'This Week' Transcript: Warren Buffett, Powerhouse Roundtable

STEPHANOPOULOS: Right now that's true although she becomes a much more partisan figure if she chooses to run.

CARVILLE: Absolutely.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Let's move on, just a couple minutes left. Some history made this week in the NBA, Jason Collins becomes the first gay player in a major men's sport. I spoke to him right after the announcement Monday night.


JASON COLLINS, NBA: I think the country is ready for supporting an openly gay basketball player and --

STEPHANOPOULOS: Can you believe it hasn't happened before you?

COLLINS: That's kind of mind boggling. I never set out to be the first. And it's, obviously you're sort of waiting around for somebody else to raise their hand. And I'm ready to raise my hand but you still look around like, okay, come on guys.


STEPHANOPOULOS: You know he said a lot of surprising things in that interview. James Carville he said his twin brother didn't know he was gay. Said his fiancee he was engaged to for eight years didn't know he was gay. He also said he didn't know of any other gay players in the NBA now. But do you think this is going to create some kind of opening where you see a rush of people coming out? Or just people going on and living their lives?

CARVILLE: There might be one or two. You know he was like the perfect guy to come out. He was a Stanford graduate, he was kind of, if you wanted someone to come out, he would be. He's been in the league a long time, I think he's kind of respected. I think the interesting thing, in the late '70s there was a baseball player named Glen Burke who tried to come out and no one would cover him. He was trying to tell everybody and nobody -- but I think this guy handled this thing beautifully. And I think he was the right person at the right time. And you were the right person. It was a good interview and it was good.

RICHARDSON: I think it will create a domino effect but I don't think it will be a lot of news when there's yet to be a male tennis player that comes out. Major league baseball player, although Glenn Burke --


RICHARDSON: I think if more in basketball and football come out, it won't be covered like this case. But I think it will create a domino effect.

STEPHANOPOULOS: That's kind of the hope though.

ROBERTS: The politics of it though have been fascinating. I mean President Obama in the press conference last week, he had left the stage and then came back to talk about this. And this was the thing he was most energized about. He clearly wanted to talk about Jason Collins and you know the Democrats have really gone out of their way here to embrace the gay community. And a lot of what's going on is shoring up that youth vote.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And I saw that Jason Collins is actually going to appear at a fund raiser with the first lady.

MATALIN: It's all political. I grew up with the Bears and the Black Hawks and the Bulls, the last bastion of political correctness-free fun and entertainment. Now the liberals have politically invaded the last bastion of politics-free zone. We don't care who, as a sports fan, we don't care who you make out with, we just want you to make your shot. Make your shot.



DEMINT: I'm just grateful we live in a country where people can love who they want and live the way they want.


CARVILLE: Amen brother, amen.

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