Transgender Golfer Answers Viewers' Questions

Mianne Bagger, who was profiled on "Primetime," is making history as the first transgendered athlete ever to play in a professional golf tournament. However, there are still challenges in her life: to rise in the rankings, to find sponsorships, to find love.

Bagger has agreed to answer questions from the audience. Below are some of the questions we received, and her answers. The questions have been edited for length; Bagger's responses have not been edited.

Bagger encourages those with further questions to visit her web site,


Kirby Oblachinski of Columbia S.C., asks: "Mianne, do you have a manager or promoter? I would be interested in assisting you in finding sponsors."

At this time I don't have a manager as all that I have spoken to who manage sports people, have not been interested in taking me on as a client. I have been fortunate to have received a few e-mails for potential sponsorship as a result of the "Primetime" interview, so hopefully they may lead to something. I am interested in obtaining a manager so maybe it could be worth further discussion? Please feel free to e-mail me directly if you wish.

Henry Luciano of Norwalk, Conn., asks: "Do you believe if you start winning events, you will have no problem getting sponsorship?" He adds, 'Do you have a good teaching pro?"

I have little doubt that if I start winning events, even doing well in them, it will make it much easier obtaining sponsorship. I think the corporate world would be more at ease associating with me when I am a more accomplished tour player.

I actually have good teaching pros all around me but it can be difficult to get settled in to doing serious work on my swing (which I know is needed) when I have no 'base' as such. I have been travelling and living out of a suitcase for about 2 1/2 years now and am rarely in one place longer than a couple of weeks at the moment. It's not really conducive to being able to focus on and work on changes or improvement.

Sexual Preference/ Romantic Life

Christa from Sioux City, Iowa, writes: "Some friends and I were watching you on "Primetime" and felt sincere empathy for your story. We follow the LPGA regularly and are female collegiate athletes and love competition. We are practicing lesbians and found you extremely attractive. Which leads to the question, what is your sexual preference?"

Thank you for the compliments girls, but I do like guys. ;-)

Jessica J. from Weehawken, N.J., says: "You seem to be very focused on your golf career. Do you have that same drive and hope to someday find love and form a family? Do you consider it fundamental in order to find happiness?"

I guess my drive to find love and form a family is not so great as my golf, but then I also see them as being a little different. Because of my past being quite common knowledge where ever I am, I have not had much with boyfriends, let alone finding love. And for me that is something that comes before thinking of a family. I'm not sure if I ever will have a family, but I haven't discounted it either.

Happiness, I think, can be found in many ways and is largely something that is within someone. Not so much in what's around them. For the most part I am very happy, finding love would only add to that.

Sally, from Eddyville, Iowa, writes: "You look pretty good with Jay in the picture ... is he married? or did you ask?"

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