Worry in Libya: 'Freedom Only Knocks Once'


For some defectors from the military – who are increasingly leading this war, trying to get the opposition more organized – a no-fly zone isn't enough. These officers are proud but have been systematically stripped of resources, especially in eastern Libya, according to analysts and military officials. Their equipment is below average and the average salary for a senior officer is only $1,000 per month, they say. One colonel in Tobruk said he couldn't even afford a car.

In Benghazi, one retired Air Force colonel said the U.S. needed to "send your friends Tomahawk and Cruise" -- and the opposition would need only two days to take Tripoli.

Without that help, though, he predicted a long, tough, violent fight to defend the major eastern cities. Never, he said, will anybody in this part of Libya accept life under Gadhafi again.

"Freedom," he said, "only knocks on the door once."

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