not true. Listen, analysts have looked at this. Someone who makes over $3 million a year would get over a $250,000 tax cut if Governor Romney's plan were to be enacted. And let's just step back. It's a $5 trillion tax cut, $2 trillion in defense spending, by the way, that our Pentagon and our military leadership says we don't know, another $1 trillion to extend all the Bush tax cuts. That's $8 trillion.

The notion that somehow by closing loopholes for the wealthy that the middle class is going to be held harmless -- you know, the middle class needs to understand, if -- if Mitt Romney wins this presidential election, they're going to be paying the bill, not to reduce the deficit, not to reduce jobs, but to give huge tax cuts to the wealthy.

STEPHANOPOULOS: This idea that...

PLOUFFE: So we're happy to have that debate, because we think the facts are on our side.

STEPHANOPOULOS: This idea that the president is not going to be telling the truth has become a theme inside the Romney campaign. A couple weeks ago, I sat down with Governor Romney. Here's what he said.


STEPHANOPOULOS: You learned and have studied all this about President Obama as a debater. What are you looking for?

ROMNEY: Well, I think he's going to say a lot of things that aren't accurate. And, you know, I'd be tempted to go back to that wonderful line by Ronald Reagan, "There you go again."


STEPHANOPOULOS: Now, President Obama has admitted in that "60 Minutes" interview that your campaign has gone overboard at times with the rhetoric. Are you worried that President Obama is going to have a rough night with the fact-checkers on Wednesday?

PLOUFFE: Absolutely not. Listen, George, we still believe this is going to be a close race. There's no doubt that it will tighten. We're not going to win battleground states by 10 or 11 points.

But the reason, you know, Governor Romney is having a rough patch here is not because of what we're saying about his plans. It's his plans, OK? And, you know, you ought to start by first looking in the mirror. People do not want to go back to the same trickle-down policies that helped cause the recession in the first place. They don't think that's going to help them or their family.

From a leadership standpoint, for the last couple of weeks, you know, obviously, he said some things around the attacks in Egypt and Libya that raised real questions, but also this 47 percent comment. You know, I think the message that sends to the American people is if he's already written off half the country, says that they're not his concern, that their victims, that they won't take personal responsibility.

So we're happy to have a debate about our economic plans, our tax plans, where we want to take the country in terms of health care and education. And by the way, it is rich. George, you've covered this race very carefully. Governor Romney, during the primary, eviscerated his opponents. When they complained, he said, "Stop whining." And this is someone who's questioned the president on things like he's -- the president is trying to make us a less Christian nation and we're apologizing for America.

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