'This Week' Transcript: Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann

PERRY: Since June of 2009, Texas is responsible for more than 40 percent of all of the new jobs created in America.

TAPPER (voice-over): Saturday, far from Iowa, a monkey wrench was thrown into the GOP race, as Texas Governor Rick Perry officially became a candidate in Charleston, South Carolina.

PERRY: And I know something. America is not broken. Washington, D.C., is broken.


TAPPER: But back in Iowa, the campaign circus was now in Ames on the campus of Iowa State University for the straw poll, where each candidate had a hospitality tent and inducements to attract supporters. Michele Bachmann had country star Randy Travis.

(UNKNOWN): Did you have your Blizzard yet?

TAPPER: Tim Pawlenty offered a Christian rock band and DQ Blizzards. Rick Santorum was handing out homemade presidential peace preserves. And this is Ron Paul's Prosperity Playground, with a sliding dollar slide and dunk Ben Bernanke. And, of course, food, glorious food.

(UNKNOWN): A little bit? There we go.

TAPPER: Barbecue of every kind in sight.

(on-screen): If you look to my left, it's the Herman Cain bouncy castle.

CAIN: Hey, Jake, how are you doing? I know you.

TAPPER: How are you? Good to see you.

CAIN: Good. Good to see you.

TAPPER: So, let me tell you, this is your first straw poll. What do you think?

CAIN: I love it.

TAPPER: Do you think you have to come in top four? What do you think?

CAIN: No. If I come in dead last, this campaign is still going forward.

TAPPER: Is that right?

CAIN: That's a promise.

TAPPER: Well, that's a good attitude.

CAIN: Even if it's dead last. But, Jake, it's not going to be dead last.

TAPPER (voice-over): The candidates made their last-minute appeals...

SANTORUM: To suggest as a Republican Party that we can be a party about just tax cuts and spending cuts and not about strong families and strong faith and strong faith communities, you don't understand Iowa and you don't understand America.


TAPPER: Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who won the Iowa caucuses last time around, jammed with the Crickets, Buddy Holly's old band, and some of the candidates.

(on-screen): This state means a lot to you?

HUCKABEE: You know, it does. But I think it means a lot to the country, because people don't appreciate the fact that when a candidate goes through Iowa, they go through one of the toughest political filters there is in America.

TAPPER (voice-over): Any state resident can vote in the straw poll, as long as he or she or someone on their behalf plunks down $30 bucks. After all, the main point of the straw poll is to serve as a fundraiser for the state Republican Party. By late evening, the ballots were counted, and the winner was announced.

(UNKNOWN): It's Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.


PAWLENTY: We needed to get some lift to continue on and to have a pathway forward. That didn't happen. So I'm announcing this morning on your show that I'm going to be ending my campaign for president.


TAPPER: The -- the Sunday funnies are next. Stay with us.


TAPPER: And now, the Sunday funnies.


O'BRIEN: Fifteen percent of Republicans and independents are leaning towards supporting Rick Perry. Yeah. Yeah, half of Perry's supporters like his conservative values. The other half think he's the lead singer from Journey.


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