'This Week' Transcript: Newt Gingrich and David Axelrod

GINGRICH: No, I worry that the elite media are so desperate to not describe this accurately. You know, Cardinal George has indicated, the cardinal of Chicago, that the president's policy -- which by the way, George, includes sterilization and abortion pills. And let's be clear about this. The president's policy, according to Cardinal George, would lead the Catholic Church to give up every Catholic university and every Catholic hospital.

Now, I'm kind of amazed that there aren't more voices in the elite media in favor of religious liberty in America and suggesting that, first of all, this young lady can buy contraception all she wants to. There is no place in America that's difficult for her to get contraception. The question is, should a religiously-affiliated institution -- not just Catholic, but for example the Christian University of -- the Ohio Christian University, which is Protestant, but is right-to-life-- finds that sterilization and abortion provisions of Obamacare totally unacceptable.

Now, is that something people are going to look at and say this is a religious liberty issue, or are we just going to have the government from here on out define for us what rights we have and say to us, oh, it's OK to be religious for one hour on Sunday, but let's not take it seriously the rest of the week?

I think this is a very profound question about freedom.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Do you think Rush was right to apologize?

GINGRICH: I think he was right to apologize. But let's talk about apologies for a second. I think the president was totally wrong as commander in chief to apologize to religious fanatics while our young men are being killed in Afghanistan, and I think it was a disaster of an apology--

STEPHANOPOULOS: Let me ask you--

GINGRICH: We now have the U.N. commissioner to Afghanistan -- no, just let me finish. You have the U.N. commissioner to Afghanistan in essence saying, since the president has admitted the United States is guilty, these people should be tried. Now, I think that is a disastrous position for us.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But you know, before the president apologized, the commanding general on the ground, John Allen, apologized. He did it, he said, in order to save lives.

GINGRICH: I think at some point, somebody has to also stand up and say, these Korans were defaced by the radical Islamist prisoners. Now, I haven't heard a single Muslim cleric say that it was wrong to deface them. They were being used to pass communications back and forth.

You know, there's a point here you have to draw a line and start telling the truth even if it's painful. And the truth is, this issue, much like the Danish cartoons several years ago, is being used by our enemies, and I think we don't have the nerve to stand up to them and describe it for what it is.

And I think this is a huge problem for us, because it puts us in a position again and again and again of apologizing, which is something this president has done all around the world. And I think it's wrong. I think America in fact has been trying to help the people of Afghanistan. And if they don't believe us, I don't think we need to be there having them try to kill us.

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