'This Week' Transcript: Sen. Susan Collins and Rep. Carolyn Maloney

MALONEY: Well, I -- I think she's right. The buck stops with the president, and the president makes reasoned decisions based on the facts, not based on political reflex. We call that leadership. And he's had fine leadership in many ways. We have 1.4 million new jobs in the auto industry. He signed a credit card bill of rights that the Pew Foundation says saves consumers $10 billion a year. He reformed health care to cover 30 million people. And Osama bin Laden is gone.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But -- but how about Director Sullivan? Should the Secret Service director be keeping his job?

MALONEY: Well, I think let's see what his -- what the facts are. Let's see what his report is. You don't go in and roll heads on innuendo. I think we're all familiar with that, George, and political reflexes to actions, and let's see what his report says. I know he's on the case. He's committed. He's working hard. He was appointed by former President Bush. Let's see his report. The president is standing behind him and will look at his report and make a decision.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Does he still have your confidence?

COLLINS: George, he does at this point. I'm confident that he's doing a no-holds-barred investigation. I would distinguish this situation from GSA. In the case of GSA, the administration clearly bears responsibility, because the head of that agency received an alert from the inspector general way last year that...

STEPHANOPOULOS: Back in May of 2011.

COLLINS: ... there were problems, exactly, and took no action. That's very different. She was a member of the president's administration, and she deserved to be fired, and the president is responsible in that case.

In the case of the Secret Service, I believe the director thus far has acted exactly appropriately and is trying to get to the bottom of it. And the president bears no role in that scandal.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Let's pick up on the GSA, because Mitt Romney also weighed in on that this week with similar comments -- to Senator Collins. He was talking to Laura Ingraham on a radio show.


ROMNEY: Any large enterprise, there will be people who disappoint. But you have to have the people at the top, the leaders who set the right kind of example, and people who are willing to put the interests of the nation ahead of their -- their personal play time.

INGRAHAM: What would you do right now to do it -- to fix it?

ROMNEY: Well, I'd clean house.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, and as the senator said, Congresswoman, the White House did have notice of this last year that the inspector general report was going forward. They have gotten rid of the leaders right now. But should there be a more general house-cleaning of the GSA? And how deep was this institutional problem?

MALONEY: Well, I agree with the senator that she should be fired, and she was fired. And I want to publicly thank you for your vote on the Buffett rule and for fair treatment in taxes. I think that was an important vote and one that I wished more Republicans had voted with the president in that way.

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