'This Week' Transcript: Speaker of the House John Boehner

MARTHA RADDATZ: Do you personally—

SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER: But they've got—

MARTHA RADDATZ: --support a pathway to citizenship?

SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER: Listen. What I'm gonna do is to continue to support this bipartisan working group. It's important that we resolve this issue. And the only way we're gonna resolve it is to do it in a bipartisan fashion. There are lots and lots and lots of issues—

MARTHA RADDATZ: And you won't tell us—


MARTHA RADDATZ: --if you personally support it, though?

SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER: Listen. My job as Speaker of the House is to help facilitate a process-- for reaching a conclusion. And we're not gonna get to conclusions-- by leaders-- spiking out positions this early in the process.

MARTHA RADDATZ: Just to quote here, you're the highest-ranking Catholic Republican in Congress. This week, we saw the conclave elect Pope Francis, a Latin American. What does this mean for you? What does it mean for Catholics in the country?

SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER: Well, this is the first time that we've had-- a pope from the Americas. So, I think it's-- it's a giant step-- forward-- for the church. Latin America-- is a very, very Catholic continent. And-- and I do believe that-- Pope Francis-- is the right person-- to really bring reform to the church.

MARTHA RADDATZ: And what kinda reform?

SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER: Well, they've got a number of-- issues-- at the Vatican that I think-- need fresh eyes. And he's clearly made a commitment-- to clean up some of the problems-- that the church has had. And it's pretty clear-- from his humble nature-- that-- that-- his papacy-- will be one that-- I think a lotta people will appreciate.

MARTHA RADDATZ: Thank you so much for joining us this morning, Speaker Boehner. Great to have you here.


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