Doubts About Dedicated Stepfather Mount in 'Runaway' Case

The detectives also became aware of a passive recording system on the home telephone. All calls going in and going out were automatically recorded in the Turney household.

"So that's another interesting thing," Andersen said. "If Alissa called that home, early in the morning, unsolicited, I would expect there to be a recording of it."

Turney told investigators that he used the recordings to assist in his complaints and lawsuits against businesses and a local union with which he had a workplace grievance. He told ABC News that the device was not activated the morning that Alissa called.

As for life in the Turney home, many people who were close to the teen say Alissa's relationship with her father was severely strained, that she didn't like to be at home and that she said Turney tried to control everything she did.

Her stepfather said, "She was quite a handful. A little pistol. Some might call it difficult to deal with but ... I took it as a challenge."

Katie Rothweiler, a grade school friend, said, "When Alissa was around her friends, she was a completely different person than when she was around her family. She just radiated when she was out and about with friends, and it seems like that, that energy that she had kind of got sucked back in when she went into her home."

Some friends suggested that Alissa felt demeaned by Turney.

"My experience of Alissa was that she was a very intelligent person and a lot of times that she would confide in me," Thompson said. "[Mike] made her feel as though maybe she wasn't as smart as she believed herself to be. It was almost to the point where it was constantly eating up at her and, you know, just really deeply hurting her inside."

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Allegations of Sexual Abuse Emerge

Detectives say that through their extensive interviews, they learned that the only person Alissa seemed to have issues with was her stepfather. One of those issues, according to investigators, may have involved allegations of sexual abuse.

In an interview with police, one friend said that Alissa had told him her stepfather had tried sexually abusing her when she was younger. The friend claimed that Alissa told him it happened after school one day, when her father had picked her up early.

"[He] pulled over into an unoccupied area -- somewhere in the desert area, he started fooling around with her, it got aggressive," a friend told police.

Turney has denied the allegation.

Another friend recalled in her interview with police that Alissa told her she once awoke to her father gagging her with a sock.

Turney has denied the allegation.

Detectives later discovered strange parent-child contracts that Turney wrote and had Alissa sign.

When asked about the contracts, Turney told ABC News, "All of my children I did that way. It was an experiment of mine that I learned in some class I took, because I didn't have any raising when I was a child. I learned in a psychology class that you make a contract with your children. That sounded like a good idea to me."

Dr. Steven Pitt, a forensic psychiatrist in Phoenix who consulted on the case for the Phoenix Police Department and viewed one of the documents, said the contracts displayed Turney's need for total parental control.

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